What Is Dr. David Eifrig’s Net Worth?

October 18, 2023

Dr. David Eifrig, a well-respected figure in the financial world, has garnered significant attention for his expertise in the areas of retirement planning and investing. With a strong background in both finance and medicine, he has managed to make a name for himself through his research and publications. Eifrig’s current net worth is a topic that many people are interested in, as it reflects his success in these fields.

A former professional at Goldman Sachs, Eifrig now serves as the editor of Retirement Millionaire, a publication aimed at helping individuals grow their retirement funds. The Retirement Millionaire newsletter has been successful, running for 13 years and providing valuable insights to its readers. Additionally, he has written several books, which have contributed to his overall net worth.

Dr. Eifrig’s journey from the halls of prestigious institutions such as Carleton College and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management to becoming an influential figure within the retirement planning sphere is truly remarkable. His net worth, though not publicly disclosed, is a testament to his dedication and impact on the lives of those seeking a more secure and comfortable retirement.

Professional Career

Early Years

Dr. David Eifrig started his professional career by pursuing a solid educational foundation. He received his BA from Carleton College in Minnesota and later went on to complete his MBA in finance and foreign policy from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. His academic background provided him with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in his career.

During his early years, Dr. Eifrig worked in various roles involving healthcare and finance. Building upon his strong academic foundations, he gained valuable experience working as a doctor, understanding the complexities of health management, and developing a keen interest in healthcare-related investments and market trends.

Transition to Finance

Dr. Eifrig eventually transitioned from healthcare to finance, driven by his passion for both sectors. He found success as a research analyst, using his unique blend of healthcare and financial expertise to make informed and profitable investment decisions.

Over the years, Dr. Eifrig’s reputation grew; he became particularly known for his investment newsletters such as Retirement Millionaire. His ability to provide valuable insights, backed by his healthcare background and financial acumen, has attracted many followers who trust his investment recommendations.

Furthermore, Dr. Eifrig has ventured into other areas of finance, launching new investment products like the Prosperity Investor newsletter. This further reinforces his influence in the financial world, as he continues to provide expert advice and original ideas to his growing audience.

Founding of Retirement Millionaire

Initial Years

Dr. David Eifrig founded Retirement Millionaire as an investment advisory service. During its early years, the focus of the newsletter was to provide subscribers with safe and stable investment opportunities and financial advice. Dr. Eifrig, with his extensive experience in finance and medicine, combined these fields to offer unique insights and suggestions for a healthy retirement.

The service aims to help individuals maximize their retirement income while minimizing risks. Dr. Eifrig’s background working at Goldman Sachs and as a practicing medical doctor made him uniquely positioned to offer valuable advice on wealth management and healthcare.

Current Status

Today, Retirement Millionaire has grown into a well-known investing service, receiving positive reviews from customers. The newsletter has expanded its scope to cover a wider range of investment strategies, while still maintaining its core emphasis on stability and safety.

The success of Retirement Millionaire has led to Dr. Eifrig becoming a regular contributor to Stansberry Research’s Daily Wealth publication, as well as an author of two books: The Doctor’s Protocol Field Manual and High-Income Retirement: How to Safely Earn 12% to 20% Income Streams on Your Savings.

Under Dr. Eifrig’s guidance, the newsletter continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of its subscribers, providing valuable advice and resources for today’s retirees and those planning for their retirement in the future.

Dr. David Eifrig’s Publications

Dr. David Eifrig has made significant contributions to the world of finance and retirement planning through his numerous publications. His expertise and knowledge are evident in his Retirement Millionaire newsletter, which has helped over 100,000 subscribers set themselves up for a financially secure retirement. The monthly advisory provides readers with valuable insights and recommendations on how to live a comfortable lifestyle on a budget.

Eifrig is not only a talented writer, but he also has an impressive educational background. After obtaining his BA from Carleton College in Minnesota, he went on to earn an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, where he graduated with a double major in finance and international business. His education and experience as a derivatives trader at Goldman Sachs have equipped him with unique insights, which he shares in his publications.

Among his notable works is The Doctor’s Protocol Field Manual, a comprehensive guide to maintaining and improving one’s health in various situations. Additionally, his book High-Income Retirement: How to Safely Earn 12% to 20% Income Streams to Your Savings provides readers with tips and strategies to ensure a stable income after retirement. These publications showcase Dr. Eifrig’s diverse knowledge and experience in both finance and health-related topics.

Dr. Eifrig is not only a published author and successful newsletter editor, but he is also a regular contributor to Stansberry Research’s Daily Wealth. This daily publication offers expert advice on investment, wealth management, and overall financial health. By sharing his knowledge and expertise with the world, Dr. David Eifrig has become an essential figure in the fields of finance and retirement planning.

