Behind the Markets Presents Tranformational Medicine

“It’s a $75 billion market.” – Investors Business Daily

Scientists Believe New Breakthrough Could…

“Cut & Paste” Disease

From Your Body

The Wall Street Journal Reports: “It’s Transforming Medicine.”
60 Minutes Reports: “It’s revolutionizing the search for new drugs.”
The Nobel Prize Committee: “It’s the Holy Grail of Medicine.”

And one small company owns the patent on it!

Dear Reader,

See this little vial…this one right here –

Scientists the world over are calling the liquid at the bottom of this vial “the most consequential discovery in medicine.”

They say its “giving them power they could only imagine before.”

That’s because what’s in this vial is on the verge of changing what happens when you or I are diagnosed with a disease.

You see, there are a total of 6,000 genetic diseases known to mankind – Liver Disease…Diabetes….Skin Cancer…. You name it.

And what drug companies do is pick one disease from the list at a time. Then they try to create one drug to treat that disease.

But there’s a big problem with this system – the average drug takes ten years and cost $2.6 billion to bring to market.

Now if the drug company is lucky, they find that their medicine can treat more than one disease.

Like Minipress, which was created to treat high blood pressure. But Pfizer learned that it can be also be used to treat prostate cancer.

The problem is that we’ve only invented 300 drugs – to treat 6,000 genetic diseases!

The Liquid in this Vial Can Treat All 6,000 Genetic Diseases…Combined!

But what makes the liquid in this vial so unique is that scientists believe it can treat all 6,000 genetic diseases.

If that sounds like science fiction, consider this

The largest drug companies have invested billions of dollars into this treatment.

  • Juno Pharma just invested $700 million.
  • Baxter Labs invested $62.5 million.
  • Glaxo SmithKline invested $350 million.
  • Johnson and Johnson invested $292 million.
  • Allergan invested $90 million.
  • Novartis invested $83.5 million.

And that’s on top of the $120 million Bill Gates and Google Ventures already invested into this.

The list goes on and on…

Never before has medical science moved into a new technology so quickly.

The Nobel Laureate committee called it the “Holy Grail” of medicine.

In fact, on November 16th of 2016, CBS and other news outlets reported that this new treatment cured blindness in mice.

But big business isn’t the only one getting in on the act.

As the true power of this treatment begins to comes into focus, it’s become a national security issue for us and our NATO allies.

And that’s what makes this breakthrough so unique:

It’s not just about money anymore….

It’s about which country is going to lead in the future of medicine for the next fifty years.

That’s the real reason why President Trump signed “Executive Order 13771″ just ten days after taking office…

…For us to win the battle for the future, Trump had to reduce regulations at the FDA first.

This treatment will not just change medicine…

It has the potential to eliminate genetic disease for our species.

And because of that, it’s going to create more millionaires than any other single breakthrough in history. More than the internet, more than computers, more than cars.

The current market capitalization is just $1.5 billion.

But analysts like Keith Speights think it could be worth $1 Trillion, putting it in the same league as Facebook, Amazon and Google.

That’s because Wall Street sees the potential of Amgen.

Early investors in Amgen, a pioneer of biological medicine, earned as much as 46,751% on their money.

And that was off the back of one drug Amgen created: Epogen. Epogen is used to treat one illness – anemia in Kidney Patients.

This revolutionary new tretment has the potential to treat all 6,000 genetic diseases, not just one!

In a moment, I’ll share what I know about the treatment in this vial that’s at the forefront of this medical revolution, and who makes it.

Most importantly, I’ll explain how you can personally profit from it.

In fact, if our numbers are correct, and this imitates the success of Amgen, you could potentially see life-changing profits.

Once you see how this technology works you’ll understand why people, companies and governments around the world are rushing to get in on it.

But first, it’s important for you to know who I am and why I am so confident about this unique opportunity.

My Name Is Dylan Jovine

I started my career on Wall Street in 1991.

That’s when I was hired by Peter Jaquith, one of the investment bankers who became famous for saving New York City from bankruptcy in the 1970s’.

