Marc Chaikin’s Stock Pick: Expert Insights on Today’s Top Selections

May 24, 2023

Marc Chaikin is a renowned stock analysis and investing figure, most notably for developing the Chaikin Stock Rating. This advanced rating system combines 20 of the most critical factors that may impact a stock’s price movement, helping investors gain an edge in the market while avoiding bad trades. As a seasoned professional with a 50-year career, Chaikin’s ability to analyze and predict stock trends has captured the attention of many in the finance industry.

In recent times, Marc Chaikin has been making headlines for his new stock predictions for 2023. With a focus on identifying stocks with significant profit potential, these predictions have sparked curiosity and interest among investors seeking opportunities to grow their portfolios. By leveraging the Power Gauge, a proprietary system he designed, Chaikin zeroes in on stocks and ETFs with high potential for returns, helping investors make informed decisions in a constantly fluctuating market.

Marc Chaikin: Background and Career

Early Career

Marc Chaikin’s career in the financial industry started as a stockbroker in 1965. Over the years, he gained extensive experience and became a well-known stock analyst. He founded Bomar Securities LP, which was sold to InstinetCorp. in 1992. When InstinetCorp. was owned by, Chaikin took on the role of Senior Vice President and Director at the company.

Development of Indicators

Throughout his career, Chaikin has dedicated himself to developing technical indicators that have become industry standards. One of his most significant contributions is the creation of the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating, a unique system that rates stocks from 0 to 100 based on various criteria.

Founder of Chaikin Analytics

In March 2011, Chaikin launched Chaikin Analytics, a platform that offers investors and advisors access to groundbreaking stock research tools and portfolio management services. The Chaikin Power Gauge Rating is at the heart of this platform, helping users effectively pick and manage stocks for their investments..

Through his experience and innovation, Marc Chaikin has impacted the financial industry, providing investors with valuable tools to make informed investment decisions.

Chaikin Stock Picks Approach

Fundamental Analysis

A stock market expert Marc Chaikin incorporates fundamental analysis in his stock selection approach. This includes assessing companies’ financial health, management effectiveness, industry trends, and economic indicators. By thoroughly examining balance sheets, income, and cash flow statements, Chaikin selects stocks based on their financial strength, competitive advantage, and future growth potential.

Technical Analysis

In addition to fundamental analysis, Chaikin’s approach includes technical analysis to evaluate trends, support, resistance levels, and market sentiment. Technical indicators, such as moving averages, MACD, RSI, and Chaikin’s own invention, Chaikin Money Flow, are used to identify potential entry and exit points. By combining technical analysis with sound fundamentals, Chaikin aims to identify stocks displaying both positive price action and underlying solid financials.

Sector Rotation Strategy

Chaikin’s strategy also entails a sector rotation approach based on the premise that different sectors outperform the market at various stages of the economic cycle. By identifying the leading and lagging sectors, Chaikin’s method helps investors allocate their portfolios to capitalize on emerging opportunities while minimizing exposure to underperforming market areas. This dynamic investing approach adapts to evolving market conditions, ensuring investors stay ahead of the curve.

Stock Rating System

To support stock selection, Chaikin utilizes a stock-rating system. Using a combination of fundamental and technical data, this system assigns a rating to every stock, ranging from highly bullish to highly bearish. The rating system considers earnings growth, valuation, and momentum, providing a comprehensive and straightforward assessment of a stock’s attractiveness. By leveraging this powerful tool, Chaikin has created a repeatable approach to stock and ETF selection, as seen on Chaikin Analytics.

Notable Stock Picks and Performance

In his career, Marc Chaikin has had numerous successful stock picks, primarily driven by his innovative approach to financial analytics. He is the creator of the Chaikin Power Gauge, a powerful tool that has helped investors navigate the stock market with informed decisions based on his ratings of over 4,000 stocks.

One remarkable forecast in his career occurred on May 25th, when he shared the biggest stock pick of his career during an event organized by Stansberry Research. This stock pick was perceived as a high potential investment, supported by his advanced analytical skills and comprehensive understanding of the market.

Chaikin’s more recent prediction for 2023 suggests significant changes in the investment landscape. He urged investors to reconsider their bank deposits, stocks, and bonds before January 2nd, suggesting a possible shift towards alternative investment vehicles. This prediction reflects his adaptability and forward-thinking as a prominent figure in the financial world.

Some key factors that have contributed to Chaikin’s success include:

Deep market knowledge: With over 50 years of experience in the financial sector, Chaikin possesses a wealth of expertise that has aided him in making sound decisions and predictions.

Fundamentals-driven approach: His analytics framework emphasizes the importance of analyzing companies’ performance by considering a wide range of data points.

Innovativeness: Chaikin’s creation of unique analytics tools and systems has been instrumental in shaping his reputation as a thought leader in the investing space.

It should be noted that Chaikin’s Midas touch is not infallible, and the performance of any stock pick is subject to various risks and uncertainties. Investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making investment decisions based on any recommendation.

Advantages and Limitations of Chaikin’s Techniques


Marc Chaikin is renowned for developing the Chaikin Oscillator and his stock-picking strategy based on Chaikin Power Gauge Rating. These tools provide several advantages to investors:

Comprehensive Analysis: The Chaikin Power Gauge Rating considers various fundamental and technical indicators, such as earnings growth, price-to-earnings ratio, and price momentum. This holistic approach provides investors with a more informed assessment of stocks.

Ease of Use: The Chaikin Stock Rating distills information into a simple, easy-to-read rating on a color-coded scale from Very Bearish to Very Bullish. This makes it accessible for both experienced and novice investors.

Customization: Investors can apply Chaikin’s techniques to suit their investment styles, risk tolerance levels, and financial goals. This allows for greater flexibility and adaptability to different market conditions.

Potential Drawbacks

Despite the merits of Chaikin’s approaches, there are some limitations that investors should be aware of:

Market Volatility: Chaikin’s techniques may not always accurately predict the performance of stocks in the face of unexpected market events or significant shifts in investor sentiment. This could lead to poor decision-making or losses in some cases.

Overreliance: Relying solely on Chaikin’s techniques may result in a narrow perspective that overlooks other significant factors in stock analysis. Investors need to use a diversified set of tools and resources while making investment decisions.

Subjectivity: While the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating is designed to provide objective analysis, there may be instances where it is influenced by personal biases, incorrect data, or unforeseen market events. Investors should consider multiple sources of information to form a well-rounded outlook on a stock.

In summary, Chaikin’s techniques offer valuable insights for investors, but it is crucial to recognize their limitations and apply them in a balanced manner alongside other analytical tools and resources.

The Key Takeaways From Marc Chaikin’s Stock Picks

Marc Chaikin’s stock pick strategy is centered around his invention, the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating, a comprehensive system that ranks stocks based on various criteria. This rating system aids investors in identifying potential winning stocks and understanding market trends.

The investors who follow Chaikin’s recommendations should be aware of his recent prediction for 2023, urging people to remove their money from banks and sell their stocks before January 2nd. This unusual advice suggests focusing on a new investment vehicle instead. To learn more about this prediction, investors may want to attend his free special event where he will provide more details.

Chaikin Analytics is the platform where investors can access the tools and research central to Chaikin’s stock selection approach. By leveraging these resources, investors can make more informed decisions and develop a repeatable stock and ETF selection strategy.

In summary, Marc Chaikin’s stock pick strategy and Chaikin Power Gauge Rating can provide valuable insights for investors. However, it is essential to remember that no single approach guarantees success in the ever-changing stock market. Conducting thorough research, considering multiple perspectives, and remaining adaptable to new information and evolving conditions is always wise.

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