Joel Litman Review: Is Joel Litman Legit and Trustworthy?

March 29, 2023

When it comes to financial analysis and valuation, one name stands out: Joel Litman. As a leading expert in forensic accounting, Litman has pioneered the use of Uniform Accounting. This groundbreaking analysis system considers hidden assets and liabilities, off-balance sheet items, and non-operating income and expenses. 

With Litman’s expertise, investors can gain a more comprehensive understanding of their portfolios and make more informed decisions. 

Don’t believe us? Joel Litman’s recent insights on the Top Stock Picks Investment Opportunity only scratches the surface of his capabilities and shares insider knowledge on profiting from an unprecedented government power grab that could transform America’s energy landscape.

But it’s fair if you’re still skeptical about this Litman guy. Is Joel Litman legit? Can he be trusted? In this Joel Litman review, we’ll examine his background, expertise, and accomplishments to answer these questions.

Joel Litman Review: Background and Expertise

Joel Litman, the CEO of Valens Research, is an accomplished professional with a background in accounting, finance, and technology. He holds a BS in Accounting from DePaul University and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Litman has worked for American Express, Deloitte, and Credit Suisse.

Litman has authored several publications and co-authored the book “DRIVEN: Business Strategy, Human Actions, and the Creation of Wealth.” Top publications such as CNBC, Barron’s, and Forbes have recognized his forensic accounting and valuation expertise. Additionally, Litman has received invitations to speak at prestigious institutions such as the Marine Corps War College, the FBI Nationwide Forensics Conference, and the Pentagon.

Litman also taught or guest-lectured at Harvard Business School, U Chicago Booth, Wharton, LBS, and SAIF Jiao Tong.   

Joel Litman’s Successful Track Record  

A Joel Litman review would only be complete by addressing his remarkably successful career. Let’s begin by mentioning his work as CEO at Valens Research since 2009, which has truly put him on the map.

At Valens, Litman pioneered and perfected Uniform Accounting to provide a more accurate and complete picture of a company’s financial health. It corrects inconsistencies between reported financial statements and actual economic performance. As a result, it can identify undervalued opportunities and detect where big money is heading before it becomes public knowledge. 

Most importantly, Litman’s work at Valens levels the playing field between big money investors and individuals by offering insights through Altimetry Research and Hidden Alpha.

Altimetry Research provides unbiased investment recommendations and analytics to individual investors. At the same time, Hidden Alpha offers monthly stock newsletter recommendations based on Litman’s Uniform Accounting analysis. 

These services have helped investors achieve superior returns by identifying successful stock moves such as:

  • Timberland, Hanesbrands, Liz Claiborne, and Skechers in 2009, resulting in gains of 301%, 445%, 878%, and 1,566%, respectively.
  • A positive earnings distortion in Tilray before its stock surged 514% in two months and a negative distortion the following year, just before the stock dropped 92%.
  • 16 winners that gained over 100% in just over two years.
  • “Buy Now” Top 10 and overall Hidden Alpha picks outperformed the S&P 500 index, with gains of almost 100% and an average of 36%, respectively.

Litman’s work is highly regarded, with purported readership from all 10 of the world’s most prominent money managers and over half of the 300 biggest financial firms. Some clients have reportedly paid up to $100,000 per month for his services.

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The Key Takeaway: Is Joel Litman Legit and Trustworthy?

With a proven track record of success, Joel Litman is a legitimate and trustworthy financial expert. Top publications and institutions have recognized his unique analysis system, Uniform Accounting. Moreover, Litman’s expertise has earned him invitations to speak at prestigious institutions and contribute to acclaimed publications.  

Matt Rakowski, a former head of credit at Goldman Sachs, says, “Joel Litman’s forensic-based research has brought me significant gains in my portfolio. Some of the stock ideas are really incredible with huge upside, and long before the rest of the Street sees it.” Professor John Sviokla of Harvard Business School also acknowledges Litman’s insights, saying, “unless you’re running billions of dollars and hiring the best talent, you’ll never see anything like this.”

To dive deeper into Litman’s investment approach, his monthly newsletter Hidden Alpha and his recent insights on the #1 Stock Pick Investment Opportunity are excellent resources to explore. 

If you’re still skeptical about his legitimacy, consider this: the Pentagon has asked Litman to speak to high-level military brass five times in the past year. So if the Pentagon trusts him, it’s safe to say that Joel Litman is a legitimate financial expert.

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