That was a big break for a kid who grew up dirt poor on welfare and food stamps in Queens, New York. I wasn’t going to waste it.

I managed accounts. But I fell in love with researching stocks.

Studying a stock was like reading a short history book about the town the company was in, the people that worked there and the products they made. I loved it. I couldn’t believe people got paid to do this.

Within three years, I earned a reputation for picking stocks right before they were taken over.

Stocks like Paramount which was bought out by Viacom three months after I recommended it for a fast 100% gain.

Or the 70% gains we made when US Reinurance was acquired six months after I recommended it.

Or the 78% gains we booked when Chase Manhattan Bank was acquired by Chemical Bank.

Or the 83.3% profit we made when Michigan National Bank was acquired for $110.

Remember, this is the early 1990’s – before the internet bull market of the 1990’s. And here I am this 23-year old kid picking takeover after takeover.

In 1996, my clients bankrolled me to start my own brokerage firm.

And that’s how, at just 24 years old, I became one of the youngest people in American history to launch a start a registered broker-dealer and market maker.

Our offices were at 100 Wall Street, to the right….

After Predicting the 2009 Market Crash, I was Invited onto Fox Business

Because of what I accomplished at such a young age Wall Street took notice.

But it wasn’t until I predicted the 2008-09 financial crisis and crash a year before it happened that the general public took notice.

Then I was invited onto places like Fox Business News to share my opinion.

My message was simple:

The stock market at 6,500 is like walking into your car dealership when everything is on sale marked 90% off!

Like the 646% returns we booked after buying American Express at $14.24 a share.

Or the 700% in profits with Starbucks which I bought at $8 which then soared to a high of $56.

Or the 459% profits we found buying shares of AutoNation between $10 – $11 a share.

Or the 235% gains that came for those who bought FactSet Research with us at $63.23

Or John Harland, which was acquired six months after I recommended it, giving investors a 35% gain.

Or shares of K-Swiss, which gave my clients a 65% gain.

And remember Radio Shack? I brought investors 80% profits after the stock soared from $16 to $29.

Or the stellar 40% gains we earned with Hilton, which we bought at $32 before it was acquired for $45.

Now I don’t say all this up to brag.

I say it to show you that I’ve been making money for myself and my clients for close to thirty years. I know what I’m doing.

My Love of Biotech is Personal

And yet – as great as all these gains were, I fully believe the opportunity in this little vial is fundamentally different.

It’s one of those “once-in-a-generation” kind of opportunities…giving you the chance to earn “once-in-a-generation” profits.

And that brings us to today.

So how does a guy who built his reputation on takeover targets get involved in biotechs?

Right around the time I turned 40 six years ago I was told I had pre-diabetes and high blood pressure. He said to pick my poison – both would kill me if I didn’t get a handle on them.

At first I was shocked. But then I looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognize the face that looked back at me.

Gone was the young man beaming with energy. In his place stood a man pushing 300 lbs with bags under his eyes who had not had a good night sleep in five years.

My wife had just given birth to my first-born daughter Lila and a second one was on the way.

Close to thirty years working 12-hours a day, 7 days a week had taken their toll.

On one hand, I had started, built and sold two separate investment-related companies before I had turned 40: the brokerage firm, which I had sold in 2000, and Tycoon Research.

On the other hand, I was slowly killing myself.

I think we all get to an age when we learn were not playing with house money. Well that’s the day I learned I wasn’t.

So in 2013, I sold my last business and decided to take some time off. Get back into balance. Refocus on what’s important.

People said I retired. But once an investor, always an investor.

Only now, because of my health problems, I turned my attention to investing in drug and healthcare companies.

So I’ve spent the past 5-6 years studying the biggest breakthroughs in genetic medicine.

And I’ve decided to do something revolutionary: I’m now allowing people to look at my shoulder at my model portfolio so they know exactly what to buy, when to buy and when to sell.

