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Adam O’Dell

Who is Adam O’Dell?

Adam O’Dell is an investment professional, analyst, and market commentator. Currently, he serves as the Chief Investment Strategist at Money & Markets, a premier source for financial news, commentary, and actionable research advice.

He also serves as the editor of Green Zone Fortunes, 10X Profits, Wednesday Windfalls, and the trend and momentum options-trading powerhouse Max Profit Alert.

His insights reach roughly 300,000 investors and advisors. Moreover, they’ve allegedly outperformed investing legends George Soros, Carl Icahn, and Warren Buffett since 2012.

Little is known of Mr. O’Dell’s early life. But we know that he received his BS in Biology/Chemistry from Elon University in 2004 and his MBA in Finance and Economics from the University of Phoenix in 2008.

Following his MBA program, he kicked off his career in the finance world as a Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial Service in 2008.

Yet while working as a Prop Trader for Forex firm Integra FX, Mr. O’Dell truly found his calling.

At Integra, Mr. O’Dell learned the ins and outs of trading in the world’s largest market. He shined as he traded volatile currencies while spotting low-risk entry points with potentially astronomical profits.

Aiming to find the best opportunities across all asset classes, Adam soon expanded into commodities, equities and futures. From 2009 to 2011, he served as an Account Executive at TradeStation Securities and, by 2011, became the Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Street Research.

Once 2012 came around, he began publishing his stock recommendations online ​​through his Cycle 9 Alert service. Cycle 9 was an options trading service that used a Dual Momentum Strategy.

A year after launching Cycle 9, O’Dell became an official Chartered Market Technician (CMT). This distinction confirmed his skills as an investment analyst, quantitative researcher, trading advisor, and market specialist.

Mr. O’Dell launched more newsletters and stock research services over the next few years. He found his market-timing model 10X Fortunes in 2016, his Green Zone Fortunes newsletter in 2018, and The Rich Investor Youtube channel.

By 2020, Adam O’Dell began bringing his unique market insights to Money & Markets, where he still serves as Chief Investment Strategist.

Money & Markets continued to distribute 10X Fortunes and Green Zone Fortunes and launched two other O’Dell-led newsletters, Wednesday Windfalls, and Max Profit Alert. His Wednesday Windfalls newsletter also allegedly crushed the S&P 500 by 51X during its beta test with little more than O’Dell’s simplest trading strategy.

Little is known of Adam O’Dell’s personal life, and his career is still in its relative infancy. However, we do know his research, design, non-discretionary investment strategies, and portfolio management models have generated considerable profits.

He’s undoubtedly on the way to establishing himself as a household name and stock guru.

Adam O’Dell Review

Adam O’Dell is relatively young compared to other stock gurus. That’s what makes his case uniquely stand out from many others.

Many stock gurus you may come across are older, worked for major institutions, and have antiquated ways of looking at the stock market.

Although numerous people may doubt the legitimacy of O’Dell’s strategies and stock picks, you don’t receive the distinction of “one of the best investment analysts in the world” by doing nothing.

O’Dell is different and has unique expertise in fundamental and technical analysis. He is a disruptor who only entered the public eye about 10 years ago when his stock picks started turning heads.

His systematic investment approach has allegedly outperformed legends like George Soros, Carl Icahn, and Warren Buffett while finding profits in any type of asset class.

Adam is barely 40 years old, and he’s already made quite a name for himself. We’ll see what the future holds as he continues to churn out his stock recommendations and make bold predictions. Yet he’s already on the right path.

Sometimes being young and disruptive has its advantages as a stock guru. Adam O’Dell focuses on the best long-term trends that could change the world, like Genomics, AI Assistance, Digital Acceleration, and Green Energy Technologies.

Try to find an old-school guru that understands any of these sectors.


  • BS, Biology/Chemistry, Elon University (2004)
  • MBA, Finance and Economics, University of Phoenix (2008)
  • Chartered Market Technician, CMT Association, Inc. (2013)

Investment Career


  • Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.


  • Forex Trader at Integra FX
  • Traded volatile currencies while spotting low-risk entry points for trades with the potential for astronomical profits. 


  • Account Executive at TradeStation Securities


  • Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Street Research
  • By 2012, began publishing his stock recommendations online ​​through his Cycle 9 Alert service


  • Received Chartered Market Technician credential from the CMT Association, Inc.

2020-Present Day

  • Chief Investment Strategist at Money & Markets 



  • Served as an Enrollment Manager at the University of Phoenix


  • Adam O’Dell is among the best investment analysts in the world.”  -”Money & Markets  
  • “Adam O’Dell gives you a practical path to successful investing that teaches you a handful of simple, proven investment strategies and how to best implement them, so you develop a financial investing plan that’s run by you, for you.”- GetFinancialReviews
  • “Adam O’Dell is a legit guru with a stellar resume and a track record for picking big winners.” –TheStockDork

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