50-year Wall Street Legend Issues

AI Warning: “This is When People Get Hurt”

A strange signal is flashing in the red-hot AI market. Big gains – and losses – could follow.

Kelly Brown

Hi, I’m Kelly Brown… host of today’s urgent stock market update.

I work for one of the largest independent financial publishers in the world – representing over 1 million people in 148 countries.

We’re independently funding today’s broadcast to address something on the mind of every investor in America right now…

Should I put my money in Artificial Intelligence?

Here to answer that for us… and give away his No. 1 free AI recommendation… is 50-year Wall Street titan, Marc Chaikin.

Marc’s been a trader, stockbroker, and analyst. He was the head of the options department at a major brokerage firm and is a sought-after expert for CNBC, Fox Business, Barron’s, and Yahoo! Finance…


But what Marc’s most known for is his award-winning stock-rating system. Which determines whether a stock could shoot sky-high in the next three to six months… or come crashing down.

That’s why Marc’s work appears in every Bloomberg and Reuters terminal on the planet…

And is still used by hundreds of banks, hedge funds, and brokerages to track the billions of dollars flowing in and out of stocks each day.

He’s used this system to survive nine bear markets… create three new indices for the Nasdaq… and even predict the brutal bear market of 2022, 90 days in advance.


So you can see why CNBC’s Jim Cramer has said he’s learned to never bet against Marc.


Marc, welcome back.


It’s great to see you again, Kelly.

I’m glad we’re doing this because, wow, I don’t remember a topic this hot since Crypto-mania.

I’m seeing and hearing about Artificial Intelligence everywhere… friends are calling me and emailing me out of the blue to get my opinion.

My wife and I were just in Italy and they’re even talking about it over there!

But with 50 years of investing experience to my name, this has me deeply worried.

This is often when people get hurt, Kelly.

Marc’s AI Warning

Scottish anthropologist Charles MacKay said it best when he wrote,

“Men… think in herds; they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”


It sure seems that way.

In fact, I pulled a few things in preparation for our chat…

Here’s the number of people searching for “AI” on Google. A huge spike.


Same with “AI Stocks”….


Just a massive runup in interest beginning in 2023.


Absolutely… and all that excitement has spilled into the stock market.

It’s now being reported that AI themed investments have added $1.4 trillion in stock market value in 2023.

Even more shocking: Just six AI-related companies are responsible for 53% of all S&P 500 gains we’ve seen thus far.


That’s right. They’re the names everyone expects, too.

  • Microsoft (MSFT)
  • Alphabet (GOOGL)
  • Amazon.com (AMZN)
  • Meta Platforms (META)
  • Nvidia (NVDA)
  • And Salesforce (CRM)

Marc, your system flashed “buy” on these stocks in early 2023, isn’t that right?


Yep, all six.

You can see it could have gotten you into Meta (META), here:


Salesforce (CRM) here:


And the number-one stock of the year to date, Nvidia (NVDA), here:



I can’t say I’m surprised, Marc. Your market predictions have always been spot-on.

You called the beginning AND end of the COVID crash in 2020…


Then, you urged your followers to prepare for an epic rally… just 24 hours before the starting gun for the greatest stock market recovery in history.


Since then, you called the 2022 bear market…


The 2023 bank run – all in advance.


You even once went on CNBC and predicted the downfall of Priceline.com… right before the stock dropped 100 points overnight.


So is that what you’re doing now?

Are you here to issue a warning? To call a bubble in artificial intelligence?


Fox Business recently asked me to share my thoughts on AI with their audience and I said, “AI changed the equation.”


The technology itself is here to stay. It already has massive buy-in from the biggest and most well-established tech companies of the past twenty years.

I believe there’s still plenty of money to be made in the right AI stocks – potentially hundreds of percent gains from here.

That’s why I’m giving away the name and ticker of a promising AI stock today.

But let me be clear: As I’m about to show you, the runup in AI stocks is NOT the whole story.

What’s going on is much, much bigger than AI.

Surely you and everyone else knows this mania won’t last forever. Nothing does.

Is AI in a bubble?

I’ve seen this over and over throughout my career.


It was Gold in the 70’s…


Then Japanese and Asian Stocks…


The internet boom…




Social media…


You can see all of this research on our Disclosures and Disclaimers page, by the way. It’s linked below.

My point is: There always has been, and always will be, some investment du jour. The next big thing, that makes early investors a FORTUNE…

Then ultimately harms the investors who buy in too late.

It goes as far back as the Tulip Mania during the 17th Century Dutch Golden Age.


Did you know at some point, things got so crazy people exchanged 12 sheep or a 1,000 pounds of cheese for a single tulip bulb?! You can’t feed your family tulips during a cold Dutch winter.


So you’re here to prevent people from making those classic mistakes.


That’s right. As I’ll show you, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world safely navigate trends like this.

And it’s all thanks to the stock-picking system I built during my fifty years on Wall Street.

But I don’t just focus on AI or technology stocks. Not by a long shot. My system finds winners in everything from commodities to car companies. I even once recommended Sleep Number (SNBR) – you know, the mattress company – to my followers just before it shot up nearly 200%.




If you’re wondering how Marc knew to recommend Sleep Number before its near 200% runup, the answer is simple:

He’s the inventor and financial mind behind a system Wall Street traders use to this day to pick their stocks.

His award-winning system represents the gold standard for investment research, quality, and accuracy.

And for good reason:

Marc’s system accurately detected all TEN of the top ten stocks of 2022, in advance…


Successfully identifying multiple triple-digit opportunities during the worst year for stocks since 2008.

Like Occidental Petroleum (OXY) – before Warren Buffett bought in big and the stock shot up 107%.


And natural gas firm, EQT Corp (EQT), before it shot up 124%.


Again, these are 100%-plus potential gains at the same time the overall market struggled…


It’s also worth noting that the last time Marc gave away a free recommendation to the public, it went on to jump 66% in three months.


So I highly recommend you have a pen and paper ready for his free recommendation today.

But first, I’d like to start with your views on the technology itself, Marc.

Artificial Intelligence can be as exciting as it is scary…

The moneymaking secret you can’t ignore


Oh for sure, particularly for many of my retired friends and family members.

Skepticism is a good and increasingly rare trait. So if you feel that way about AI, good for you. You’re not clueless or a dinosaur just because you have your concerns.

At the same time…

You can’t ignore that the top five stocks of the last thirty years have all been tech stocks, responsible for creating $7.82 trillion in new American wealth.


No matter where you stand on tech, you can’t ignore it as an investment opportunity. Tech investments have likely made the average retail consumer more money than anything else.

And it’s nearly impossible to make much money in the stock market, decade after decade, ignoring hot tech trends.


So you want to be skeptical and strategic…


That’s where I come in.

Because if you’re looking at the hundreds of AI recommendations and warnings printed in the mainstream financial media right now, and relying on them to show you what to do with your money…

Well, you’re better off reading tea leaves.


Let’s get right into that then…

Your free recommendation. Is it Nvidia?

Marc’s Nvidia (NVDA) Prediction


No, Nvidia (NVDA) is not my free recommendation.

And that’s not because anything’s wrong with company.

But it’s certainly not my favorite way to take advantage of the AI opportunity today.


Why not?


Well, look at all that’s already happened.

The company announced its new AI cloud computing product back in March, at its semi-annual conference…


In May, the stock made headlines again for delivering one of the greatest one-day moonshots in the history of the U.S. stock market… gaining $184 billion – or 25% – in a single day.