But first let me explain why this opportunity is so unique…and why both big business and government are rushing to seize the opportunity.

It’s because this opportunity reminds the smart money of one the biggest successes in biotech history: Amgen.

If you were to invest in Amgen in 1987 a $1,000 investment would now be worth $1.57 million dollars.

That’s over a 46,751% return on your money.

I think this opportunity could do the same for you without having to invest in options or take unnecessary risk.

Like a “Manhattan Project” for Medicine

But nobody expects it to take 30 years to happen in this case.

Because of the unique, high-stakes power of this treatment governments are pushing business to accomplish this within 5 years.

In that way it’s become like a Medical Manhattan Project.

And because of that we think one of two things happens – it either moves like an Amgen or it’s taken over by a larger competitor.

I know that’s a big claim.

And it should give you pause.

But if you were told just ten years ago that you’d be carrying a device in your pocket as powerful as your home computer, you’d think it was science fiction.

Yet that’s why smart investors are putting more than just their money into this…

That’s why Bill Gates wrote an article touting the potential of this discovery in Foreign Affairs.

He’s just one of many savvy investors who know how unique this opportunity is.

3 Key Ingredients For Biotech Profits

Before I tell you more about this company, and how to position yourself before mainstream America catches on, I need to let you in on a little secret.

It’s the secret I learned studying biotech stocks.

You see, most Main Street investors are never taught how to invest in biotech the right way.

One of the things I learned is this: there are 3 Key Ingredients for biotech investment success…

Ingredient #1 – Strong Patent.

We don’t want to invest in dreams, we want to invest in science.

Brooklyn Bridge

Once you have a strong patent it’s like owning a toll bridge. Everyone who wants to pass by has to pay you a toll.

Ingredient #2 – Strategic Partner.

A partner who treats similar diseases or conditions. A partner who take your breakthrough global by turning a switch.

Remember most biotech companies are started and run by scientists and academics.

What do these guys know about the business of selling drugs around the globe?

The last ingredient is by far the rarest and most special. You won’t find it with every biotech but when you do you know you’re on the right path.

Ingredient #3 – Survived Patent Challenge.

If someone challenges your patent that means they consider it valuable. And if you win that’s a big deal.

Using these ingredients is what created big winners like Bluebird Bio, which soared 1,007%!

Or Sage Therapeutics which rocketed 656%…even moving up $74 in a single day!

Same for Sagamo Therapeutics which soared 850% in just twelve months!

Of course, the trick is knowing if the underlying science is real and if the patents behind it are valid.

“It’s Revolutionizing the Search for New Drugs”

– The Journal Nature

Again, there are 6,000 genetic diseases that we know of. And so far, we’ve only developed 300 drugs to deal with them. And those drugs come with significant side effects.

And what makes this treatment so unique is that it has the potential to cure all of them.

The contents of this vial will change medicine and perhaps what it means to be human – I’ve never been more certain of anything in almost thirty years as a professional investor.

So what is this breakthrough that’s going to revolutionize medicine?

How on earth does the liquid in this one vial have the potential to cure all 6,000 genetic diseases known to man?

In short, it’s a treatment that eliminates the need for medicine as we currently know it.

It’s called CRISPR for short.

Let me explain….

Case Study: Prostate Cancer

I’m going to use prostate cancer an example since it affects one in six American men and I’m almost 50.

Right now if you’re diagnosed with prostate cancer your doctor might prescribe a drug like Minipress to help.

Minipress opens the blood vessels of the prostate so blood could flow more easily. As a side note, it’s the same drug used to treat high blood pressure.

But like all drugs, MiniPress is a chemical compound. And taking it means you’re putting something with a chemical structure into your body.

Now the first thing you hope for when taking any chemical-based medicine is that it works.

The second thing you hope for is that the side effects aren’t overwhelming. And finally, if all the above check out you pray that you don’t develop a tolerance for the chemical and it stops working.

And if the medicine you’re prescribed doesn’t work you have to contemplate the worst-case scenario which is chemo and then surgery. Or, sometimes surgery then chemo.

