What is Larry Benedict’s Net Worth?

May 10, 2023

It’s natural to have some curiosities about stock guru Larry Benedict’s net worth. The man, after all, has an illustrious four-decade career as an investment professional, making lucrative options and derivatives trades, running a hedge fund worth almost a billion dollars, and now serving as CEO of The Opportunistic Trader. 


Larry Benedict is a highly experienced investment professional with over three decades in the industry. He started his career as a market maker at the Chicago Board Options Exchange and later worked at Spear Leeds & Kellogg. In 2000, he founded Banyan Equity Management, a successful short-term discretionary trading hedge fund firm managing over $900 million in assets.

Moreover, Larry Benedict spent two decades without a losing year (1990 to 2010), including during the financial crisis. In recent times, his tried-and-true strategies helped many investors see double and triple-digit gains in 2022, the S&P’s worst year since 2008.

Yet interestingly enough, despite his transparency and track record, there’s very little online about how much he’s worth. In fact, if you google search “What is Larry Benedict’s Net Worth,” the only thing that comes up with a concrete figure is the estimated net worth of Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc’s EVP and PAO, also named Larry Benedict. His net worth is estimated to be about $2.55 million.

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Judging by Larry Benedict’s career and successful track record, there’s a likely chance he’s worth multiples more than this. 

By examining a quick background of Larry Benedict and his track record, we will theorize why $2.55 million is his net worth’s floor rather than its ceiling.


After graduating from Syracuse University in 1984 and trading derivatives in the CBOE’s pits, some say that the only things Larry Benedict consistently did were lose money and get fired.

If you knew him back then, you would never believe anyone would write a post discussing Larry Benedict’s net worth.  

It took about a decade, but it skyrocketed once Larry Benedict’s career took off.

Benedict began working as Spear Leeds & Kellogg’s (SLK) options specialist in the early-90s. Within three years, he started managing SLK’s off-floor derivative index trading and became a Special Limited Partner. By 1995, he was SLK’s managing director and oversaw its proprietary trading department. Goldman Sachs then acquired the Company in 2000.

Benedict then founded Banyan Equity Management, the hedge fund where he made the bulk of his money. This is a significant reason why we believe his net worth is considerably more than $2.55 million. At one point, Banyan had over $900 million in assets under management. Barron’s also ranked it as a Top 100 and top 1% hedge fund.

Moreover, he was so good at making multi-million dollar trades at Banyan that Jack D. Schwagerhe’s 2012 book “Hedge Fund Market Wizards” featured him. 

People tend to recognize you when you go almost 20 years without a losing year.   Once Benedict closed the fund in 2018, he launched The Opportunistic Trader, an interactive trading community.

The Opportunistic Trader provides exclusive insights, ideas, newsletters, and hedge fund-level strategies for all traders, regardless of experience level. Plus, as a trader, Larry Benedict is still winning despite no longer running a nearly billion-dollar hedge fund. So much so that in the last three years, Benedict correctly called the bottom of the coronavirus crash a month before it happened and 2022’s downturn months before the Fed began hiking rates.


The internet is a funny place. No matter how smart or successful anyone is, it’s hard to hide. Larry Benedict is no exception; you can find plenty about him, for better or worse. There’s plenty of material about his lucrative track record, but plenty about the poor start to his career, coupled with negative reviews about The Opportunistic Trader. 

Yet oddly enough, there’s very little on Larry Benedict’s net worth! What gives? 

We know that Benedict made a ton of money at SLK and as a hedge fund owner. He remains a skilled trader who saw two decades without a losing year (1990 to 2010) with many accurate market predictions, including during the 2008 financial crisis, when he managed to gain 23% while the stock market fell 37%.

Despite the market’s volatility, the last three years have brought similar successes for him. 

It’s conceivable to believe that Larry Benedict’s net worth dwarfs the $2.55 million net worth of the other Larry Benedict. Pharma executives make a lot of money, but not as much as stock gurus like Larry Benedict, who have made millions upon millions by finding ways to profit in both bull and bear markets. 

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