Ian King’s Crypto Picks: Top Choices for Savvy Investors in 2023

June 16, 2023

Cryptocurrency investment has been a hot topic for the past few years, with numerous experts and analysts jumping on the bandwagon and sharing their insights. One such expert who has established himself as a reputable source of information is Ian King. As a former hedge fund manager and current researcher with Banyan Hill Publishing, King focuses on identifying promising crypto investments for his subscribers.

Ian King’s Crypto Picks have garnered a significant following as he uncovers potentially profitable cryptocurrencies based on extensive research and analysis. King often teases potential investment opportunities in his work, leaving investors eager to learn more about his insights. By exploring various cryptocurrencies and projecting their potential growth, King equips investors with the knowledge they need to confidently navigate the often-volatile crypto market.

When looking at Ian King’s Crypto Picks, it is essential to consider the risks and rewards associated with investing in the rapidly evolving world of digital currencies. As the market constantly evolves, being armed with up-to-date information and guidance from industry experts such as King can prove invaluable to investors striving to make informed decisions and lucrative returns on their investments.

Ian King’s Background

Career History

Ian King is an experienced financial markets trader and educator with over 20 years of experience in trading various financial markets. Initially, he started his journey as a clerk in the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers, a prominent investment bank at that time. Afterward, he also served as a head trader for over a decade, refining his skills and gaining extensive experience in the field. Ian King has helped guide investors through the world of cryptocurrencies as the lead instructor of Investopedia Academy’s Crypto Trading course.

Expertise in Cryptocurrency

Over the years, Ian King has transitioned his focus to the world of cryptocurrencies. Recognized for his unique trading strategy and insights, he has been able to provide winning crypto trends and predictions. As the editor of Banyan Hill’s Strategic Fortunes and Next Wave Crypto Fortunes, he actively guides investors through the often-volatile cryptocurrency market.

His approach to trading cryptocurrencies involves a unique three-part strategy, which has proven successful for many. Ian also shares his knowledge of emerging trends in the sector, helping investors stay ahead of the curve and gain promising returns.

Crypto Picks Analysis


Ian King is a professional trader with over two decades of experience in the financial markets, and he specializes in cryptocurrencies. In his crypto picks, Ian analyzes market trends, technological developments, and fundamental factors that drive the cryptocurrency market. He identifies investment opportunities by assessing market sentiment, price performance, and potential growth.

His methodology combines technical analysis with a deep understanding of sector fundamentals, allowing him to spot emerging trends and anticipate market movements. By staying up-to-date with the latest industry news and leveraging his extensive network, Ian can discover potentially lucrative investment opportunities.


Ian King’s crypto picks have proven to perform well in the past, with some of his recommendations yielding impressive returns. It’s important to note that past performance does not guarantee future success, and investors should always keep their risk tolerance and financial goals in mind when making investment decisions.

However, investors who follow Ian King’s recommendations can benefit from his thorough research and keen market insights, potentially gaining exposure to a diversified portfolio of high-performing cryptocurrencies. This approach aims to generate returns by capitalizing on market volatility and capturing upside potential during periods of rapid growth.

Risk Management

Risk management is a critical aspect of investing in cryptocurrencies, and Ian King recognizes this by recommending a strategic approach to managing risk. Investors should diversify their crypto holdings to avoid excessive concentration and protect their portfolios from potential market downturns.

Additionally, Ian encourages using stop-loss orders and position sizing to help minimize downside risk. By setting a stop-loss level, investors can automatically sell their holdings when the price drops below a certain threshold, helping to limit potential losses. Position sizing involves allocating a percentage of one’s portfolio to each investment, ensuring that no single position represents an excessive risk.

In conclusion, Ian King’s crypto picks are a valuable resource for investors seeking exposure to the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies. By following his recommendations and employing prudent risk management strategies, investors can potentially maximize their returns and mitigate downside risks in this high-growth asset class.

Top Crypto Picks

Ian King is a cryptocurrency expert whose crypto picks have attracted significant attention. In this article, we will discuss his top crypto picks, which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins.


Bitcoin is the first and most well-known cryptocurrency. It was created in 2009 by an anonymous individual or group of people known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Ian King believes in the long-term potential of Bitcoin, as it has established itself as a store of value and a hedge against traditional financial markets. Its limited supply of 21 million coins and decentralized nature makes it an attractive investment for diversifying their portfolios.


Ethereum is another top pick by Ian King, and it stands out for its unique properties compared to Bitcoin. Ethereum is not only a cryptocurrency but also a platform for building decentralized applications (dApps) through the use of smart contracts. This allows for creating various use cases, ranging from decentralized finance (DeFi) to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The rapid growth of the Ethereum ecosystem has firmly positioned it as one of the leading cryptocurrencies, and Ian King sees strong potential in its future development.


In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ian King highlights the potential of various altcoins, which are cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Due to increased volatility, these often have smaller market caps and can offer higher potential returns. Some of Ian King’s top altcoin picks have been well-researched, and they target specific industries or sectors. Examples of such coins include those focusing on:

  • Privacy: Coins like Monero and ZCash give users more anonymity than other cryptocurrencies.
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Projects like Chainlink and Aave disrupt traditional finance by providing decentralized lending, borrowing, and other financial services.
  • Gaming and NFTs: Cryptocurrencies like Axie Infinity and Decentraland enable new ways to interact with virtual worlds, trade digital collectibles, and create new gaming experiences.