Each new option is worse than the last one.

With few exceptions, that’s the way medicine has worked for the better part of the past century. Doctor diagnoses a problem, prescribes a drug and you call it a day.

But in recent years we’ve learned that behind prostate cancer is a genetic mutation…

…You’re either born with it, meaning you inherit it from your parents. Or you develop it during your life, meaning you had some genetic predisposition to it and perhaps the environment brought it out. you were in or other factors lead to it expressing itself.

But if we now know the specific mutation causin the disease, why not replace the sick DNA with some healthy DNA?

This new CRISPR technology does just that…

CRISPR allows scientists to tell a cell to go into your DNA and find the place where the mutation matches.

And once it gets to the place it cuts the DNA and provides the sequence with a repair sequence.

So that by the time you’re finished you’re left with a normal, healthy DNA sequence.

In simple terms, CRISPR technology allows you to “Cut” away bad genes “Paste” in good ones.

And that means that the genetic mutation that caused the prostate cancer you originally went to the doctor for is made normal.

A New Type of “Living Software”

If CRISPR solved prostate cancer alone, the opportunity would be massive.

Amgen turned every $1,000 investment into a $1.57 million fortune off of the back of Epogen, which treated just one illness – anemia caused by Kidney Failure.

But this opportunity is different. Frankly, it’s just bigger. An order of magnitude bigger.

What sets it apart is that it’s not about developing one drug that treats just one disease.

The CRISPR technology is actually more like a “living software” program…

You program it to “CUT” mutated genes and “PASTE” in healthy ones.

That means the diseases you can use this approach with are so far without limitless.

What it did for prostate cancer it could be applied to do anything.

Diseases like…

  • Autism
  • Colon Cancer
  • Down Syndrome
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Skin Cancer
  • Tay-Sachs
  • Breast Cancer
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Hemophilia
  • Retinitas Pigmantosa
  • Sickle-Cell Disease
  • Huntington’s Disease

Diseases like these would become a thing of the past…future generations would learn about them by reading about them in the history books.

The implications of this is mind-boggling…

The Wall Street Journal said it was “transforming medicine”…

Bill Gates said it “could help humanity overcome some of its biggest challenges.” It’s the reason he invested so much money in it.

And Nobel-Prize Winning Biochemist Jennifer Douda said “It feels like one small step for humans, one giant leap for humankind.”

As 60 Minutes put it, it could be “the most consequential discovery in biomedicine this century.”

If all of this sounds like something out of a SCI-FI movie consider this…

The very same technology has already been used to accomplish this – –

Extracting HIV: At Temple University, a research team eliminated HIV-1 from T-Cell genomes in human lab cultures.

Eliminating Malaria: In 2016 the journal Nature Biotechnology published a journal showing how different teams are using this treatment to work on the elimination of malaria in mosquitos, in the hope of stopping human infection.

Protecting Plants and Trees: Last year, Monsanto revealed a new global license agreement to use CRISPR to create plants and trees more resistant to drought, viruses, fungi and insects.

These 3 examples are just the tip of the iceberg…

Every industry is starting to implement this new technology…as a recent edition of MIT Technology Review said best “Big Pharma Doubles Down on CRISPR.”

With the stakes so high you can bet Big Pharma will keep their eyes on this company as more of their hotly anticipated results come in.

Either way, we’re at the very beginning of this revolution.

And this is just the beginning of what looks to be a very profitable ride for early investors.

The market for this treatment will grow beyond anything we’re used to.

CRISPR is to the drug industry what the iPhone was to the old cell phone: fasten your seatbelt because things are about to change very quickly.

The Most Profitable Investments of All Time

And that means incredible upside.

Consider the rewards for changing how an entire industry operates, from top to bottom:

People who invested $1,000 into Wal-Mart made $3.4 million

Those who invested $1,000 into Microsoft are sitting on $967,000

And imagine what investors made who bet alongside Jeff Bezos at Amazon

And that’s the reward facing early investors in CRISPR.

