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Brad Thomas

Who is Brad Thomas?

Brad Thomas has carved a unique path, finding success as a financial expert. With a career in real estate and amassing a portfolio worth $100 million, Thomas experienced the ups and downs of the market before transitioning to the world of financial analysis and writing. Today, he serves as the CEO of Wide Moat Research, providing valuable insights to over 100,000 investors worldwide.

Brad Thomas Review

Brad Thomas is the creator of the Intelligent Income Investor service, which has garnered significant attention recently. He is a former real estate developer who transitioned to become a stock picker with a focus on dividend-paying stocks. Wide Moat Research publishes his service and aims to provide investment advice based on a long-term approach to generating steady and increasing income from the stock market.

One aspect differentiating the Intelligent Income Investor service from others is its focus on SWAN (Sleep Well At Night) stocks. These companies with substantial competitive advantages are expected to provide reliable and growing income for investors. Subscribers of the service will receive insights on these stocks, Brad’s analysis of current market developments, and his overall investment approach.

Brad Thomas has a good following on platforms such as Seeking Alpha, where he shares his knowledge and expertise on dividend-paying stocks. He also writes regular newsletters, giving subscribers access to his latest thoughts and updates on the stocks he follows.

The Intelligent Income Investor service has received mixed reviews from users. Some appreciate the focus on SWAN stocks and the value Brad brings with his expertise in dividend-paying stocks. However, others have questioned the value the subscription service provides, suggesting that the information may be available through other sources or that it might not be sufficient to justify the cost.

Despite these varying opinions, it is worth noting that Brad Thomas’ experience and track record in the field of investment research makes his Intelligent Income Investor service an exciting option for those specifically looking for dividend-paying stocks and insights on SWAN stocks.

Brad Thomas offers a variety of products related to investment and real estate. One of his prominent offerings is the Intelligent Options Advisor, a monthly newsletter co-created with professional trader Stephen Hester, CFA, available on the Wide Moat Research website. This newsletter focuses on generating income streams using options, recommending the best trades on high-quality companies.

Aside from his newsletters, Brad Thomas is also known for his written work in the investment field. Notably, he has authored several books, which can be found on his Amazon author page. Some of his popular titles include “REITs For Dummies” and “The Intelligent REIT Investor Guide: How to Sleep Well and Build Wealth with Real Estate Investment Trusts.” These books serve as comprehensive guides to understanding and investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

In addition to his products, Brad Thomas regularly contributes articles and expert analysis on investment topics through various platforms. For example, he has been an analyst on Seeking Alpha since 2010, providing insights and guidance to a wide audience of investors.

It’s evident that Brad Thomas focuses on delivering accessible and valuable knowledge to his readers and subscribers. Through his various product offerings and contributions, he remains a respected figure in the investment and real estate industries.



Brad Thomas has built an exceptional career in real estate investment, establishing himself as an industry expert and key figure in the world of commercial real estate. He is best known for his prolific work as an author and analyst. His extensive portfolio includes editorial contributions to Forbes magazine and authorship of “The Intelligent REIT Investor” guidebook. As the founder of the advisory firm Wide Moat Research LLC, Thomas has also made significant strides in offering consultation services and guiding clients on REITs and other income-based securities. Before his career in analysis and advisory, Thomas accrued considerable experience on the ground, holding various roles in real estate development, brokerage, and property management. His multifaceted career, spanning over three decades, has solidified his reputation as one of the leading voices in real estate investment.


Brad Thomas is a well-known author and commentator on real estate investment trusts (REITs). He has written multiple books on the topic, with one of his most notable works being The Intelligent REIT Investor Guide. Thomas explores the equity REIT world in this comprehensive book, providing valuable insights for beginner and experienced investors.

Besides his books, Brad Thomas is also an active contributor to various online platforms and publications. He regularly writes articles for and The Property Chronicle, where he shares his expertise on real estate investing. Additionally, Thomas is a top analyst on Seeking Alpha, explicitly covering REITs and finance topics.

Throughout his career, Brad Thomas has received recognition for his work and has been featured in renowned publications such as Forbes Magazine, Kiplinger’s, U.S. News & World Report, and Money. With a proven track record and extensive knowledge in real estate investment, Thomas has earned the respect of many investors worldwide. Besides his own publications, he also recommends Favorite Books for investors, including titles such as “The Education of a Value Investor” and “Why Moats Matter.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Brad Thomas

What is Brad Thomas’ Intelligent Income Investor?

Brad Thomas’ Intelligent Income Investor is an investment newsletter that provides insights and stock recommendations focused primarily on real estate investment trusts (REITs). As a visionary real estate investor, Brad Thomas aims to help subscribers build a diversified, income-generating investment portfolio.

What are the top holdings in the Durable Income Portfolio?

As specific top holdings for the Durable Income Portfolio change periodically, it’s important to refer to the latest updates from Brad Thomas’ Intelligent Income Investor for the most accurate information. The portfolio typically includes various REITs and other dividend-paying stocks, highlighting strong long-term performers or undervalued opportunities.

How does Brad Thomas evaluate REITs?

Brad Thomas evaluates REITs using fundamental analysis, industry trends, and management team quality. He examines key financial metrics such as funds from operations (FFO), net operating income (NOI), and debt levels. Additionally, he considers the overall market conditions and future growth prospects of the underlying real estate assets and sectors.

Is there a focus on dividends in Brad Thomas’ investing strategies?

Yes, dividends play a significant role in Brad Thomas’ investing strategies. His Intelligent Income Investor aims to help subscribers generate reliable income through investments in REITs and other dividend-paying stocks. Brad emphasizes the necessity of consistent cash flow and its potential to boost overall long-term investment returns.

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