The Oxford Communique Reviewed

November 29, 2023

“The Oxford Communique” is a highly regarded investing newsletter created by The Oxford Club, a private network of investors and entrepreneurs. As the flagship newsletter of the club, it provides subscribers with valuable insights and recommendations on various investment strategies. The newsletter is headed by Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist, who is well known for his expertise in the stock market and investment industry.

Each month, the newsletter offers insights on market trends, the latest investment recommendations from Alexander Green, such as his #1 AI stock pick, and wealth-building advice from professionals like ETF Strategist Nicholas Vardy. Subscribers receive a monthly stock pick covering large-cap stocks and lesser-known individual stocks, along with weekly portfolio updates to stay informed on the current status of their investments.

This article aims to review “The Oxford Communique” and examine its credibility, investment results, and overall value to subscribers. By analyzing the newsletter’s reputation, contents, and performance, readers will be able to determine if it is a suitable resource for their investment needs.

What is The Oxford Communique?

The Oxford Communique is a budget-priced investing newsletter that aims to provide its subscribers with valuable insights, profitable stock picks, and market analysis on a regular basis. Spearheaded by Alexander Green, the Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club, this newsletter has garnered positive feedback and appreciation from its readers.

Priced at around $49 per year, this newsletter provides subscribers access to multiple model portfolios that cater to different risk tolerances, making it an affordable and cost-effective option compared to its competitors.

In terms of content, the newsletter comprises:

  • Monthly stock picks
  • Weekly market updates
  • Special reports

These picks include a mix of large-cap stocks and lesser-known individual stocks that are handpicked by their experts. Modest Money states that The Oxford Communique is designed to offer investment opportunities that are both profitable as well as diverse.

One of the noteworthy aspects of the Oxford Communique is their Gone Fishing portfolio, which according to, hasn’t changed much over the years, making the monthly trading pick the primary value provided by the newsletter.

By offering affordable investment advice, timely market updates, and a variety of stock picks, The Oxford Communique has positioned itself as a reliable source of information for investors looking to expand their knowledge and make informed decisions in the ever-changing financial landscape.

The Proprietors Behind

The Oxford Communiqué is a prominent investment newsletter run by Alexander Green, the Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club. With his vast experience in the finance and investment sector, Green is the powerhouse behind other impressive services offered by The Oxford Club as well, such as The Momentum Alert, The Insider Alert, Oxford Microcap Trader, and Oxford Centurion.

Prior to joining The Oxford Club, Alexander Green honed his skills as an investment analyst, portfolio manager, and senior research analyst. Through his extensive knowledge and experience, he now shares valuable insights with subscribers in the form of:

  • Monthly stock picks
  • Weekly updates
  • Special reports

His focus is on delivering a mix of large-cap stocks and lesser-known individual stocks. With his in-depth understanding of the market, Green’s recommended picks have helped numerous investors make informed decisions about their investments.

The Oxford Communiqué has gained a favorable reputation online due to Green’s credentials and the valuable information it provides to its subscribers. By offering a combination of growth strategies and income-producing tactics, the newsletter appeals to a wide range of investors looking for expert advice in the industry.

The Contents of The Oxford Communique

The Oxford Communiqué is an investment newsletter subscription service aiming to deliver valuable insights and stock picks to subscribers. The contents of The Oxford Communiqué are designed to cater to a diverse array of investors, featuring multiple model portfolios with different risk tolerances.

The cornerstone of the newsletter is the monthly stock picks. The Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green, meticulously selects and analyzes potential investment opportunities. He focuses on a mix of large-cap stocks and lesser-known individual stocks. These picks are accompanied by in-depth explanations for the choice, aiding subscribers in understanding the rationale behind each selection.

In addition to the monthly stock picks, subscribers receive weekly portfolio updates. These updates provide current information on key positions in the model portfolios and market trends. Staying informed about the market is crucial for investors, and the Oxford Communiqué ensures that subscribers are kept up to date on relevant developments.

Another important aspect of The Oxford Communiqué is the inclusion of special reports. These reports cover various topics related to investing, such as risk management, retirement planning, and tax-saving tips. Subscribers can use these reports to enhance their overall investment strategy and maximize the benefits derived from the newsletter.

