Larry Benedict Hedge Fund

February 21, 2023

What if you had the opportunity to profit from economic uncertainty? The chance to follow the lead of a former $900 billion hedge fund owner who had 20 consecutive years without a loss? A stock guru who now is sharing his unique insights and methods with the general public through special reports like the ones we mention below? 

Meet Larry Benedict, a stock guru with an illustrious career spanning roughly four decades. After beginning his career in the trenches of volatile trading pits, he built himself into a Special Limited Partner at a trading firm. 

His successes as a hedge fund owner and later founder of a vibrant and active trading community called The Opportunistic Trader and brainchild of the immensely profitable One Ticker Trader method are what got the investment world talking. 

So how did Larry Benedict get this to this point? Why did the Larry Benedict hedge fund Banyan Capital pique everyone’s interest, from authors like Jack D. Schwager to publications like Barron’s?  

A simple history lesson might add some context.

How the Larry Benedict Hedge Fund Took the World By Storm 

Larry Benedict’s career rapidly rose in the 90s. In 5 years, he became the managing director of Spear Leeds & Kellogg’s (SLK) proprietary trading department. After Goldman Sachs acquired the firm in 2000, he created a short-term discretionary hedge fund called Banyan Equity Management. 

Between his time at SLK and running Banyan, he went almost 20 years without a single losing year. Including during the Financial Crisis in which he profited $95 million.  

Banyan truly set the world on fire. At one point, it had over $900 million worth of client assets under management, ranked as one of Barron’s Top 100 hedge funds, and in Barron’s top 1%.

His successes earned him a feature in 2012’s “Hedge Fund Market Wizards” by Jack D. Schwager in the chapter right after Ray Dalio. The Larry Benedict hedge fund chapter, has a very telling quote about his market skills: “He has ‘it.’ It’s hard to describe it. Why does Ichiro Suzuki repeatedly hit 350? I don’t know. Benedict is like Rain Man in that office.”

It’s not just Barron’s or Jack D. Schwager who talked up the success of this Larry Benedict hedge fund either. A San Francisco accounting firm legally audited Larry Benedict’s financials and confirmed he generated over $274M in profit from 2004-2012. 

How You Can Profit From Larry Benedict Hedge Fund Tactics 

When Larry Benedict closed his hedge fund in 2018, he launched The Opportunistic Trader to bring his successful strategies and market insights to the masses. 

Calling The Opportunistic Trader a passion product of Larry Benedict is an understatement. It’s more of a culmination of his hedge fund successes.

The Opportunistic Trader is a platform that educates both beginning and advanced traders on the secrets and strategies that made him a success. And it has one secret ingredient that makes it a valuable resource for traders. It’s called the One Ticker Trader

Suppose your goal is to make stock market investing as easy as simply picking one stock poised to make money in any market. In that case, the One Ticker Trader is for you. 

The idea behind it is to make it easy to make hundreds, potentially thousands, and in some instances, millions of dollars very quickly by focusing on one ticker.

Larry recently released an in-depth report called the One Ticker Retirement Plan, announcing his number-one pick for today’s uncertain market environment. And for a rare discount of 90% off, you can access this report, Larry’s Guide to Trading Options, Larry’s Open Recommendations, and frequent updates by simply clicking below:

Larry Benedict hedge funds delivered millions for clients yearly. You have the rare chance to learn from these same tactics at a significant discount.

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