Former Goldman Sachs Vice President and Best-selling retirement expert steps forward to share "AMERICA'S #1 RETIREMENT STOCK"...

America’s #1 Retirement Stock According to Dr. David Eifrig

Hello, my name is Dr. David Eifrig.
Today, I’m going to tell you about “America’s #1 Retirement Stock”… for free.
It has TWICE THE RETURNS OF TESLA (TSLA)… which last time I checked had handed some early investors over 18,000%.

It’s LESS VOLATILE than Warren Buffett’s “Old Reliable” Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B)…

And even pays a dividend… FIVE TIMES LARGER than Apple’s (AAPL), actually…

But most importantly for you and me:

All my research indicates it has a long, long way left to run up from here…

Beginning immediately.

And this is true no matter who’s in the White House… who controls Congress… whether the market crashes or continues to surge… or what the Federal Reserve does next.

Now, I know that’s a bold claim, believe me.

So in the coming minutes, I’ll prove to you why America’s most influential people have a vested interest in this stock’s continued success…

Figures even more powerful than Wall Street kingmakers Blackrock and Vanguard – although they, too, have backed up the truck on this company… 

To the tune of over $23 billion combined.

In fact…

The More I Investigate “America’s #1 Retirement Stock,” The More Convinced I Become…

I’m sure you will, too, as I tell you more.

Because although I’ve recommended hundreds of stocks in my career, including THREE winning streaks of over 100 winning trades in a row for an expensive trading service I head …

I’ve never, ever, encountered an investing story quite this compelling.

It ticks every box and could potentially quadruple your investment in the coming years.

That is why I’m sticking my head above the parapet to talk to you today… and putting my reputation on the line.

In many ways, my four decades in the investing world led me to this moment.

You see, before I quit professional investing in my mid-30s, I managed risk by working on the derivatives desk at some of the world’s most powerful institutions: Goldman Sachs… Chase Manhattan… and Yamaichi (the so-called “Goldman Sachs of Japan”).

But as a regular guy from Minnesota…

There’s only so long you can stay motivated to help America’s richest families add more zeros to their net worth…

I wanted to help regular Americans, right now. Well, ONE American:

My youngest sister, Cathy.

Without getting into the weeds…

Cathy called me out of the blue one night… shortly after our mother’s passing. Mom had left some money behind for us kids, and my sister confessed that – although she wanted to invest it intelligently…

She just didn’t know where to start.

It kind of broke my heart.

Here I was, a financial whizz who’d helped America’s elite make billions of dollars… yet my own sister was unsure how to open an investing account.

She was growing frustrated with all the mixed messages in the financial media…

And having difficulty trying to tell the difference between the sound financial advice and the B.S.

Who could blame her? 

Millions of Americans, especially those over 40, are in this exact same position…

They worry their retirement dreams are in jeopardy.

Folks are genuinely scared… confused… even angry.

(And if this cuts a little close to the bone, trust me, you are in the right place. Honestly, how could you NOT feel a little confused by this point?)

Take inflation…

Has that suddenly gone away?

Or has the media just found a new story?

And now they’re telling us we’re in a new bull market and the economy is great…

But beneath these media headlines, something still feels… off.

It Feels As Though We Are In The Eye Of The Storm. Maybe You’ve Felt This Too, Deep Down.

After all, 2024 marks a historic event in our country…

We will hit what is called ‘Peak 65’ – when the largest number of Americans in history reach 65 years of age… at the rate of 12,000 a day.

And yet…

  • Nearly 40% of Americans feel their retirement strategy is derailed and they’re unsure when (or how) they’ll get it back on track.
  • One-fifth of folks 59 and older have zero or even a NEGATIVE net worth… Meaning they owe more than they own.
  • And, according to CNBC, even one in three millionaires surveyed now believe it’s “going to take a miracle” for them to be financially secure in retirement.

Something just doesn’t add up, right?