Which is why the biggest, smartest, most informed investors on Wall Street is flocking to invest in this also.

I already mentioned Bill Gates and Google Ventures.

The top venture capital firms in the world have invested hundreds of millions in this as well: firms like Menlo Ventures, Maverick Ventures, Biomatics Capital Partners, Draper Associates, Andressen Horowitz.

The list goes on and on. It reads like a who’s who of the smartest VC firms on earth.

It comes down to this…

A person only gets one opportunity in life to invest in something this big this early…and I encourage you to do the same, immediately.

It’s just a matter of time before word gets out and Main Street catches on to what’s really happening here.

By the time that happens it’ll be too late. It’s like crypto – one day you never heard of it. The next day everyone on earth is talking about it.

In other words, you want to know about it before your neighbor tells you about it. If you’re neighbor tells you about it first, you’ll be settling for table scraps.

The time to take action is now.

And at the center of all of this is one small company that owns the patent on this technology – and whose stock could hand investors 5, 10, 20, even 50 times their money.

It could become a BIG WINNER like:

  • Bluebird which rose 1,336%
  • American Express which increased 660%
  • Sagamo Pharma which rose 850%
  • FactSet Research which gained 235%
  • AutoNation which soared 420%
  • Starbucks which moved up 700%
  • And Sage Therapeutics which shot up 656%

But here’s the thing…

As remarkable as these gains are…

They don’t compare to what’s in front of us right now as we shift toward CRISPR-based medical treatment.

And while there will be a number of ways to profit in the coming years, there will not be an opportunity like the one before you today.

You see, the dawn of a new medical age is upon us.

This is the very beginning.

One Small Company at the Center of It All

And a remarkable – yet overlooked – company is at the forefront. This company is literally at the center of this revolution.

Right now only the savviest scientists and investors know about. But that’s starting to change.

If you were to make only one investment in the next decade, this is it. It doesn’t get clearer than this.

Of that I have no doubt.

Here are the details…

As I mentioned, CRISPR has the opportunity to radically change how we treat diseases.

And the best way to capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is to invest in the small company that made this treatment possible.

Let’s take another look at Amgen.

What made Amgen such a huge success is that it was one of the pioneers in using human cells to deliver medical treatments.

And this was back in the dark ages before we had mapped the human genome.

They also happened to stay independent, whereas most of their competitors were bought out.

And as I mentioned a few minutes ago, early investors so huge gains.

A mere $1,000 investment here turned into $1.57 million.

I am confident investors with the foresight to invest in the right companies during the CRISPR revolution will be rewarded with returns similar to these.

Most Likely Gets Taken Over First

But it won’t take 30 years. The world is moving a lot faster today than it did three decades ago. It will be done in just four. Company either taken over or takes over the world.

You see, in order for CRISPR to work – you have to be able to genetically program the cells you put into this vial.

Think of it as software. You have to be able to program the cells in this vial.

Once they enter the human body they have to know what mutated gene to FIND and what to REPLACE it with.

In other words, the cells themselves are like the hardware. What we tell them to do is like the software.

And that’s why investing in the right “living software” company could mean life-changing profits.

We are witnessing the launch into an amazing new age of medicine, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

That age, above everything else, is being driven by gene-based therapies.

Gene-based therapies will literally change your relationship with your doctor.

Imagine not having to take a half-dozen or so different pills every day? Imagine a world with no side-effects? That’s literally what we’re talking about here.

It’s no wonder that on March 7th, 2018 the journal Nature said, “Gene editing is quietly revolutionizing the search for new drugs.”

And on February 18th, 2018 Wired Magazine said CRISPR could “fundamentally transform our power over nature.”

So, to get in on the action, you want to own a company that programs those CRISPR cells.

In the war for the future of medicine you have different sides staking a claim.

Now on one side of the table you have Big Pharma making big bets on this.

For example…

Merck added $17 billion in value when they won the patent in Singapore and China.

Juno Therapeutics was acquired by Celgene ten days after getting some positive results on August 9th.