It is crucial to research each of these projects and assess the risks associated with investing in them, as altcoins can be more prone to price fluctuations. Nonetheless, Ian King’s expertise in identifying promising cryptocurrency projects has helped many investors capitalize on the growth of these emerging digital assets.

How to Invest

Exchange Platforms

To start investing in Ian King’s crypto picks, you’ll need a reliable exchange platform where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Some popular options include Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken. Consider the following when choosing an exchange:

  • Security: Ensure the platform has robust security measures, such as two-factor authentication and encryption.
  • Fees: Compare transaction and withdrawal fees across different exchanges to minimize costs.
  • Reputation: Research user reviews and news articles to gauge the platform’s trustworthiness.
  • Supported coins: Ensure the exchange supports the cryptocurrencies you’re interested in.

Create an account on your chosen platform, complete the necessary verification steps, and transfer funds to start trading.


After purchasing cryptocurrencies on an exchange, it’s essential to securely store them in a wallet. There are two types of wallets to choose from:

Hot Wallets

These are connected to the internet and provide easy access to your assets. However, they are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Examples of hot wallets include software wallets (Exodus, Electrum) and exchange wallets.

Cold Wallets

Also known as hardware wallets, these devices store your cryptocurrencies offline, making them more secure from online threats. Examples include Ledger and Trezor.

Consider the following factors when selecting a wallet:

  • Security: Look for wallets with robust security features, such as PIN codes and seed phrase recovery.
  • Coin support: Ensure the wallet supports all the cryptocurrencies you plan to hold.
  • User-friendly interface: Choose a wallet with a clean and intuitive interface for seamless navigation.

Once you’ve set up your wallet, transfer your cryptocurrencies from your exchange account to your wallet for safekeeping. Note that transfer fees may apply for moving funds between wallets and exchanges.

Key Takeaways

In recent years, Ian King has become a renowned figure in the world of crypto investment. He is known for sharing his stock and crypto picks through various presentations and publications, such as the “Next Wave Crypto Fortunes” service. With a track record of identifying potentially profitable investments, many individuals turn to King’s analysis and recommendations for guidance in the ever-evolving crypto market.

Ian King’s noteworthy investment strategy involves seizing opportunities when the market is low or when people are most fearful. One instance of this strategy is his presentation on “The Next Million: 7 Cryptos for 7-Figure Profits”, where he advocates for picking the right cryptos that can result in substantial earnings. Following his advice requires a reasonable understanding of market dynamics and a willingness to take some calculated risks.

When evaluating King’s crypto picks, investors must do their due diligence and research each recommendation independently. While his knowledge and expertise in the field can be valuable, it is always crucial for individuals to analyze each investment’s potential return, risk, and overall impact on their personal financial goals. This way, they can make informed decisions about integrating King’s recommendations into their portfolio.

By being well-informed and exercising critical thinking, investors can better navigate the highly volatile and complex crypto landscape, ensuring that they make responsible choices that align with their financial objectives. Ultimately, the key to making the most of Ian King’s crypto picks is staying informed, patient, and adapting as the market evolves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some notable investments by Ian King?

Ian King has made numerous successful investments in the cryptocurrency market. For instance, he has been involved with Crypto’s Third Wave, a service where he shares his top picks for cryptocurrency investments. While specific investment details are not disclosed publicly, Ian’s experience and expert advice have helped many investors navigate the crypto market.

How has Ian King’s net worth grown with cryptocurrency investments?

Ian King’s net worth is not publicly disclosed. However, his career as a talented investment analyst with decades of experience in the financial markets has undoubtedly increased due to his involvement in cryptocurrency. His expertise in technology and cryptocurrency has garnered the attention of investors looking for guidance in this rapidly changing market.

Which cryptocurrencies has Banyan Hill Publishing recommended?

Banyan Hill Publishing, where Ian King works as the resident crypto expert, has made various crypto recommendations. For example, Ian King has teased his “top three crypto picks” as part of Crypto’s Third Wave. Specific names are not openly available, but Ian has guided many investors toward success in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market through his well-informed recommendations.

What investment strategies does Ian King suggest for crypto markets?

Although specific investment strategies vary depending on the market conditions and individual cryptocurrencies, Ian King advises investors to focus on proper position sizing to ensure the right amount of risk is taken in their investments. As mentioned in Ian’s interview, this strategy allows investors to optimize their investment in the fast-moving crypto market, maximizing returns while mitigating risks.

Are there any success stories from following Ian King’s crypto advice?

While specific success stories are not openly disclosed, investors following Ian King’s advice on crypto investments have experienced significant returns. For instance, the Crypto’s Third Wave initiative reported an 80 times return in just 13 months for some investors. While results may vary, it’s clear that Ian’s insights have been beneficial to many in the crypto market.

What sets the next generation of cryptocurrencies apart from their predecessors?

The next generation of cryptocurrencies offers advancements beyond their predecessors, focusing on scalable solutions, increased security, and improved utility. These next-gen coins have the potential to revolutionize industries and disrupt traditional financial systems. According to Ian King’s Next Gen Coin presentation, these newer cryptocurrencies are expected to play a crucial role in the future of digital currency and blockchain technology, making them valuable investments for those interested in the space.

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