But this heart-to-heart with my little sister got me thinking…

What’s the one great stock I would tell Cathy to buy right now to make things easier?

What would I buy for myself?

The answer was obvious.

Because this stock isn’t just a straightforward way to potentially quadruple your investment…

As you’re about to see…

It’s also your chance to GET EVEN.

(This is equally as true whether the bull market continues… or the world goes to hell in a handbasket.)

More on that in a minute.

In fact…

This company is as intertwined in the “Story of America” as Ford (F) or Coca-Cola (KO)…

And, to my knowledge, ties together more rich, successful Americans than any other stock I’ve ever seen during my four decades in the financial world.

Folks as wide-ranging as Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos…

One of the greatest (and most secretive) money makers in modern finance, Jim Simons…

And yes…

Even Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Today, you can get yourself on the inside track, too. Right from where you are sitting. But before I reveal the full story to you, for free…

Along with three other straightforward steps I believe you must take immediately…

I understand you don’t know me yet.

So, I feel it’s only right I quickly explain to you who I am… the “AHA Moment!” I credit for much of my financial success – and the unusual path which led to me discovering what I call “America’s #1 Retirement Stock.”


My Name Is Dr. David Eifrig

And I was obsessed with retirement long before I wrote the book on it… or landed my first big job on Wall Street.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a bunch of passions in life: I own a vineyard… hold a pilot’s license… I wrote four books… and I’m a board-qualified eye surgeon.

I love hard work. Just as long as it is on my own terms.

That said, if there is a loophole or shortcut that will make my life easier… you can bet I will uncover it.

Let me show you what I mean…

Back when I was 22, my classmates and I all went toe-to-toe for the chance to interview at the country’s biggest firms.

Because of our school’s reputation as one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious, every top company wanted to speak to us. We thought we were kings.

But there was a catch:

We were only handed a limited number of credits… which we could use to bid on the interviews at the companies we wanted.

Of course, we all had our eye on one company in particular:

Goldman Sachs.

So, you had a choice:

You could either pick the safe route and book six interviews with the second-tier companies… or risk all your credits on one interview with an elite institution such as Goldman (with zero guarantees of success).

Which option would you go for?

Well, before I cashed in my chips, I decided to dig a little further…

And one evening, deep inside the pages of a dusty old book in our college career center…

I discovered a hidden third option

(Honestly, it sounds like something out of a spy novel when I say it now…)

You see, there’s a reason Goldman Sachs is both envied and feared for having the best talent, political connections, and market prowess.

And why it’s sometimes referred to as “Government Sachs”…

It only considers elite candidates.

“Foxes,” as Machiavelli would put it.

Folks with guile… and a unique outlook on life…

The ones who always seem to find a way to come out ahead.

And so, Goldman buried a phone number and listing inside a boring-looking book they knew would likely be ignored by 99% of people. I thought I was seeing things.

But I called up the number on this mysterious little listing and sure enough…

I was able to schedule an interview…

No credits required.

This Experience Forged My Entire Worldview 

Not only did it land me an interview and ultimately a job at what many consider the most powerful and connected bank in the world…

It also taught me to be a fox…

To live the life I wanted without making things harder than they needed to be.

I spent the next decade on Wall Street rising all the way up the totem pole to senior VP. But look… I’m not gonna sit here and tell you it was happily ever after.

Fact is, I hated this world. Sure, it paid great… but it was blood money.

I won’t go into all the tales of greed and shady dealings here. Or the crazy excesses like the million-dollar hands of poker. But suffice it to say… everything you can imagine happening on Wall Street in the ’80s likely did. Wall Street has a river at one end… and a graveyard at the other, as they say…

And once I learned enough to know what it was truly like, I quit.

People thought I was insane. The Wall Street Journal even wrote a story about me leaving…

But by this point, I had more than enough money for a comfortable life… so why make myself miserable every day?

