Larry Benedict Trading Strategy

January 31, 2023

Larry Benedict is a stock guru who’s accumulated quite a treasure trove of information in his 40+ year career. You could argue that he’s learned what not to do as much as he’s learned what to do regarding trading strategies. 

His career began in the mid-1980s with many failures trading derivatives in the pits of the CBOE. Many go as far as to say that the only things Larry Benedict did well at this time were to lose money and get fired.

Undeterred, Benedict not only rose from options specialist to ​​managing director and limited partner at Spear Leeds & Kellogg (SLK) within 5 years. He was integral to Goldman Sachs’s acquisition of the Company in 2000 and, right after, started a hedge fund by the name of Banyan Equity Management that at one point managed over $900 million in client assets under management and ranked as one of Barron’s Top 100 and top 1% hedge funds.

You can say that Larry Benedict understands a bit about trading strategies, Especially when considering, he went two decades without a losing year (1990 to 2010), including the 2008 financial crisis.

This long and winding trading road brings us to today with Larry Benedict’s interactive trading forum, The Opportunistic Trader. The Opportunistic Trader brings many of his lessons to life for all traders, no matter their experience level. Small-time traders receive access to hedge fund-level strategies and simple, easy-to-understand trading plays that you can’t find anywhere else. More advanced traders can access many invaluable resources, especially during the most volatile times.

The foundation of The Opportunistic Trader is his trading strategy- the One Ticker Trader. 

What is the Larry Benedict Trading Strategy?

The One Ticker Trader is Larry Benedict’s weekly trading service and the bread and butter of his trading strategy.

The overview of the strategy behind One Ticker Trader is straightforward- zeroing in on one ticker or sector poised to make money in any market, regardless of whether it’s a bear or bull market.  

The idea behind this concept is to make it easy to make hundreds, potentially thousands, and in some instances, millions of dollars very quickly, all by focusing on one ticker.

In One Ticker Trader, Larry picks a single stock ticker or theme for the month and recommends 3-5 call or put option trades based on trends he’s analyzed and discovered. Subscribers receive a new trade around once a week and monthly recaps of how the trades performed.

Larry perfected this trading strategy during the 2008 financial crisis and refined it during the 2020 coronavirus crash. So much so that Larry claims the one ticker strategy netted him $2 million a month.

Who Benefits The Most From Larry Benedict’s Trading Strategy?  

As mentioned, Larry Benedict’s One Ticker Trader strategy works for beginners or experienced traders. The one thing, though, is it works best for investors with a certain philosophy. 

It doesn’t necessarily work for conservative investors willing to wait or plan for retirement. It’s best for those ready to trade and move fast for quick gains.

Remember: Larry Benedict is someone who learned the tricks of the trade by trading options and running a hedge fund. He takes those same trading principles that garnered him significant success and uses them as the backbone of his One Ticker Trader. 

He has two main rules. One, “Diversification is for Dummies.” Two, “Use Options.”

Larry cites Peter Thiel as a successful investor who made boatloads of money from one single stock- $1 billion from Facebook.

He also sees options as a way to magnify gains. Why wait around for 10% gains on a single stock when you could see 200% returns in 24 hours? 

Although it’s a high-risk, high-reward strategy, it’s the way if your investment philosophy is to swing for the fences and quickly chase significant gains. 

For instance, Larry’s underlying stock behind his one-ticker trade on November 1, 2021, rose 18%. However, his options strategies delivered 300% returns in just four days.

That’s just one of many examples.  

Bringing it All Together: The One Ticker Retirement Plan

For a limited time, Larry is bringing his One Ticker Trader strategy to the masses at a discount in a special report called the “One Ticker Retirement Plan.” 

In the One Ticker Retirement Plan, Larry reveals his top stock pick for today’s market climate. This one ticker is a stock that Larry sees as helping people create a dream retirement by potentially making money all year long, regardless of the market conditions.

Most importantly, it could follow in the footsteps of his one-ticker success in some of the worst crashes of this generation- 2008, 2020, and 2022. 

Usually, receiving access to a service costs $199. But for just $19, you’ll be able to access the One Ticker Retirement Plan, plus a special bonus report called “Larry’s Guide to Options.” 

Curious to learn about this one ticker for your retirement?

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