Wall Street analysts referred to this as Nvidia’s “Big Bang” moment. The company finally joined the $1 trillion club.


But here’s the part you won’t see in any headlines:

Months before that crazy money-making “big bang” moment for Nvidia (NVDA)…

My system quietly issued a bullish signal for the stock.

All the way back on February 21, 2023.



And Nvidia is up over 100% since…


That’s correct. So you can see why it’s not my free buy recommendation today. Feels a little late to the party, don’t you think?

Same with Meta Platforms (META), formerly Facebook.

My system was bullish all the way back on January 30th, 2023…


Just a few weeks before the company announced it was putting their ambitious “Metaverse” on the backburner and focusing their substantial resources on – you guessed it – AI.


If you’d bought when my system flashed “buy” on the stock, you could have already locked in a quick double.


So your system essentially predicted the AI investment trend in advance?


It’s simpler than that, Kelly.

Nvidia (NVDA) isn’t some tiny stock you’ve never heard of, right? It’s been a Wall Street darling for years!

And there have been multiple times throughout those years that were also excellent opportunities to buy in.

For example, my system flashed “buy” on the stock back in 2016, before it shot up 125% in less than a year.


It flashed “buy” again in 2020, before the stock jumped another 113% in less than six months.


Those gains weren’t related to AI at all.

That’s what I mean when I say this is far bigger than AI.

It’s what I wrote the algorithm that powers my system to do:

Simply pinpoint the best times to buy the best stocks.

As a result, it’s very, very good at detecting the biggest opportunities… of the hottest investment trends…

Before they become triple-digit juggernauts.

Not just in AI, but in the top investing trends of the past decade.

A 10,000% gain in less than a year

It flashed “BUY” on Tesla (TSLA) in the early innings of the electric vehicle trend… before the stock soared 335%.


It flashed “BUY” on vaccine-maker Moderna (MRNA) weeks before the first COVID lockdown… and before the stock rocketed up 300%.


And who can forget the big crypto craze…

There are a lot of parallels between what happened to crypto and blockchain stocks back then, and what’s happening to AI stocks right now.

Namely, that regular people, off Wall Street, can see frankly ridiculous gains when one of these investment frenzies takes hold.

My system flashed “buy” on a little-known company called Riot Blockchain (RIOT)… right before it surged 10,090% in less than a year.



10,000% in less than a year? What happened?


That’s the truly crazy part, Kelly. Nothing really had to happen to Riot Blockchain for it to shoot up 100x.


You’ve heard the expression “in the right place, at the right time.”

That’s what my system is searching for every day… sifting through over 5,000 stocks and ETFs, looking for those companies that are in the best possible position… at the best possible time.

Like at the start of a red-hot trend.


Okay, I want to get into exactly how that works, and what it’s telling you right now.

But you mentioned your system is powered by an algorithm. Is it AI itself?How the system works


It’s funny, a year ago, you might have raised your eyebrow at the idea of a system picking stocks for you.

Now, since the AI craze began, you have people turning to systems to optimize all parts of their daily lives! How to eat, how to work out, stay connected with loved ones, travel.

It’s interesting tech. And a very lucrative investment opportunity, if you play it exactly right.

Still, it’s ultimately untested. And I would never advise you to put your wealth in the hands of something with essentially NO track record.

So yes, while my system does predict the future performance of thousands of stocks around the world… merely by typing in a ticker and pressing enter…

It doesn’t use artificial intelligence to do it.

It uses real intelligence.


What’s the difference?


While artificial intelligence seeks to mimic human thinking…

Real intelligence actually incorporates true, human thought. It retains the “human element” that has been the biggest obstacle in making AI effective.


Kelly, have you read something in the past few months and immediately been able to tell that it was written by a “robot”?


Absolutely. Even when it’s technically correct, there’s just something… off about it.


That’s because it’s missing the human element. The real human thinking, versus the artificial attempt.

I worked alongside some of the greatest investors in history during my fifty years on Wall Street – Paul Tudor Jones, Michael Steinhardt, George Soros, Steve Cohen.


Across decades, bull markets, bear markets, and everything in between, I learned how they each evaluated stocks.

All of the complex factors that influenced one very simple decision, every day, on any stock in the market:

Buy, sell, or hold?

So instead of building a system that tries to mimic those decisions… using artificial intelligence…

I had the knowledge and experience to build a system based on real-world intelligence – the REAL factors that dictate the decision-making of the most successful investors in history.


So you basically… built the best investment minds in history into a system anyone can use?


Well, this isn’t science fiction.

But we’ve essentially harnessed the collective intelligence of more than a dozen industry veterans… across five decades of real-world market conditions.

It’s a model that brings together the best of both worlds – data AND experience.

The human AND the machine.

Look, I’m not saying AI couldn’t be a powerful stock-picking aid in the future.

I’ve personally tried a couple AI-powered tools that have promise.

But I’d never trust the majority of my wealth to it.

And I wouldn’t trust a penny to something like Chat GPT… which is already under fire for presenting falsified data as fact…


And leaking private information.


Unlike ChatGPT or the plethora of AI programs getting shotgun launches right now, we have decades of real-world testing.

And a heck of a track record.

The track record

In 2022… again, during the worst year for stocks since the Financial Crisis…

My system started lighting up with surprising “BUY” opportunities from Wall Street.

Kelly, can you think of what investment trend was hot in 2022, despite the bear market?


Energy, definitely. All anyone could talk about for months were oil and gas stocks.


That’s right.

While the S&P cratered in 2022, the energy sector soared.

And my system flashed “BUY” on some huge energy opportunities – ahead of their massive runups.

Like PBF Energy (PBF), before it jumped 269%…


NexTier Oilfield Solutions (NEX), before it soared 242%…


And Permian Basin Royalty Trust (PBT) before it skyrocketed 612%.


Isn’t it amazing how my system picked up on all of those huge opportunities before oil and energy stocks were making headlines?


Definitely. And in a year when stocks ended down 20%, the chance at a 600% gain seems unfathomable.

So it’s just that simple: your system rate every stock a buy, sell, or hold, just like Wall Street?


Well not just like Wall Street, no.

It’s true that Wall Street does rate stocks. These ratings are how the research side of a firm communicates their analysis to the investment side – aka the actual traders doing the buying and selling every day.

Some traders are executing hundreds of individual trades every day. They rely on this quick, boiled-down information from their research team.

So when a stock earns a BUY rating, it’s a good indication that a firm is buying the stock.

While a SELL rating is a good indication that a firm is steering clear.

But my system does one thing VERY differently.

Think back to Nvidia (NVDA)… is it very helpful to know that many Wall Street analysts rate it a BUY today… After it’s already soared?


I mean, I’m happy to know it could go higher. But I’d want to get in when you said. In early 2023.



You don’t see massive potential gains by paying attention to what Wall Street is already buying.

Instead, you want to know what they’re ABOUT to buy. Before the mainstream financial media and hordes of retail investors catch on and pile into the stock.

That’s where my system comes in.

Wall Street’s next moves – revealed

It doesn’t show you today’s Wall Street ratings.

Instead, it predicts the future Wall Street rating of over 5,000 stocks and ETFs.

In other words, what these stocks are likely to be rated in the next three to six months, based on 50 years of experience working with the greatest investors in history.