The list goes on and on…

But here’s the thing…

I’m not recommending any of the big companies.

For the folks who follow my research, I prefer recommending biotechs on the very forefront of this massive change. The biotechs that the large companies are partnering with.

That’s where all the innovation is. And that comes in the form of smaller companies with the world’s leading scientists.

My research has led me to a firm that was formed five years ago…

And this small company has the patent on the most popular way of doing this.

And they have the two other key ingredients: a strategic partner and they’ve already survived a patent challenge.

In the last few months, they’ve announced positive results from a partnership with Allergan Pharmaceuticals and Celgene, one of the largest biotech companies in the world.

Both companies would be natural acquirers.

And even if a small part of the $2 trillion market flows toward this small cap firm, the growth will be through the roof.

Amgen made investors 46,750% in part because Medicare pays them $2 billion year for one drug.

As far as opportunities go, we’re comparing apples to oranges here.

To give you an edge, I’ve put all the details in a special report called “Living Software – The Small Company Revolutionizing Medicine.”

This report tells you everything you need to know about this incredible company — and why the world’s leading scientist believe its CRISPR technology is the best, giving you the chance to for a 46,751% return.

I will give it to you for free at the end of this letter.

Again, the CRISPR revolution is in its infancy. Most people I talk to have never even heard of it – yet.

Which is why the smart money is pouring so much into this idea. By the time your neighbor is talking about it, it’s going to be too late.

So even if this handles just one disease, like Amgen, you can see its stock rise to 46,000%.

And this is the company best position to capture the bulk of the upside.

I have no doubt, if you invest in this company today, you give yourself the opportunity to make the kind of money that lets you put your name on a building.

There is no time to waste. The biggest obstacle preventing this stock from returning 46,000% is that it gets acquired by one of the major pharma companies it has deals with.

Again, my report “Living Software – The Small Company Revolutionizing Medicine” is yours absolutely free.

Nobody is Even Talking About it Yet

I want you to have these three reports for free because, to be perfectly frank, there isn’t one credible source covering these CRISPR stocks. Not one.

The biggest story in medicine by far– truly the very definition of a revolution – and I haven’t seen one credible source telling investors how to profit from this. It’s mind-boggling.

That’s actually what got me into this in the first place.

You see it wasn’t my intention to build a network of doctors and scientists.

Remember, I told you that because I was sick for the first time in my life I became interested in biotech investing?

Well there I am retired looking for some guidance so I could invest my money in biotech stocks.

You know what happened? I struck out. I literally couldn’t find god newsletters or other sources to follow. My only option was to invest seven figures in a biotech hedge-fund.

Well since I was retired and had the time I started doing the legwork. Good old-fashioned research. Calling people, speaking with doctors, asking scientists, you name it I did it.

ThenI heard about three stocks: LCI, INO, PBYI. I read about them from serious scientists, not stock promoters. And they believe the science is real.

First I read about Inovio Pharma and I proceed to watch the stock soar 610% within 13 months.

But I’ve worked on Wall Street and been in the game for almost thirty years. I’ve heard every hustle in the book.

So I’m skeptical. Anyone can get lucky.

Then I read about another stock, Puma Biotechnology, which shoots up 452% in twelve months.

And mind you they seem to be the only people on earth talking about these.

I’m looked everywhere else – and believe me I know where to look – and came up empty.

And then finally, after Lannett soars 1,260% in two years I think to myself there’s something special happening in biotech.

You know how much money I made with these three stocks?

Not a single penny. And that hurt. It always hurts to know about big gains you could have made but didn’t.

But I wasn’t skeptical any more. I felt like I was watching a secret bull market in biotech.

And it’s that experience that has lead me start an investment advisory service called Behind the Markets.

This investment service allows you to look over my shoulder at what I’m buying and selling each and every single month. Basically, I’m sharing my rolodex of scientists and doctors with you.

As soon as you become a member of Behind the Markets, you become part of my “inner circle” – just like my mother – and you’ll get access to every single investment opportunity I discover each month.