Determining the Net Worth

When it comes to determining Dr. David Eifrig’s net worth, several factors need to be considered. These factors can be broadly categorized into three primary sources: investments, real estate, and other ventures.


Dr. David Eifrig, the editor of the newsletter Retirement Millionaire, is known for his vast financial acumen. Throughout his career, he has made numerous investments in various sectors, demonstrating his ability to generate wealth. However, due to the private nature of such investments, it is difficult to ascertain an exact value.

Real Estate

Another factor that contributes to Dr. Eifrig’s net worth is his real estate holdings. While specific information regarding the properties he owns is scarce, investing in real estate can be a lucrative endeavor and adds to his overall wealth.

Other Ventures

In addition to his investments and real estate, Dr. Eifrig has also been involved in other ventures that contribute to his net worth. As an accomplished author and financial expert, he has generated income from the sale of his books and the success of his newsletter, Retirement Millionaire. 

Impact on the Community

Dr. David Eifrig has made a significant impact on the community through his work as a financial expert and editor of various newsletters. His expertise in the field has led him to create newsletters such as Retirement Millionaire, Retirement Trader, and Income Intelligence. With these publications, he shares valuable financial advice, investment strategies, and retirement planning tips with his readers.

Additionally, Dr. Eifrig’s work extends beyond providing financial guidance. He is known for contributing to the Stansberry Research publication Daily Wealth, through which he engages with a larger audience on various topics related to finance and personal wealth management. His insights are widely recognized and appreciated within the community.

Dr. Eifrig has also authored two books, The Doctor’s Protocol Field Manual and High-Income Retirement: How to Safely Earn 12% to 20% Income Streams to Your Savings. These books further demonstrate his commitment to helping individuals achieve financial success and security during their retirement years.

In summary, Dr. David Eifrig’s knowledge and expertise in finance have positively impacted the community by providing valuable information and guidance to help individuals make informed financial decisions. His continued contributions to the field enhance the financial literacy and well-being of those seeking advice on managing their wealth effectively.

Key Takeaways

Dr. David Eifrig, a successful financial expert and author, maintains a high level of confidentiality around his personal finances. As a result, it is difficult to accurately determine his net worth. However, considering his vast experience in finance, successful investment newsletters, and diverse entrepreneurial ventures, it can be safely assumed that his net worth is substantial.

His latest research in the healthcare space, presented through his Retirement Millionaire Review, showcases his ability to find burgeoning investment opportunities. At the same time, the conservative financial advice in his Retirement Millionaire newsletter appeals to a wide audience looking to make informed decisions during their retirement.

In conclusion, while it is not possible to cite a specific figure for Dr. David Eifrig’s net worth, it is clear that his financial expertise, investment success, and entrepreneurial pursuits have contributed to his wealth over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dr. David Eifrig’s background?

Dr. David Eifrig is an analyst with a strong background in finance and international policy. He graduated from Northwestern University’s prestigious Kellogg School of Management in 1986, earning a double-major MBA in finance and international policy.

How did Dr. Eifrig accumulate his wealth?

Dr. Eifrig’s wealth has been accumulated mainly through his successful career as a financial analyst and his expertise in retirement investments. Additionally, he has built a reputation as a financial advisor through his newsletter, “Retirement Millionaire.”

What is the Retirement Millionaire newsletter?

The “Retirement Millionaire” is a newsletter created by Dr. David Eifrig. It focuses on helping individuals make strategic investment decisions to maximize their retirement savings. The service is known for its good customer reviews and its practical advice for long-term wealth growth.

How successful is Dr. Eifrig’s investment strategy?

Dr. Eifrig’s investment strategy, as displayed in his “Retirement Millionaire” newsletter, has gained a positive reputation for its effectiveness and guidance for investors. According to customer reviews, the newsletter has proven to be a valuable resource in terms of investment advice and wealth-building strategies.

Can Dr. Eifrig’s advice help in building net worth?

Dr. Eifrig’s advice, particularly through his “Retirement Millionaire” newsletter, is aimed at helping individuals build their net worth and secure a financially stable retirement. While ultimately it depends on an individual’s commitment and personal financial situation, Dr. Eifrig’s guidance may support those seeking to grow their wealth.

What is Dr. Eifrig’s connection to Stansberry Research?

Dr. David Eifrig is affiliated with Stansberry Research, a publisher of financial information and software. Stansberry Research is responsible for publishing the “Retirement Millionaire” newsletter, among others, that Dr. Eifrig contributes to. The connection allows Dr. Eifrig to provide expert advice and reach a broader audience.

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