So that’s your secret to getting in early on these hot investment trends, like AI in 2023 or energy in 2022.

Your system essentially tells you what Wall Street is going to buy… before they start buying?


You got it.

So when my system issued a bullish “BUY” rating for Nvidia (NVDA) in early 2023…


That didn’t necessarily mean Wall Street was buying that very same day.

It meant Nvidia (NVDA) was very likely to be rated a BUY on Wall Street in the days to come.

In other words, a huge swarm of Wall Street buyers would soon pile into the stock.

And that’s exactly what happened.

This why this story is actually so much bigger than AI.

It’s a Wall Street secret that transcends any single trend or opportunity… any crash or runup… any tech breakthrough or headline.

Knowing what and when to buy ahead of these red-hot trends is your ticket to the kind of potential gains most people spend their entire lives chasing.


Can you show us how it works?


Of course.

Let’s take a look at another moment in time when tech stocks were delivering extraordinary gains: 2020.

As the world shut down… thousands of companies were suddenly pivoting to remote work… and we were all trapped inside…

My system started flashing like crazy on a strange group of tech stocks.

How to detect clusters of triple-digit winners


Strange how?


Well, at the time, they all seemed disconnected.

But in hindsight, I’m sure you’ll see the pattern.

Mere weeks after the COVID crash, my system issued BULLISH ratings for the following stocks…



Ah – the stay-at-home stocks.


The stay-at-home stocks.

Again, at the time, these tech stocks seemed to have little else in common!

An exercise bike company… an online furniture retailer… and a marketplace for homemade goods?

But these bullish ratings represent HUGE Wall Street buy signals. Just like with AI in early 2023, I could see in my system the moment this new investment trend emerged…

And the biggest early winners.

Sure enough, these stocks grew to be the Wall Street darlings of the “stay-at-home” investment trend.

They all provided goods and services that made our lives easier, more connected, and more fun during the pandemic.

And they also gave my followers the chance to get very, very rich.

Because following the bullish signals in my system…

Zoom (ZM) shot up 192%…


Peloton (PTON) shot up 250%…


Wayfair (W) shot up 386%…


Etsy (ETSY) shot up 259%…


And PayPal (PYPL) shot up 193%…



Wow. You nailed it.


And I have to show you what happened with Fiverr (FVRR).

As you might remember, Fiverr (FVRR) was one of the single most successful stay-at-home stocks of the entire pandemic.


I do. A company that connects employers with potential employees, all online is bound to do well when the whole world’s suddenly forced to work remotely.



Which is why my system actually rated Fiverr BULLISH, in November 2019.



Months before the pandemic even began?



And right before it soared 1,030%.



That’s extraordinary. So this is it, then? Your system predicts in advance how Wall Street is going to make money off each new trend.

You’ve cracked the code. Or I guess it’s more accurate to say you built the code.


It’s technically an indicator, to be clear – the same one I invented on Wall Street,

But yes, that’s why I’m here.

Kelly, Americans lost $9 trillion during the 2022 bear market.

It kicked off one of the most brutal financial periods in recent history.

Yet… Wall Street analysts were awarded the largest bonuses in a decade that year.


So yes, this is it. I’m stepping forward today to share the secret.

Again, the secret to knowing what and when to buy in the early days of a hot investment trend all comes down to following the “smart money.”

And my system is designed to do just that.

It gauges whether Wall Street is about to go all-in on any given stock… or won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Which is why we call it the Power Gauge.

The Power Gauge

I consider it my life’s work. The culmination of every year I spent on Wall Street, and everything I learned about how they make billions in the U.S. stock market, every single year.

In bull markets and bear markets. Rain or shine, essentially.


I definitely want to see more about how the Power Gauge actually works from a technical standpoint.

And I know you’re planning to give away a free recommendation from the Power Gauge, to help everyone watching take advantage of today’s hottest investment trend: AI

But when I see that comparison from 2022… about how much regular people lost, while Wall Street raked it in…

I can’t help but wonder: Is that fair?


Oh, it certainly isn’t fair.

The Wall Street game is “rigged” against regular Americans, make no mistake.

For me, this is very personal. Because I can’t help but feel like I played a part in it.

“Meet my wife, Sandy”

I left Wall Street in 1998, with no plans to return to the investment world. I wanted to relax, spend time with my wife, travel.

And for eight years, I did just that. Until the 2008 crash hit.

It was, in no uncertain terms, Wall Street’s fault.

But at the end of the day, were the suits on Wall Street the ones who paid for it?


No. A lot of banks got bailed out, right?


$245 billion in taxpayer money was used to bail out more than 700 banks.

While regular people lost over $7 trillion.


My household certainly wasn’t immune.

My wife lost around 50% of her 401k during the crash, at the hands of a careless money manager.


It was one of the only times in my life I can say I was truly furious.

For decades I’d helped give Wall Street the tools to see this meltdown coming – and prevent it.

In fact, our backtesting shows that the Power Gauge would have signaled a crash headed for financial stocks, all the way back in July 2007.


In other words, the warning signs were there.

But Wall Street had grown too greedy, too arrogant. They blew it.

And as I watched my wife’s hard-earned future quickly slip away, I had to face the truth:

I should never have given this tech to Wall Street exclusively.

I couldn’t change the past, but I was determined to change the future.

So I spent the next three years taking everything I’d built on Wall Street – including the same indicator featured in every Bloomberg and Reuters terminal, written about in numerous white-paper studies and textbooks…

And turned it into a system for regular people.

A system that ANYONE can use. Regardless of background, experience, or education.

Each stock in the market is assigned a rating of Bullish, Neutral, or Bearish.


If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can use the Power Gauge to see the ratings of over 5,000 stocks and ETFs.

And know whether they could go straight up in the coming months… or straight down.

My wife used it to make her money back – three times over.

*The investment results described in these testimonials may not be typical; investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.

Simply by getting early bullish signals into the best stocks, in the hottest trends.


The “right place at the right time” stocks.



Sometimes those “right place at the right time” stocks even let us get some “revenge” against Wall Street!

A 30x gain in the Power Gauge

Do you remember the big “meme stock” trend in 2021?



You mean when all of those people online started piling into beatdown stocks? They wanted to sort of “punish” the hedge funds that were shorting those companies, right?


Yes. It was totally unprecedented. And completely detached from reality.

But in some cases, Wall Street did end up losing billions.

Like when these rogue mainstreet investors piled into beleaguered video game retailer, GameStop (GME), sending the stock sky-high.

Famous hedge fund Melvin Capital lost so much money they needed a bailout… and eventually shut down.


As did London-based fund, White Square Capital.



Where did the Power Gauge come in?


Well, it detected what Melvin Capital, White Square Capital, and dozens of other flashy hedge funds NEVER saw coming: GameStop’s history-making run up.

And you could have used the Power Gauge to end up on the winning side of this David-and-Goliath battle.

It issued a surprising bullish signal for GameStop months before the company was making headlines.

And before GameStop jumped up 3,000% in mere weeks.


You can see why they’re making this into a movie, right?


It’s a heck of a story.


But to be clear, you don’t need to pay attention to what hordes of amateur traders are doing on the internet to make potential 10x gains in big investment trends.

You just need the Power Gauge.

You might remember another trend that emerged during the pandemic: Vaccine-makers.

Did the Power Gauge see the pandemic coming?

A bit more obvious than the stay-at-home and meme stocks. COVID vaccines marked the fastest turnaround time on a vaccine in history.