As a member of Behind the Markets you’ll receive:

Access to my model portfolio…I typically recommend one new stock a month, or 12 new stocks a year. By getting access to my model portfolio you’ll know what to buy, at what price to buy it and exactly when to sell it. To be clear…the portfolio will not just focus on biotech stocks. I focus on all areas of the market. If there is a chance to buy a stock for less than its worth, we take advantage of it.

Regular updates…Whenever there is any news on one of our portfolio companies you’ll get an email from me by the end of the day, at the latest. I don’t hide under my desk.

24/7 access to my website. I keep all my latest information on an encrypted website that members can access at anytime, anywhere.

But most importantly, once you join Behind the Markets, you get access to yours truly – me.

Like my own family and friends, from now on you’ll know about the big opportunities like this CRISPR stock early, when the rest of the smart money learns about them. By the time the general public starts buying shares, it will be us selling our stock to them.

You’ll also know EXACTLY what to buy or what to sell or what to do when the market crashes, like it did in 2009.


And the contents in this small vial give you the chance to own the next Amgen, and earn life-changing profits.

I don’t want anything to hold you back from what’s at hand.

Helping you achieve immense wealth is my new mission. And it brings me great joy to know that I can help others do that as well.

In short, you get to access a brain that has made millions for myself and for other people during the past three decades.

Which is why I’ve kept the cost of Behind the Markets at the lowest possible level.

However, I am a businessman so I’m not going to make an offer that makes me lose money making this offer to you. That’s why I’m offering you this service for the same amount it costs my business to get this to you.

Just $49.

And frankly, I believe it’s a steal at that price.

That’s less than what it cost my wife and I to eat dinner last night at Applebees. We don’t drink.

That’s means I’m going to lose $160 on each and every order. The plan is that you get so much out of Behind the Markets that you stay a loyal customer forever.

Plus, the three special reports I’ve promised you today are worth $99 each for a total of $297 by themselves.

But more importantly, it’s the opportunity to own a piece of a business that could make investors 100,000% on their money. Assuming it’s not taken over for a 100% gain first. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been around long enough to know how rare that is.

Look: As I mentioned earlier, this is about feeding more than my wallet. It’s about feeding my soul. And the best way for me to do that is to help as many people as I can.

And I grew up on welfare and food stamps. So I will never forget the value of a dollar.


Introductory Offer

And finally, just to prove how confident I am, let me remove any last shred of doubt about this investment.

Try Behind the Markets risk-free for 30 days. Take the month to review my service and I. Take a hard look at our open positions.

If I do not meet or exceed your expectations, just call customer service and you’ll get a 100% full refund. No questions asked.

PLUS, you can keep the free reports you get today.

Join me while we ride this medical revolution. Sign up for Behind the Markets and let me share with you what it is I do best each month, just like I do with my friends and family.

I promise you to do my best to honor the name of this service by taking you behind the daily markets and showing you profit opportunities before the rest of the world finds out about them.

Thank you so much for reading this important presentation.

I sincerely hope you’ll take me up on this offer.

I’m confident you’ll look back one day and think that joining Behind the Markets was one of the best financial moves you ever made.

But there’s something else I want to pass on to you.

Something that may prove to be as valuable to you as any profitable trade we make together:

Your Free Bonus Report #1:
“Cut & Paste – The Small Company Revolutionizing Medicine”
Value: $297

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Pretty soon, it will seem like everybody is talking about CRISPR and the gene-editing revolution in general and how much money is going to be made.

And while I don’t doubt that’s true, I’ve been around long enough to know that with every legitimate profit opportunity they’re will be hustlers trying to take advantage of it. Bernie Madoff, Worldcom and Enron come to mind.

Well, the CRISPR is no different. There will be massive winners – companies like the ones I’ve described to you today. dogs. Companies that talk a good game and promise the world, but that don’t have the infrastructure, technology or management in place to deliver.

This report will show you how to pick the next big winners – and avoid the big losers.


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