Larry Benedict’s Hedge Fund Journey

July 10, 2023

Larry Benedict, a highly accomplished trader, boasts an extensive career, having spent over three decades honing his skills in the financial sector. His journey began in the Chicago Board Options Exchange pits, eventually culminating in managing a world-class $800 million hedge fund. Benedict has consistently demonstrated his expertise, amassing significant wealth for himself and his clients. His success led to the creation of Banyan Capital Management, a short-term discretionary trading hedge fund firm that managed client assets exceeding $900 million, even earning a spot on Barron’s list of the top 100 hedge funds.

As a seasoned professional, Benedict was featured in the widely acclaimed trading book series, “Market Wizards, Hedge Fund: How Winning Traders Win” (2012), which showcases the strategies and insights of successful traders in the industry. His knowledge and experience inspire and inform novice and experienced traders alike. Building on his success, Benedict launched the Opportunistic Trader, a platform providing live trade alerts, up-to-the-minute market commentary, and interviews with industry experts, enabling traders to gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced and dynamic world of finance.

Larry Benedict’s Background

Larry Benedict is a seasoned investment professional with a career spanning over four decades. He has donned various roles, from being an options trader and derivatives specialist to owning a successful hedge fund and now serving as the CEO of The Opportunistic Trader, LLC, an interactive trading community.

Benedict’s hedge fund journey began with establishing Banyan Capital Management, a short-term discretionary trading hedge fund. Under his leadership, the firm managed client assets in excess of $900 million. On numerous occasions, Banyan also found a place among Barron’s top 100 hedge funds.

Before his successes, Larry Benedict faced multiple failures in his early career. He consistently lost money in trading and got fired. However, perseverance paid off, as he eventually became as consistent in success as he had been in failure.

With a strong reputation in the world of finance and trading, Larry Benedict was featured in the popular trading book series, “Market Wizards, Hedge Fund How Winning Traders Win” (2012). He aims to share his knowledge and experiences with budding traders and investors through his current venture, The Opportunistic Trader.

While Benedict has been lauded for his achievements, he has also faced criticism. For instance, some reviews have claimed that his flagship investment strategy product, priced between $2000 and $4000, wastes time and money. Despite such criticisms, there’s no denying that Larry Benedict’s journey demonstrates the impact of determination and resilience in the face of challenges and his influence on the trading community at large.

Hedge Fund Career

Larry Benedict has had an impressive four-decade career as an investment professional. Starting in 1984 as a market maker in equity derivatives products on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, he steadily rose through the ranks and garnered experience in various fields, including options trading, derivatives, and hedge funds. Among his most notable accomplishments is establishing his own hedge fund and creating The Opportunistic Trader.

Benedict’s hedge fund was highly successful, with a peak value of $800 million under management. His fund achieved 20 consecutive years without a loss, a remarkable achievement in the unpredictable world of finance. This success can be attributed to his deep understanding of markets, prudent risk management, and expansive knowledge of various financial instruments.

In addition to his hedge fund career, Larry Benedict founded The Opportunistic Trader, boasting 35 years of trading expertise. The platform aims to help retail investors and traders gain access to hedge fund-level strategies by providing simple, easy-to-understand recommendations. Leveraging his financial insights and experiences, Benedict enables everyday people to benefit from the strategies that made him a multimillionaire in the financial industry.

Throughout his illustrious career, Benedict demonstrated his skill in managing financial markets and exemplified the possibility for consistent success in the hedge fund industry through dedication, insight, and effective risk management.

Banyan Capital Management


Banyan Capital Management was a short-term discretionary trading hedge fund firm managing client assets in excess of $900 million. Under Larry Benedict’s leadership, the firm achieved remarkable success, even ranking #36 of the most successful hedge funds out of the 10,000 tracked by Barron’s worldwide. Further evidence of the fund’s outstanding performance is demonstrated by Banyan’s numerous appearances on Barron’s list of top 100 hedge funds.

Investment Strategies

Renowned for his disciplined approach to investing, Larry Benedict employed a set of effective investment strategies that allowed Banyan Capital Management to excel in the market. His adroit ability to navigate the financial markets complexities set the foundation for the fund’s success. As a result, Larry was featured in the popular trading book series, “Market Wizards, Hedge Fund How Winning Traders Win” (2012).

While the specific details of Banyan’s investment strategies remain proprietary, it is evident that the firm’s mastery of short-term discretionary trading paved the way for the outstanding performance of the hedge fund. Through dedication, perseverance, and a deep understanding of the financial markets, Larry Benedict and Banyan Capital Management left an indelible mark on the hedge fund industry.

Legacy and Philanthropy

Larry Benedict has built a commendable reputation in the world of finance through his extensive experience and consistent success. As the CEO of The Opportunistic Trader, he has an impressive track record that spans over thirty years. Benedict began his career in 1984 as a market maker in equity derivatives products at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Between 1990 and 2010, he achieved a noteworthy milestone of not having a single losing year as a hedge fund manager, including during the tumultuous market crash in 2008.

