What is Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program

July 17, 2023

Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program has caught the attention of many, as it allows regular Americans to receive “royalty” payouts without owning any Amazon stocks or products or even being a Prime member. By investing in small partner companies that own Amazon warehouses, individuals can reap benefits based on the fees Amazon pays to rent their warehouse space.

This unique income-generating opportunity can seem quite enticing. Brad Thomas, a financial analyst, claims that a significant portion of Amazon’s immense profits is distributed through this program. Although it may sound too good to be true, the possibility of passive income has piqued the interest of those looking to benefit from the e-commerce giant’s continued growth and success.

Key Takeaways

  • The Amazon Secret Royalty Program allows individuals to earn passive income without owning Amazon stock or being Prime members.
  • Investment in small partner companies that own Amazon warehouses is key to availing the benefits of this program.
  • Despite skepticism and the need for further research, the opportunity continues to captivate many seeking alternative income sources.

The Secret Royalty Program

Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program is a unique opportunity for individuals to receive royalty payouts from Amazon without directly owning any of its shares, products, or Prime memberships. The program is said to exploit an IRS loophole that allows regular Americans to secure payouts from the e-commerce giant’s profits.

To participate in this program, interested individuals must invest in small partner companies that own warehouses leased by Amazon. These companies are directly responsible for distributing payouts to investors involved in the program. This mechanism allows people to indirectly benefit from Amazon’s substantial profits without traditional stock ownership.

Although the specifics of this program are not widely publicized, numerous investors have reportedly found success with this approach. The potential for financial gain from the Secret Royalty Program is alluring, as it offers an alternative path to financial security and passive income generation.

However, it’s essential for potential investors to proceed with caution, conduct thorough due diligence, and have realistic expectations while exploring opportunities like the Secret Royalty Program. Although the idea of harnessing Amazon’s immense profits without directly owning shares may be enticing, investors must remain knowledgeable and vigilant to ensure that they make informed financial decisions.

In summary, the Secret Royalty Program presents an innovative approach to receiving payouts from Amazon’s profits through indirect investments in partner companies. This program allows for an alternative financial strategy that capitalizes on Amazon’s substantial market presence and growth, offering an opportunity for savvy investors to secure their financial future.

Program Benefits

Enhanced Revenue

The main benefit of Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program is the potential for enhanced revenue. By participating in this program, ordinary individuals can receive “royalty” payments, potentially boosting their income significantly. Brad Thomas reveals that this program has helped him rebuild his multi-million fortune using royalties.

Since Amazon is a highly successful company with substantial profits, this program presents a profitable opportunity for those involved. However, it is important to note that the precise payout amounts may vary, and there are no guarantees for quick riches.

Exclusive Opportunities

Another advantage of this program is that it offers exclusive opportunities not available to the general public. 

Moreover, new subscribers to the Intelligent Income Investor can access a special offer and save $150 on their subscription, along with some exclusive bonuses. This allows participants to secure their financial future by leveraging unique access to Amazon’s undisclosed program.

It is important for potential participants to be cautious and realistic with their expectations, as not every opportunity will guarantee the same outcomes. However, being part of Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program appears to provide a chance to benefit from enhanced revenue and exclusive opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

Top Performers

To enroll in Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program, an investor needs to focus on the top-performing companies that are mentioned in the program. These companies must have a proven track record of success and growth and a strong partnership with Amazon. It’s important for potential participants to conduct thorough research and understand how these top performers will affect their investment and potential returns.

Participation Requirements

In addition to identifying top performers, investors must meet specific participation requirements to be eligible for Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program. Investors are encouraged to review the guidelines thoroughly and ensure they properly understand the investment process. This may include but is not limited to, understanding the minimum investment amount and maintaining an active portfolio that aligns with the program’s values and expectations.

By following these eligibility criteria, investors can take advantage of the opportunities presented by Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program and potentially benefit from additional income streams. With proper research and investment, it is possible to make the most of this unique opportunity.

Comparison with Regular Royalty Program

Earning Structure

In a traditional royalty program, participants typically earn royalties based on the sales or usage of a product or service. These transactions are often tied to copyrights, patents, or trademarks the participant owns. However, Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program functions differently. Rather than earning royalties from product sales or usage, individuals can earn “royalty” payouts by investing in small partner companies that own Amazon warehouses. The program’s earnings are derived from the fees that Amazon pays to rent warehouse space from these partner companies.

The payouts from Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program are called “royalties” in an IRS loophole sense, distinguishing them from conventional royalty schemes. The emphasis here is on the income generated through warehouse rental fees, which are separate from royalties based on intellectual property ownership or product sales.


Traditional royalty programs are often restricted to individuals or entities with ownership rights in copyrighted materials, patents, or trademarks. This may hinder accessibility for regular individuals not involved in these industries’ creative or economic aspects.

On the other hand, participation in Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program does not require ownership of any Amazon stocks or products or being an Amazon Prime member. This program presents a more accessible opportunity for regular Americans to potentially receive payouts by investing in the partner companies that manage Amazon’s warehouse facilities.

In summary, the earning structure and accessibility of Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program are distinct from those of conventional royalty programs. The focus is on generating income through warehouse rental fees rather than intellectual property, and the program offers broader access to individuals who aspire to participate in Amazon-related investments.