But unlike stay-at-home stocks, the companies that made them soared so early. Some were already up double-digits when we went into lockdown.

So the best time to buy in was likely before COVID was even on American soil, right?



Which is why the Power Gauge started flashing “BUY” on the best vaccine-makers weeks, and often MONTHS, ahead of the very first lockdowns!

I already showed you how the Power Gauge could have gotten you into Moderna (MRNA) in February 2020… ahead of its epic 300% runup.


But for many other winning vaccine stocks, the Power Gauge flashed “buy” much earlier… all the way back in 2019.

In October 2019, the Power Gauge issued a “BUY” rating for BioNTech (BNTX) – the company that teamed up with Pfizer to create Moderna’s main competitor.


This was three months before the first documented COVID case in the U.S.

But if you had bought then, you could have been along for the ride as BioNTech shot up 2,188%.


The following month, the Power Gauge issued ANOTHER bullish signal. This time for tiny biotech stock, Novavax (NVAX).



I don’t think I know that one. Did they ever release a COVID vaccine?


They did… eventually.

But it wasn’t even approved until 18 months after Moderna, BioNTech, and Pfizer.

However, when you’re in the early days of a red-hot investment trend, that doesn’t really matter.

Consider that a tiny AI startup with no product or even website recently received $113 million in funding!


Investors and markets alike become irrational during these frenzies.

Which is why even without a successful vaccine, Novavax skyrocketed 7,612% after the Power Gauge issued a bullish rating.


Again, this was months ahead of the pandemic.


That’s crazy. It’s almost like the Power Gauge knew the pandemic was coming.


Well, a more accurate way to put it is that the Power Gauge detected this huge, incoming tailwind in biotech.

It’s funny Kelly, I have a friend who studies and predicts earthquakes for a living.

And what he does actually reminds me a lot of my work with the Power Gauge.

I designed it to function like his seismograph – the highly-sensitive scientific instrument that he uses to sense when and where an earthquake is headed, in advance.

But instead of earthquakes…

The Power Gauge detects big shifts in the stock market.

It can sense the first tremors of an emerging trend…

The early vibrations of a massive opportunity about to hit Wall Street…

And then show you the most promising stocks to buy within that trend!

For example, the Power Gauge could have even gotten you into a company called Quidel (QDEL), all the way back in August 2019! Ever heard of it?



It doesn’t ring a bell.


Few people know it by name. But it probably became a big part of your life during the pandemic.

Quidel manufactures the at-home COVID tests that became as necessary as toilet paper or milk in 2020.

As a result, it jumped 386% after the Power Gauge rated it a “BUY”.




But now I’m curious:

How exactly does the Power Gauge to crank out winning signal after winning signal, in advance?

What’s the “secret sauce” that makes it work?

The 10X secret sauce


Well, there are two widely-accepted approaches to picking stocks on Wall Street. Two opposing camps, if you will, that prioritize very different factors when it comes to deciding which stocks to buy.

First, you’ve got your fundamental investors. Think Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch. They’re entirely focused on the strength and profitability of the company itself. So they prioritize factors like earnings, revenue…



Basically the numbers you’d see on a company’s financial statements.


That’s right.

Then you have technical investors. Robert Rhea, Edson Gould, John Magee. Even the great Charles Dow, founder of the Dow Jones Index. They prioritize bigger trends in price, volume, and industry that trickle down to influence specific stocks.



So does the Power Gauge input technical factors? Or fundamental factors.


This is our “secret sauce.”

Like so much in my career, I was lucky enough to “inherit it” from the investing legends I worked alongside for so many years: George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, Michael Steinhardt, and Steve Cohen.

On the surface, they may seem like wildly different investors.

But they had one critical thing in common:

They approached every investing decision with combined fundamental and technical analysis.

In other words, they were both fundamental AND technical investors.

Every stock they chose to buy or sell had to meet a specific list of fundamental and technical criteria.

And I build my version of that list into the Power Gauge.

Twenty different technical AND fundamental factors power my system.


And here’s just a sampling of how that could translate for a stock rating:



Is it OK that I couldn’t really tell you what most of those factors are?


Of course! It’s my job to know this, not yours.

The Power Gauge automatically calculates all this for you and issues a simple rating for more than 5,000 individual stocks:

Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral.


In other words, should you buy, sell, or hold a stock based on these 20 fundamental and technical factors.

Now I can’t show you exactly how we WEIGH these factors.

That’s the proprietary algorithm that allows us to accurate predict these Wall Street buy and sell signals in advance.


And why your system beat out Bloomberg and Morningstar for WealthManagement.com’s Best Industry Research Provider of the year.


That’s right.

These weighted 20 factors, this perfect blend of fundamental AND technical metrics – that’s our secret sauce.

Here’s the bottom-line:

No matter the trend, or what’s going on in the overall market, the Power Gauge’s 20 factors – combined with my proprietary algorithm – are designed to get you into the very best stocks, at the very best moments.


The right place, at the right time.


That’s our mission.

And over the past decade, we’ve successfully fulfilled it.

You could have been in the “right place, at the right time” during the big Electric Vehicle craze.

The Power Gauge issued a bullish signal for Tesla (TSLA), before it jumped 335%…


Blink Charging (BLNK), before it skyrocketed 1,433%…


And even good old Ford Motors (F), before it announced its own EV initiative, and shot up 212%.


Do you remember the big SAAS trend, Kelly?


Absolutely. I’d never even heard the term “software-as-a-service” before – and then suddenly, it was everywhere. Practically overnight.


It may have seemed abrupt at the time.

But the Power Gauge saw the SAAS takeover coming a mile away.

And it flashed “BUY” on legendary SAAS stock, Shopify (SHOP), before it skyrocketed 894%.


SalesForce (CRM), before it shot up 124%…


And cloud software SAAS stock, ServiceNow (NOW), before it soared 264%.


Can you imagine buying even one or two of these extraordinary triple-digit winners over the years?

The Power Gauge even nailed the big biotech surge in 2017 and 2018. It could have gotten you into…

Dexcom (DCOM), before it jumped 101%…


And medical laser company IPG Photonics (IPGP), before it skyrocketed 192%…


The list goes on and on, Kelly! Trend after trend. Winning stock after winning stock.


And now you’re doing it all over again for AI.

Marc’s AI Warning


That’s right.

I’m about to share the name and ticker of an AI stock that I believe still has a solid runway ahead of it.

But this was an investing lesson drilled into us over and over again during my time on Wall Street:

The only thing more important than the stocks you own… are the stocks you don’t.

In other words, avoiding the big losers is more critical to your wealth than picking the big winners.


I know you’ve shared multiple formal stock warnings from the Power Gauge over the past couple years…

And every single one of them went on to drop.

You warned to sell beloved sportsbetter DraftKings (DKNG) before it crashed 77%…

ChartVegetarian favorite, Beyond Meat (BYND), before it plunged 90%…

ChartAnd telecom darling, RingCentral (RNG), before it lost 89% of its value.

ChartIn fact, if you’d put $10,000 into each of the nine doomed stocks Marc warned about in 2022…

You could have lost up to 75% of your capital.

ChartKeep in mind: the stocks on this list were all “trendy” at one point, too.

What the Power Gauge can do for you is separate the good from the bad.


Look, I’m thrilled that we “got it right,” and kept our followers out of the exact wrong stocks in 2022.