And maybe this is a story for another time, but…

I then decided to test myself in a whole new field. I went to medical school, becoming a board-eligible eye surgeon.

I wanted to help people…

And this was a noble industry, right?


The medical world was as flawed and corrupt as Wall Street. Maybe worse.

Honestly, it was sickening to behold.

But, again, I was in a position to walk away… for the second time. If anything, medicine made me wealthier than professional investing ever did.

The $300,000 yearly salary an eye surgeon can earn would have been a gilded cage for somebody as outspoken as me.

Look, here’s my whole point:

Our entire system is a mess.

Wall Street… The Medical Industry… Government… Pick Your Poison

You’ve seen it…

Heck, you’ve lived it.

You and I have watched our entire generation play by the rules, trust a deeply flawed system, and get screwed.

Some folks tell me to be reasonable…

I say to them:

“Why in the world should I be reasonable?”

Being unreasonable allows me to live the life I deserve with my family. It allows me to help hundreds of thousands of Americans prosper in retirement as you’ll see…

And today, I’m inviting you to be unreasonable alongside me.

Because instead of being angry by all of this… let’s be clear-eyed investors and position ourselves to profit from this warts-and-all world in which we are stuck.

There is a way out…

And it begins with “America’s #1 Retirement Stock.”

I’ve always believed the best doctors prescribe the least medicine. Maybe, like me, you agree one perfect cure is better than popping 500 mediocre pills. The same goes for investing…

Assuming you have the right stock, that is.

So let me quickly walk you through…

The Hidden Story of “America’s #1 Retirement Stock”

I’ve been closely monitoring this company since 2017– and even though it’s grown steadily since then…

I believe now is the time to back up the truck on it.

Perhaps you will disagree with me. That’s completely fine. But let me walk you through my findings, point by point.

From here, you’re free to do as you like.

Now, normally, when I share a great investment idea with a friend, I might begin with the stock’s all-time return. But since you don’t really know me yet…

And how conservative I am as an investor…

I will need to circle back to this.

You see…

“America’s #1 Retirement Stock’s returns are so large it’s almost cartoonish. And I don’t want to sound hyperbolic.

So, instead…

Let’s begin by talking about this company’s insurmountable edge over all its rivals. It enjoys what Warren Buffett calls a wide economic moat… an overwhelming competitive advantage which protects its profits and market share.

Even critics of this company have gone on record saying:

“There ain’t any opposition out there. It’s sort of like holding a boxing tournament for a high school and bringing Mike Tyson in.”

Its former CEO’s goal was to build a super-company… and he succeeded. And even its website is unapologetic regarding its desire for complete dominance, stating:

“We want to win 100-0… not 51-49.”

This cut-throat approach could be why…

This Company’s List of Investors Reads Like A “Who’s Who” Of America’s Best-Ever Stock-Pickers

Billionaires like Paul Tudor Jones…

Ken Fisher…

Joel Greenblatt…

And NY Mets owner Steve Cohen.

These are modern day legends. And, when it comes to investing, they are who you should aim to “rub shoulders” with.

Earlier, I told you the world’s most influential institutions – Blackrock and Vanguard – own “America’s #1 Retirement Stock,” too.

Between them, these firms control a sprawling empire of over $16 trillion…

And look, I know…

When all these billions and trillions get tossed around it begins to sound like monopoly money, but… $16 trillion is the size of the entire European Union economy…

That’s 27 countries… all concentrated in two king-making companies who love this stock.

In short…

These people are not in the business of losing money.

And when financial powerhouses circle their wagons… be that investing legends or institutions such as Blackrock…

Well… there is a reason.

You see, on Wall Street, institutional investors are regarded as the smart money.

Apple boasts 58% institutional ownership, for example.

And Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has 65%.

Not Even Berkshire Hathaway Has As Much “Smart Money” Ownership

But “America’s #1 Retirement Stock” has 74% smart money ownership…


In a word:

Profit. And lots of it.