Amazon’s Strategy Behind the Secret Program

Amazon has been known for keeping many of its strategies under wraps, but Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program is one such strategy that has recently caught the attention of investors and analysts. This program, which reportedly revolves around an “IRS loophole,” allows certain individuals to receive “royalty” payouts from Amazon.

The primary purpose of this secret program is to distribute a portion of Amazon’s profits to investors in a tax-efficient manner. According to reports, the company channels billions of dollars in yearly profits through this program, leveraging the IRS loophole to benefit eligible Americans.

How does it work? The secret royalty program operates through a financial instrument allowing regular payouts to shareholders. By structuring these payouts as “royalties,” Amazon can potentially reduce the tax burden on investors who participate in the program. The result is an attractive investment opportunity for those who are eligible to take advantage of it, with the potential to receive up to $28,544 per year in royalty payments.

Amazon also likely uses the program to attract and retain shareholders as part of its growth strategy. These royalty payments, coupled with Amazon’s impressive track record of success, give investors more incentive to maintain their stake in the company. This support from shareholders is essential, as it helps bolster Amazon’s position in the market and enables the company to continue its rapid expansion.

In summary, Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program is a strategic effort by the company to redistribute profits to shareholders and minimize tax exposure. As with many aspects of Amazon’s business practices, there is much more we may not yet know about the program. What we do know, however, is that it represents another example of Amazon’s innovative approach to maintaining financial success, engaging investors, and securing its position as a leading global enterprise.

Criticism and Controversies

While the “Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program” has been promoted primarily as an opportunity to generate income, some critics argue that certain aspects of the program warrant skepticism. One argument stems from how the program is presented, with some considering it oversimplified and potentially misleading.

For instance, program promoters often highlight the opportunity to receive “royalty” payouts, despite not directly owning any Amazon stocks or products. Critics argue that this framing may mislead potential investors into believing they can secure significant earnings with minimal risk. In reality, these “royalty” payouts are derived from investments in small partner companies owning Amazon warehouses, where the payments are based on the fees Amazon pays to rent their warehouse space1.

Another point of contention is about the specific details of the program itself. Some critics argue that much of the information offered in promotional materials is vague, and there isn’t sufficient information to fully assess the risks and potential rewards associated with the investments. Furthermore, using terms like “IRS loophole” may give potential investors the impression that this is a unique way to generate income, while detractors argue the program is just another form of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), a well-known and regulated investment option2.

Lastly, “Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program” has been criticized for capitalizing on Amazon’s reputation and success to attract interest from potential investors. This marketing strategy can lead to unrealistic expectations of earning potential and may overshadow the fact that investment in any company carries inherent risks.

Key Takeaways

Amazon’s Secret Royalty Program is a unique investment opportunity that allows everyday Americans to receive “royalty” payouts without owning any Amazon stocks or products or being a Prime member. The idea behind this program is investing in small partner companies that own Amazon warehouses, which pay out royalties based on the fees Amazon pays to rent their warehouse space.

This unusual program takes advantage of an IRS loophole, which has been suggested to provide the potential for significant payouts. Some experts have mentioned that it might be possible for investors to receive around $28,544 per year through this program.

Approaching any investment opportunity cautiously and thoroughly researching before committing to your finances is important. While the Amazon Secret Royalty Program concept sounds promising, individual results may vary depending on factors such as the specific partner companies invested in and market dynamics.

In conclusion, the Amazon Secret Royalty Program offers a unique and interesting investment option for individuals seeking an alternative way to benefit from Amazon’s success. Investing in companies that partner with Amazon and own warehouse spaces can potentially receive returns in the form of royalties. However, as with any investment, it’s essential to exercise due diligence and assess the risks and rewards associated with the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Amazon’s secret royalty program?

The Amazon Secret Royalty Program allows regular Americans to receive “royalty” payouts without owning any Amazon stocks or products or being Prime member. This is possible by investing in small partner companies that own Amazon warehouses, which pay out royalties based on the fees Amazon pays to rent their warehouse space.

How can I join the Amazon royalty program?

To join the Amazon Royalty Program, you must invest in small partner companies that own Amazon warehouses. These companies distribute the royalty payouts to their investors. The exact details on how to join may vary depending on the specific investment opportunity or the company you choose to invest in.

What is the process for receiving royalties from Amazon?

Once you invest in the partner companies, you become eligible to receive royalties based on Amazon’s rent for the warehouse space. The payout frequency and amount may vary depending on the company you invest in and the terms of your specific investment.

Is there any connection between Amazon’s loyalty and secret royalty programs?

No, there is no direct connection between Amazon’s loyalty program, which is focused on its customers, and the secret royalty program, which is an investment opportunity related to Amazon’s warehouse rental fees.

What is Amazon REIT, and how is it related to the secret royalty program?

Amazon REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is a type of investment focusing on real estate properties that Amazon rents for its warehouse and distribution centers. This type of investment is related to the secret royalty program, as it provides a way to invest in these properties and subsequently receive royalty payouts from Amazon’s rental payments.

Are there any reviews or discussions about the program on Reddit?

Reddit discussions about the Amazon Secret Royalty Program are limited, but you can look for conversations and reviews related to Amazon REITs, warehouse investments, and income-generating investment opportunities, which might provide more insights into the various aspects of the program and other investors’ experiences. Be sure to do your own research as well since the internet is not always reliable, and making informed investment decisions is essential.

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