(Table: The Oxford Communiqué Features)

Monthly Stock PicksStock picks with rationale and analysis
Weekly UpdatesUpdates on key positions and market trends
Special ReportsTopics like risk management and retirement planning

The Oxford Communiqué is an affordable way to access professional investment advice. With subscriptions starting at just $49 per year, it offers high-quality insights and exclusive content to investors on a budget while remaining easy to read and understand.

How it Compares to Competitors

The Oxford Communiqué stands out from its competitors mainly due to its affordability. Priced as low as $49 per year, it is approximately half the cost of competing investment newsletters. This budget-friendly option provides access to various model portfolios catering to different risk tolerances.

Another aspect that sets the Oxford Communiqué apart is its blend of large-cap stocks and lesser-known individual stocks. While some investment newsletters focus on established companies or undiscovered gems, the Oxford Communiqué maintains a balance, offering subscribers a diversified selection of recommended stocks.

In terms of credentials, the newsletter is led by Alexander Green, who has received glowing receptions online. His expertise adds credibility to The Oxford Club’s flagship newsletter and instills confidence in the subscribers, who rely on his insights to make informed investment decisions.

The Oxford Communiqué also offers a comprehensive package, including monthly stock picks, weekly updates, and special reports. This ensures that subscribers are kept up-to-date on the latest market trends and potential opportunities.

The Oxford Communiqué sets itself apart from competitors through its affordability, diverse stock recommendations, credible leadership, and comprehensive content offerings.

Critical Reception and Feedback

The Oxford Communiqué has received notable attention in the investment community. The newsletter, created and managed by Alexander Green, is well-regarded for its concise and informative content. 

It’s also important to note that many feel in addition to the value provided in the newsletter, the price is better in comparison to its competitors. 

Evaluating any investment advice with a discerning eye is important, ensuring that it aligns with your individual financial goals and risk tolerance. As with any product, the ultimate decision about the Oxford Communiqué’s value and effectiveness lies with each investor.

Verdict and Final Thoughts

The Oxford Communiqué is an investment newsletter that offers multiple benefits at a budget-friendly price of $49 per year. With multiple model portfolios suited for different risk tolerances, it provides subscribers with a variety of stock suggestions. Moreover, the newsletter is backed by the expertise of Alexander Green, an investment maestro with a proven track record. The monthly stock picks from The Oxford Communiqué include a mixture of large-cap stocks and lesser-known individual stocks. Subscribers also receive weekly updates and special reports, enhancing the overall value of the subscription.

In summary, The Oxford Communiqué offers valuable stock picks and investment advice, catering to investors with varying risk profiles. Its affordability and accessibility make it an attractive choice, but potential subscribers should remain aware of the newsletter’s association with Agora and its aggressive marketing tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the performance track record of The Oxford Communique?

The Oxford Communique has a proven track record of providing profitable stock picks for its subscribers.. As with any investment newsletter, individual results may vary depending on personal risk tolerance, investment choices, and other factors.

What benefits do subscribers gain from The Oxford Communique?

Subscribers of The Oxford Communique receive a mix of large-cap and lesser-known individual stock picks on a monthly basis. Additionally, they receive weekly updates and special reports. The service is designed to help investors grow their portfolios by providing valuable insights and research investment opportunities.

How credible are the analysts behind The Oxford Communique?

The Oxford Communique is backed by investment expert Alexander Green. Green has years of experience in the investment industry and is the Chief Investment Strategist at The Oxford Club. His credentials and expertise contribute to the credibility of the newsletter.

Is The Oxford Communique suitable for beginner investors?

The Oxford Communique provides investment ideas and information that can be useful for both beginner and experienced investors. However, it’s essential for beginners to educate themselves on the basics of investing and develop an understanding of their risk tolerance before diving into any specific investment recommendations.

How does The Oxford Communique compare to other newsletters?

The Oxford Communique has received glowing receptions online and has been praised for its combination of profitable investment picks, insights from experienced analysts, and valuable resources for subscribers. When compared to other newsletters, it stands out for its reputable track record and the credibility of its lead analyst, Alexander Green.

Are there any additional resources provided with The Oxford Communique subscription?

Subscribers to The Oxford Communique gain access to a variety of additional resources, including special reports and exclusive webinars. These resources aim to provide added value and enhance the overall experience for subscribers, equipping them with comprehensive investment information.

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