But let me be clear: The moment in your financial life when it’s MOST important to stay out of the wrong stocks isn’t during a bear market.

It’s right now.


What do you mean?

AI’s secret “dark side”


There’s a massive dark side to today’s extraordinary opportunity in AI.

It’s been present in every frenzy since the dawn of the financial markets.

Are you familiar with the expression: “A rising tide lifts all boats?”


Of course.


Well, AI is the strongest tide in the sea right now.

It’s lifting up household names – like Nvidia, Amazon, and so forth.

But – just like we saw during the dotcom boom, and the crypto craze – we’re also seeing billions of dollars flood into a new wave of AI companies.

Many of them are doomed.

In fact, current estimates project that 85% of AI startups will go out of business in the next three years.

Meaning that when the AI bubble bursts – as bubbles always do – we’ll see a devastating selloff.


So you don’t just need to know what AI stocks to buy right now – but when and what to sell.


Yes. You must have an exit strategy.

That’s the only way to see massive potential gains from this moment forward – without taking on catastrophic risk.

Just think back to the bubble that formed in stay-at-home tech stocks.

While the S&P didn’t start crashing until December 2021… the tech bubble burst months in advance… all the way back in February!

ChartAnd this is very important:

No stocks in this trend were immune to the crash. Even Amazon plunged 38% after I warned it was due for a crash.



What comes up, must come down.


Again, this is much bigger than AI.

There’s not a single investment craze in history that hasn’t had that gut-wrenching “crash back down to earth” moment.

History of assets

Even 2022’s energy craze came to a brutal end:

ChartSo do you see how imperative it is to know when to get OUT of the red-hot trend, with your wealth intact?

In 2020, even if you had gotten into stay-at-home darlings like Zoom, Peloton, Wayfair, and Fiverr at the right time…

And then held on as they shot sky-high…

Those gains would have vanished in mere weeks if you didn’t know WHEN to lock in any profits.


I suspect your Power Gauge users could have had a very different experience.

Your AI exit strategy


Yes, I’m happy to report that our bearish ratings are just as powerful as our bullish ratings.

And just as the Power Gauge could have gotten you into the best-performing stocks of the stay-at-home trend at the perfect time.

It also could have gotten you OUT of those very same stocks at the perfect time.

Here’s Fiverr again.

I showed you how the Power Gauge issued a buy signal right here in November 2019, before the stock quickly shot up 1,030%.

Chart But now, let’s expand that chart a little… to January 22, 2021.

That’s when the Power Gauge issued a new BEARISH rating for Fiverr.



Meaning it was time to sell.


That’s right.

And the timing was spot on. Fiverr started its long, 90% plunge just days after.

ChartSo it could have kept you IN for the big 10x gain, as the stay-at-home bubble formed.


But gotten you OUT before the bubble burst.

Sell signals that could MAKE you money


Yep. And the same is true for the rest of the big stay-at-home winners.

The Power Gauge flashed “buy” before the biggest gains.

And then flashed “sell” when the good days were finally coming to an end.

It could have kept you in Zoom for a near-200% gain… then gotten you OUT before an 82% crash when the bubble burst.

ChartFollowing all my Power Gauge signals, you could have locked in a 386% gain on Wayfair… and gotten out before it plunged 88%.

ChartHere’s your bullish signal ahead of a 259% gain on Etsy. Followed by your sell signal, just before the stock dropped 67%.

And here’s poor Peloton. Kelly, did you know that Peloton actually went down as the worst-performing tech stock of 2021?


I knew it was bad, but not that it was the VERY worst.


Yep. The single biggest loser when the stay-at-home bubble burst.

But with the Power Gauge, you could have still gotten in for a 250% gain in less than a year while the frenzy was in full swing!

Then, it issued a perfectly-timed BEARISH rating for the stock on April 1, 2021…

ChartSo you could have taken your winnings, and watched safely from the sidelines as the stock crashed 93%.



Wow. So just like the Power Gauge can detect the start of a huge runup…

It can also detect the end? When the bubble is about to burst?


Exactly. And it would have been your saving grace throughout ALL the major bubbles we’ve seen over the years.

Like the bubble in electric vehicle stocks.

Remember, the Power Gauge flashed “buy” on one of the best-performing EV stocks of all time: Blink Charging.

Following all its bullish and bearish signals, you could have locked in a 1,433% gain at the height of the EV bubble.

And then completely avoided the 87% crash that followed!

ChartBlink Charging is currently finalizing a huge deal with Tesla, by the way.

As of this recording it’s rated “neutral” in the Power Gauge – which is basically your signal to “hold on and see how this plays out.”

ChartToo early to say for certain, but there could be bullish days ahead for the company.

My point is: Blink isn’t going bankrupt anytime soon. That huge crash had more to do with the EV bubble bursting than the strength of the company itself.


Nothing is immune when a bubble bursts. Which is why you need an exit strategy.


We see this same pattern play out in the Power Gauge, time and time again:

It offers you both opportunity and protection during historic bubbles.

It identified the greatest dangers as the SaaS bubble reached its peak.

ChartYou could have walked away with an 894% gain on Shopify… without feeling the pain of the 77% crash that followed.

You could have stayed in both SalesForce (CRM) and ServiceNow (NOW) – for triple-digit gains…

Chart ChartAll while the Power Gauge kept you OUT of the biggest losers of the SaaS crash.

Like Snowflake (SNOW), before it crashed 67%.

And Splunk (SPLK), before it crashed 60%.

ChartHave you heard of either of those companies in recent months, Kelly?


I don’t think so.


There’s a reason SalesForce and Shopify are household names, and Splunk and Snowflake aren’t.

There are winners and losers in every investment trend we’ve ever witnessed in the past, and ever will witness from this moment on.

And perhaps this sounds painfully obvious:

But knowing the difference – in advance – is the ONLY way to reap the rewards of these trends…

Without getting blown up in the process.

THAT’S the most important investment story in the world.

Always has been, always will be.

Not just in AI… but in every lucrative investing trend that comes next.

Thankfully, the Power Gauge can tell the difference between the winners and the losers of any given trend.

It even separated the winners from the losers during the meme stock bubble in early 2021!

While the Power Gauge flashed “BUY” on GameStop (GME) ahead of its 3,000%, history-making runup…


It flashed “SELL” on struggling movie theatre chain, AMC (AMC). And shielded you from the stock’s 90% drop.



So just to make sure I’ve got this right: The Power Gauge really does three things for you:

  • It identifies when to get into the BEST stocks, at the best time, for the highest potential gains…
  • Then it identifies when to get OUT of those stocks, with your wealth intact.
  • And it identifies which stocks to avoid completely, so you don’t end up holding onto the biggest losers of any given trend.


That’s absolutely right.

That brings us back to the incredible opportunity – and danger – investors are facing in AI today.

There’s no sign of a bubble in the Power Gauge yet.

But remember, there’s NEVER be an investment craze that didn’t end in one.

So make no mistake, we will see a bubble emerge in AI. It’s a matter of when, not if.


How will we know it’s coming?

How we’ll see the AI bubble coming


Just like a seismograph signals the early signs of an earthquake, we’ll see the bubble start to form in the Power Gauge.

I can actually prove it to you.

Let’s go back to the most famous tech bubble in history: the dot-com boom.


And bust.


That’s right.

While I didn’t officially launch my software until 2011, we have all of the market data from the 2000 bubble.

I prepared some backtested examples to show you how the Power Gauge would have performed.