Throughout his career, Benedict has been committed to giving back to society. His charitable endeavors demonstrate his dedication to philanthropy. One example is his involvement with the Robin Hood Foundation, a non-profit organization that fights poverty in New York. Larry’s contributions and work with the foundation indicate his strong belief in using his success to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Besides philanthropy, Larry Benedict has also strived to foster financial literacy and empower others to succeed in trading. Through his work at The Opportunistic Trader, he offers valuable insights and resources, utilizing his extensive experience in the finance industry. By providing educational materials and trading ideas, he has helped countless individuals better understand market dynamics and trading strategies.

In conclusion, Larry Benedict’s lasting legacy is a testament to his prowess as a financial expert and his dedication to philanthropy and supporting those in need. His consistent success in the hedge fund industry and his commitment to giving back exemplify the potential impact that financial professionals can have on both the market and the world at large.

External Influences

Larry Benedict, a successful hedge fund manager, was not always victorious in his career. During his early years, he consistently lost money in trading and was frequently fired from his jobs. Despite the setbacks, he was determined and resilient, ultimately founding Banyan Capital Management, a hedge fund that gained significant recognition and managed over $900 million worth of client assets.

One critical aspect contributing to Benedict’s success has been his ability to analyze market correlations. He focuses on understanding the price action between different markets and how they influence one another. This approach is essential in today’s interconnected global financial landscape, where events in one market can rapidly impact another.

Market fluctuations are not the only external factors that hedge fund managers like Benedict need to consider. Geopolitical events and global economic shifts can also significantly influence the financial markets. For instance, central bank policies, like interest rate adjustments, can have a ripple effect across a wide range of asset classes. Understanding these external influences allows hedge fund managers to anticipate potential market moves and adjust their strategies accordingly.

In conclusion, Larry Benedict’s success as a hedge fund manager can be partly attributed to his in-depth understanding of external influences affecting his trading strategies. By continuously monitoring and adapting to these factors, he ensures that his approach remains relevant and effective in the constantly changing world of finance.

Industry Perspectives

Larry Benedict is a highly respected figure in the hedge fund industry, known for his extensive experience and successful track record in trading. Over his 40-year career, Benedict has excelled in various roles such as an options trader, derivatives specialist, and hedge fund manager. His trading strategy primarily focuses on mean reversion, where he sells into short-term upswings and buys into short-term declines.

One of the key aspects of Larry Benedict’s approach is his strong emphasis on risk management. By allowing the market to dictate his moves, he adopts a quite different strategy from many other hedge fund managers. This unique method has helped him build a notable reputation and generate substantial returns for himself and his investors.

Besides managing and growing his hedge fund, Larry Benedict founded The Opportunistic Trader, LLC, an interactive trading community. This platform serves as a vehicle for sharing his expertise and trading strategies with new and experienced traders.

In recent years, Benedict has shared his wisdom in various public interviews and discussions, including a YouTube interview on what makes a great trader. His valuable insights have been beneficial not only for aspiring hedge fund managers but also for retail traders looking to improve their own skills and trading techniques.

Larry Benedict’s remarkable achievements and insights have undoubtedly significantly impacted the hedge fund industry. By vigorously adhering to his core principles of risk management and market-driven trading, Benedict inspires seasoned traders and those just beginning their journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Opportunistic Trader?

The Opportunistic Trader is a trading service started by Larry Benedict, a highly successful trader and hedge fund manager. The platform aims to provide subscribers with valuable insights, trading ideas, and strategies derived from Larry’s years of experience in the industry.

How successful was Larry Benedict as a trader?

Larry Benedict was remarkably successful as a trader. During his active years running hedge funds from 1990 to 2010, he never experienced a single losing year. In fact, his fund thrived during the 2007-2008 global financial crisis, making $95 million for employees and clients.

What trading strategies does Larry Benedict use?

Specific details about Larry’s trading strategies are not publicly disclosed. However, his success can be attributed to his disciplined approach, ability to adapt to changing market conditions, and keen risk management. Through his Opportunistic Trader platform, subscribers can gain insights and learn from his expertise.

Does Larry Benedict write any books?

Larry Benedict has not authored any books. However, he has been featured in the book “Hedge Fund Market Wizards” by Jack D. Schwager. In Chapter 3 of the book, the author focuses on Larry’s story, career, and experiences in the trading world.

What is the one stock retirement plan?

The term “one stock retirement plan” refers to an investment strategy that involves focusing on a single stock or company with high growth potential, to generate long-term wealth and possibly retiring on the returns from that investment. It is important to note that this concept is not specific to Larry Benedict or his trading strategies.

What is the average salary for hedge fund traders?

The average salary for hedge fund traders varies greatly based on factors such as experience, expertise, and the size of the hedge fund. In general, hedge fund traders can earn from a base salary of around $100,000 to well over $1 million per year, with additional bonuses and profit-sharing arrangements depending on the fund’s performance.

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