And sure enough, it would have issued a Bearish warning right here… before the entire tech sector crashed 54%.



You would have essentially known the dotcom bubble was coming.


The Power Gauge would have detected this huge bearish shift in tech.

And you could have seen each dot com stock flip from bullish green… to bearish red…

And known to take any profits.

Like Cisco Systems (CSCO) before it plunged 78%…

ChartTelecom company, Ciena Corporation, before it crashed 96%…

ChartAnd chipmaker Rambus Inc., before it dropped 92%.

ChartSo when it comes to navigating the worst tech bubble in history, your timing could have been pretty darn perfect.

And we’ve seen the same perfectly-timed signals throughout all the small tech bubbles along the way: EV, SaaS, and the like.

Again, we aren’t there yet in AI.

But we have reached the pivotal point in the AI trend where the big winners and losers are beginning to emerge.

I can see it clear as day in the Power Gauge:

For some AI stocks, the good days are still straight ahead.

For others, they’re already over.

Again, identifying the difference in the Power Gauge will be the determining factor in whether you’re able to ride this AI wave to extraordinary potential profits – or get blown up in a fast-moving bubble.


And that pretty much sums up your life’s work… building a system that is designed to tell the difference.



Still, remember – AI may be the big investment fad today.

But what the Power Gauge can do far transcends any one trend, or even moment in time.

I already showed you how the Power Gauge flashed “BUY” on all ten of the ten best-performing stocks of 2022.

And 2022 was the rule, not the exception.

The Power Gauge has actually issued bullish signals for at least 9 of the top 10 stocks of the year…

Every single year…

Since 2016.



The Power Gauge has identified at least 9 of the top 10 stocks of the year… every year… for the last six years?


That’s right.


Wow. Okay, after seeing those stats, I think I can speak for everyone watching right now:

Can’t you just tell us what to buy?


I don’t want anyone watching right now to miss out on this… due to misinformation, media noise, or just plain old-fashioned fear.

So yes, I’ve decided to essentially do the “hard part” for you.

Marc’s handpicked shortlist of AI stocks

My first step was using the Power Gauge to scan the entire universe of viable AI stocks in the market.

I pulled the ones with the highest profit potential – and the least amount of risk.

And I compiled their names, tickers, and my personal buying instructions into a brand-new special report:


Chaikin’s AI Power Picks.

I firmly believe it’s the only investment blueprint in the world that can help you take advantage of this critical stage of the AI investment trend… while also protecting you from the AI stocks that could cost you everything in the months to come.

And it’s all backed by a built-in exit strategy that will help us stay the course… and know the perfect time to lock in any gains.


That sounds incredible, Marc. I want to know how the folks at home can access this new AI blueprint.


My new shortlist of the very BEST AI stocks in the Power Gauge…

That I predict could double your money or more, very quickly.

Is only published in one place:

My world-renowned research service, Power Gauge Report.

Every month in Power Gauge Report, I’ll give you an update on the biggest opportunities lighting up in the Power Gauge, including AI.

And I’ll issue a new recommendation, vetted by the Power Gauge, to help you take advantage.

This is ALSO where I’ll signal that it’s time to sell and lock in any profits on our Power Gauge Report recommendations.

And update you if there’s a big “tremor’ in the overall markets that this powerful system has detected.

For example, if I do see a big crash or bubble forming in the Power Gauge, this is where I’ll notify you about it.


Fantastic. And to be clear, are these official AI picks the ONLY opportunities you’re seeing in the market right now?


No, Kelly.

So much bigger than AI

This is perhaps the most important part of my message.

What’s my mantra been from the start here?


Today’s opportunity is much bigger than AI.


That’s right.

AI’s the hottest thing in the market right now.

But as I’ve shown you over and over again today, it doesn’t just pay to know the very best stocks in today’s favorite stock craze.

You also need to know what’s coming next.

The impending investment trends showing the very earliest signs of life in the Power Gauge.

And the exact stocks lighting up as the NEXT wave of future winners.

Like flashing “buy” on Nvidia in early 2023, before AI was making headlines…

Novavax in late 2019 before the first COVID lockdowns…

ChartGameStop in 2020, before retail investors pushed it sky-high…

ChartAnd Riot Blockchain before bitcoin crossed $60,000.

ChartIn other words, you don’t only want to know today’s strongest bullish signals in the Power Gauge.

You also want to know tomorrow’s.

So I scanned the Power Gauge for trends in the early innings of major runups.

And I just published my favorites in a special report for you:


Tomorrow’s 10x Power Trends.

Inside, I reveal the trends I believe will be dominating the financial news’ cycle in the next 6 to 12 months.

The trends that no one’s really talking about yet… meaning we’re approaching the absolute perfect time to buy in, for the highest potential gains.

Those gains go to whoever gets in FIRST – before the masses.

Which makes this report the single most valuable thing I can give you right now. More valuable than any AI stock.

The AI craze will come and go.

But there will ALWAYS be a new stock, in a new trend, positioned for extraordinary potential gains.

And for more than a decade, the Power Gauge has been finding them, year after year, in bear markets and bull markets, across every sector, industry, and little-known corner of U.S. stocks.

Which is why today, I’m opening the doors to my Power Gauge work like never before.

And offering you the chance to give it a try without risking a single penny.

Kelly, will you explain?

Try the Power Gauge, 100% risk-free


Of course. This should come as no surprise after all of the incredible evidence we’ve seen today…

But when it comes to following Marc and his extraordinary system, the consensus is clear:

Once you start following the Chaikin way, you never go back.

That’s what reader Charles P. told us. He says,

“I successfully manage my retirement account with this. I have tried many programs over the years and have literally spent thousands of dollars. None have been as easy-to-use or reliably accurate. In today’s market, this information is a necessity. I would not invest without it.”

And Marie L. wrote:

“I’m a relative novice to the stock world. However, I was able to exceed my expectations of return during my first year using Chaikin’s work. Thanks to Chaikin I absolutely love delving into the market. Never in a million years did I think the stock market would become my passion in retirement. Chaikin made that happen.”

Now, with feedback like that, you can see why institutional investors have paid Marc’s firm up to $5,000 each month to access his software and recommendations.

And consider that if you wanted to access Marc’s work through Bloomberg, you would still pay $24,000 a year for the privilege.

But as you just heard, you have been handed one of the most potentially lucrative opportunities that U.S. stock market will ever give you.

And Marc has arranged a special way for you to perfectly position yourself, with his shortlist of new recommendations and warnings from the Power Gauge.

Today, he’s offering you a 100% risk-free trial to his new AI work – at a dramatic discount.

While one full year of Power Gauge Report typically costs $199.

When you act right now, Marc’s instantly knocking as much as 75% OFF the price.

That means you can get a full year of access to Power Gauge Report for as little as $49.


For less than the price of a nice dinner out…

Less than a trip to the grocery store… or even a tank of gas…

You’ll know what to buy now, and what to buy NEXT, for the biggest potential gains.

It’s the very best offer he’ll ever make for his work in the Power Gauge.

And by signing up right now, you’ll immediately unlock 12 months of access… for just a quarter of the usual price.

Again, it’s totally risk-free for anyone watching right now.

Within minutes, you’ll have access to your new recommendations, handpicked by Marc using the revolutionary Power Gauge.

And remember, even though he has 50 years of Wall Street experience and all the qualifications, Marc will never earn a commission or skim any of your potential future profits like a financial advisor or wealth manager.

This is a system he built for YOU to control and YOU to reap all the benefits… for as little as $49 to get started.

And if you’re unhappy for any reason, you can get a FULL CASH REFUND in the next 30 days. No strings attached.

Simply click the button below to get started.


Get Started

But that’s not all.

Marc is also doing something pretty unusual and pulling out ALL the stops for new subscribers to Power Gauge Report.

So he’s including two additional FREE bonuses when you take him up on today’s extraordinary 75% discount.

Marc, will you briefly explain the first bonus you’re giving away today?

Bonus #1: FREE access to the Power Gauge


I’m happy to.

If you join me right now, I’ll also give you a year of FREE bonus access to the system itself.

It’s a lite, simple-to-use version of the Power Gauge that we designed specifically for new users, called Power Pulse.


And for the next 12 months, you can type any ticker into my straightforward system, and immediately know if it’s rated Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral.

Power Pulse has all the analysis and signals I’ve shown you today…

Just WITHOUT all of the complex tech bells-and-whistles that my institutional clients paid $5,000 a month to access.

This is perfect for regular people who don’t want to spend hours sitting at their desk all day.

Instead, you can know in 10 seconds or less whether any stock you own or wish to own is a buy, sell, or hold.

For example, if you’ve already bought an AI stock… Within seconds, you can check whether we see good or bad days ahead.

And you can access the system on your computer, your smartphone – whatever works best for YOUR life and your money.

Remember, with the click of a button in the Power Gauge, you could have known when to buy the best-performing stocks of 2023…

Months before they were making headlines!

Like Meta back in January…

ChartAnd Nvidia back in February, before both stocks doubled!

ChartNow remember, for this next wave of big 2023 winners, I’m doing the hard work for you.

So you’ll never have to go searching for the best stocks to buy, in the hottest investment trends.

They’re all already listed for you in Power Gauge Report.

And if something changes with any of these recommendations, or there’s an action I think you should take, I’ll always email and let you know.

But you can think of this free bonus as an added layer of surveillance.

If you’re already an active investor, you can check all your holdings immediately…

Or if you’re just thinking about getting started, this is the easiest and most affordable way.

I want to give you everything you need to achieve the best possible results no matter your starting point.

So offering you a year of free access to my system was really a “no-brainer” for me.

Remember, the last time we saw an opportunity like this, the Power Gauge lit up with some of the most legendary stock opportunities of the last decade.

Like Moderna before it soared 300%…


Tesla before it soared 335%…


DocuSign before it soared 135%…

ChartAnd Wayfair before it soared 386%.


So I truly believe this will give you a critical advantage moving forward.


Remember, the Power Gauge is the system Marc calls his “life’s work.” It’s attracted major media attention and hundreds of thousands of followers.

Like trading guru, John Carter, who is famous for making $1 million in just two days trading Tesla and loves using the Power Gauge.

He writes:

“There’s a lot of hyped-up tools out there, but a single tool that combines 20 fundamental AND technical factors to anticipate a stock’s profit potential got my attention. It’s like an objective ‘awesome meter’ for stocks.”

And user Chris S.. told us:

“The Power Gauge provides me with a ‘reality’ check. I never buy or sell anything without first looking at it. It has paid for itself several times over.”

*Standard disclaimer: The investment results described in these testimonials may not be typical; investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.

Order right now and Marc will give you FREE ACCESS to this system, when you join his extraordinary research service, Power Gauge Report.


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But candidly, we suspect you won’t need a refund, once you see why Cheryl D. told us:

“I am an individual investor and trader. There is not enough time in my day to do the work Chaikin puts before me in minutes. I am “wowed.”

And why Bob Lang, an equities trader and frequent guest on CNBC and Jim Cramer’s Mad Money, once said:

“In all of my years in trading I have tried many different styles and approaches, but [Chaikin] is one system that stands out, head and shoulders, above the rest.”

Okay Marc, we have covered an enormous amount of material here… I think it’s time to get some questions answered – and get to your free stock recommendation.

Here’s an interesting question to kick things off:

“You’re telling us what to buy today – but can you also tell us what NOT to buy?”


That’s a good question. And the second free bonus I’m giving away today actually answers it.

Bonus #2: What NOT to buy

This is perhaps the most time-sensitive bonus.

Because remember: the only thing more important than the stocks you own… are the stocks you don’t.

Just think back to the stay-at-home trend…

Don’t you want to make sure you’re in a stock like Wayfair (W)…


Instead of a stock like Beyond Meat?


Or when it came to Electric Vehicles, obviously you wanted to be in a stock like Tesla (TSLA)…

ChartAnd OUT of a stock like Fisker Ocean (FSR).

Now, I’ve already assembled your list of the exact stocks to buy right now, in Power Gauge Report.

But if you want the chance to make any money in the stock market from this moment forward…

You must also move your money OUT of the wrong stocks.

Otherwise, you’re in for a very rough time.


Which is why, when you try my work today, I’m also giving you a special report of the top five stocks to AVOID right now – according to the Power Gauge.

For this shortlist of popular stocks, I scanned all the ratings in my system, to isolate the five tickers I predict will go down as the great losers of the AI boom.

Just like how my system flagged AMC as bearish during the meme stock craze…

ChartDoorDash during the stay-at-home craze…


And Splunk during the SaaS craze…


These are the stocks I predict will go down as the very worst investments of the current boom.


Marc’s new shortlist of the top stocks to AVOID is yours 100% free when you act right now.

You’ve seen just how powerful his Power Gauge warnings can be – and just how much money they could save you.

So if you haven’t already, please take a minute to click the link on your screen to lock this in, still for as little as just $49.

You’re risking nothing to give this a try and see these critical stock warnings for yourself.

Again, simply click the button below to get started.


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But Marc, for anyone still on the fence, I have a sort of delicate question to ask:

What kind of gains can I really expect following your work and using the Power Gauge?

“The Power Gauge helped me gain back $50,000 in losses”


That’s an extremely valid question.

And obviously I can’t speak to your specific financial situation, goals, or tolerance for risk. All investment carries risk, period.

That being said, we actually got an influx of stories from real folks who suffered huge losses during the 2022 bear market.

And started using the Power Gauge in hopes of recouping those losses.


Did they succeed?


Well, you tell me.

I’ve compiled some of their messages for you to share.


Okay, this one is from Greg H.

He writes,

“I can tell you I’m so happy to be using Power Gauge Report, because it has helped me gain back about $50,000 of losses. Your product is a fantastic research tool for us retail investors, and I use it daily. It was well worth it, and I have made MONEY!”

*Standard disclaimer: The investment results described in these testimonials may not be typical; investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.

Wow. $50,000 is a lot, especially in such a short amount of time.


Yes, I was thrilled to see that.


And here’s a message from Bill E.:

“At the time I subscribed to the Power Gauge, I was with another service, losing my shirt and down 25%. I now use the Power Gauge daily and have been able to gain back my losses from 2022. Thank you, for helping us.”

*Standard disclaimer: The investment results described in these testimonials may not be typical; investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.


So you see, we aren’t just showing people how to make money.

The Power Gauge is designed to do a lot more…

It’s designed to give you more time for the activities and people you love.

To give you better sleep, because you aren’t up half the night worrying about your portfolio… or whether your family will be okay financially when you’re gone.

Best of all, we’re helping people learn how to achieve the retirement they’ve always dreamed of!

This is one of my favorite messages I’ve ever received, from Derek W. He recently used the Power Gauge to move his money away from a lackluster financial advisor.

He tells me,

“Having the Power Gauge on my side has helped me navigate the market declines and bank failures, even beating the S&P and Nasdaq during that time. I believe that having Chaikin Analytics as part of my investment journey will set myself and my family up for financial stability and retire with peace of mind – hopefully earlier than most.”

So yes, of course my goal is to show you the money-making opportunities in my system.

And clearly many folks have benefited.

But helping you take control of your finances… and potentially retire richer than you ever planned?

That’s the reason I’ve devoted my life to this.

And why I’m offering it at such an extreme discount, to reach as many folks as possible.


Thank you for sharing that.

Marc is really delivering on everything you could possibly need to protect yourself and see massive potential gains in the stock market, from this moment on.

He’s showing you what to buy NOW.

What to AVOID, so you don’t end up holding the wrong stocks.

And what to buy NEXT, so you can position yourself in the early, most lucrative innings of the next big investing trend.

For as little as just $49, you can claim it all right now. With a full cash refund if you’re unhappy for any reason in the next thirty days.

He’s even throwing in a free year of access to his system itself, so you can type in ANY of 5,000 unique stocks and ETFs to see if it’s a buy, sell, or hold today.

Simply click the button below to get started. You’ll be taken to a secure order form with the best possible deal.


Get Started

And within minutes, you’ll gain immediate, risk-free access to your new recommendations, stock warnings, and Power Gauge system.

Now, let’s get back to the Q&A and your free recommendation, Marc.

Q&A with Marc

Here’s an important question – how will we know when it’s time to take any profits on your Power Gauge Report recommendations?


It’s quite simple – we’ll send you an email when we see in the Power Gauge that it’s time to sell.


That’s it?


That’s it. The Power Gauge really removes all of the emotion and drama when it comes to knowing when to sell.


Fantastic. And do all of these recommendations trade in the U.S.? Can you buy them using any online brokerage?


Yes, they all trade in the US! You can buy all of the stocks in our model portfolio in a regular online brokerage account or retirement account. There are no barriers to entry.


Speaking of barriers to entry, I have a question about the system itself – is it difficult to use? Do you have to be tech-savvy?


Not at all. In fact, we frequently get feedback from new users about how quick and straightforward it is to operate.

Richard K. says:

“I have saved countless hours by always consulting the Power Gauge. Your recommendations never let me down. I will be a subscriber for many years to come.”

David R. tells me:

“Power Gauge is my go-to tool. I especially like how easy it is to find winners.”

And Doran H. wrote me to say:

“I love your Power Gauge data. This works even for 80-year-old subscribers!”

These are my favorite kinds of compliments to receive, because I built this for regular people.

That means you don’t have to be a professional investor… OR a professional computer programmer to get the most out of your free access to my system.

Simply enter the stock ticker here…


Press enter.


And you’ll immediately see its Power Gauge rating! Whether the 20 technical and fundamental factors I built into the system combine to issue a bullish, neutral, or bearish signal.

You make the ultimate decision, of course. The Power Gauge doesn’t invest on your behalf.

But it truly is that straightforward.


Excellent. Remember, to claim your FREE year of access to the Power Gauge, just click the button below.


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Alright Marc, another important question about your system.

You showed us how well the Power Gauge navigates the rise and fall of big trends.

But I know some folks are still worried about a big crash right now.

So I have to ask – how does the Power Gauge perform when everything’s dropping?

Like in March 2020. Did your system see it coming?


It’s true, the COVID Crash was very hard to navigate for most investors. It came on so suddenly… and it seemed like nowhere in the stock market was safe.


Also, most people consider it the result of a “Black Swan” event… so impossible to predict.


Yes, that does seem to be the consensus. But that’s the extraordinary thing about the Power Gauge – it detects the undetectable.

Let’s look at the leisure and entertainment stocks. Hotels, travel booking companies, concert venues.


The absolute worst companies to be holding when the entire world shuts down.


That’s right. The entire industry crashed 55% in February 2020… and didn’t get back to even until over a year later.

ChartBut with the Power Gauge, you could have known to sell the worst of the worst leisure and entertainment stocks in your portfolio… all the way back in September 2019.

ChartLike hotel chain, MGM Resorts, before it fell 73%.

ChartTravel booking company, Expedia Group, before it fell 65%.

ChartAnd global entertainment company, Live Nation, before it fell 55%.

ChartJust imagine going through that crash all over again… without having to worry about all the damage that was done to airlines, cruise ships, all of the cancelled events.

Wouldn’t it have been a completely different experience? Wouldn’t you have slept so much better at night?


Absolutely. But to be honest when I think about financial moments in history when you really needed to sleep better at night, I don’t think about 2020. It was over so fast.

I think about 2008, and the total devastation it caused, for years.


I don’t blame you, Kelly.

But remember – through our back-testing, we know the Power Gauge could have helped you perfectly navigate that crash, and the long bear market that followed.

It would have issued a Bearish rating for the entire financial sector back in July 2007 – before it crashed 81%.

ChartAnd gotten you out of the very worst individual performers of the 2008 crash, well before they went into freefall.

Take a look at the world’s largest bond insurer, MBIA Inc. It would have gone Bearish in October 2007… and promptly crashed 90%.


And here’s insurance giant, American International Group, or AIG. This Bearish signal could have shielded you from a 96% loss in this stock.

ChartAnd finally, take a look at one of the most notorious casualties of the entire 2008 crisis: Fannie Mae.


Fannie Mae going bankrupt really marked the point of no return.


It was an incredibly dark day for millions of Americans.

But we could have seen it coming – the system would have issued a Bearish warning for Fannie Mae, before it crashed 99%.

Here’s the bottom line:

No matter what is happening in the markets…

Whether it’s a global pandemic… a catastrophe at the very foundation of our entire economy…

Or even the emergence of a new, red-hot bull run…

With the Power Gauge on your side, you can see these big shifts coming.

And avoid the worst stocks doomed for destruction.


To claim your access to Marc’s model portfolio of recommendations in Power Gauge Report, for as little as $49, simply click the button below.

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Alright Marc, since we’re talking about your favorite tech stocks. I think it’s time to share your free recommendation.



I think this is a solid way to take a stake in today’s AI craze.

But for my highest-conviction recommendations – AI and otherwise – you need the stocks I just published in Power Gauge Report.

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Thanks Marc.

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Just remember that all investing carries risk, and you should never risk more than you are willing to lose.

As of 2021, our average gain since inception is 7.2%.

As one of Marc’s longtime followers, George W., said…

“Quite honestly, this is hands down the most amazing system that I’ve ever seen. You’ve brought a new excitement back into my trading. Keep up the good work. Also, I’m in the process of cancelling some of my other subscriptions and it feels great. Chaikin is a perfect fit.”

Marc is simply a living legend.

And he’s opening up the doors to his world-renowned research just for you right now, for a QUARTER of the usual price.

With that, please take a moment to place your order and claim the best possible deal by clicking the button on your screen.

Marc, thank you so much for your time and for sharing so much actionable information with everyone watching.


It’s my pleasure. I’m thrilled to welcome my new subscribers and help them take advantage of the extraordinary opportunity we have today. Be well.


On behalf of Chaikin Analytics, I’m Kelly Brown. Take care.

August 2023


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