Because in this age of empty hype… AI… and B.S…

“America’s #1 Retirement Stock”  keeps booking billions of dollars in real, honest-to-God profit…

Year in, year out.

Take a look at this chart of years gone by:

Not just revenue, to be clear. Profit.

In fact, as I write this, “America’s #1 Retirement Stock” ranks better than 99.61% of the 258 other companies. It sits in rarefied air…

And even though its net sales jumped 8% year-over-year…

This Company Just Told Shareholders to Expect Higher Sales and Profits…

Something that always baffles me is that – although the world’s best investors love this stock…Wall Street’s pen-pushers keep underestimating it.

It beats their quarterly earnings estimates over 90% of the time.

Now, maybe this a little “inside baseball,” but, as an eternal skeptic… a guy even my friends call “The Codger”… I believe a claim as bold as the one I’ve made to you today – that I’ve identified the “#1 Retirement Stock”– requires much more granular proof than simply saying:

“Look, just trust me.”

You would need to go back six calendar years since it last missed a quarterly earnings estimate.

And, in the past decade, it’s only missed two earnings estimates…

In both cases, by a single cent.

Alright, let’s jump to the stock market performance… which is why I’m speaking with you, after all.

Remember 2022, when the stock market indexes plunged?

Well, while the talking heads were telling you the sky was falling down…

This stock stood strong.

The S&P 500 dropped 19%…

The Nasdaq dropped 33%…

And popular individual stocks such as Tesla plummeted as much as 69%…


If You Were Holding This Stock, You Could’ve Been Sleeping Like a Rock at Night

Because, during a year so ugly it ranks with the Great Depression, the 2008 financial crisis, and the dot-com bust…

This under-the-radar stock actually gained 37%.

This powerful performance is no flash in the pan, either.

Let’s zoom out…

Since the year 2000, both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 have handed investors about the same…198%.

A great return.

And the tech-heavy Nasdaq did even better over this period… a 277% return.

So how did “America’s #1 Retirement Stock” make out?

It returned 1,963% over this same period.

Meaning while the Nasdaq would have turned a $50,000 investment into just over $188,500 since 2000.

“America’s #1 Retirement Stock” would have turned that same $50,000 into $1,031,500.

In other words, your nest egg could be more than five times the size if you invested in the company I’m sharing with you instead of the Nasdaq over this period.

You see, this company rolls out the red carpet for its shareholders and rewards them. Which is just another reason I would recommend it to my sister… or anybody I care about.

Listen to this:

In 2022, it returned over $11 billion to investors…

In the form of share buybacks and dividends.

And that’s on top of the 37% stock gain, remember.

Speaking of which…

The dividend has grown annually by 10 and a half percent, on average, over the past decade.

And this dividend is FIVE TIMES HIGHER than Apple’s (AAPL).

In short…

This company is a long-term juggernaut. And you owe it to yourself to pay attention to it.

In fact, even at the depths of the Great Recession – back in February and March 2009 – one Washington Post writer joked this company’s full-page advertisements were the only thing keeping the newspaper afloat.

You see…

This robust business is made up of four distinct – and profitable – segments (although it all trades under the same ticker symbol which I’m just about to hand you).

And all four of these diverse sectors bring in billions of dollars in revenue which, I think you’ll agree, makes for a thriving company.

Speaking of diversification…

It has key suppliers in every single U.S. state and 52 countries outside of the US.

How’s that for diverse?

OK, let’s come up for air for a moment…

All this information I’ve just handed you – the growth, the profit, the generous dividend, the diversified revenue, the robust business…

Well, it makes for a terrific stock pick.

But there’s a whole other layer which elevates the company I’m sharing from a terrific stock…

To “America’s #1 Retirement Stock.”

And that is…

Elite Connections with The Richest, Most Powerful Clients on Planet Earth…

But before I get into that, let me ask you a question:

Why do you imagine you haven’t heard all about this huge opportunity in the financial media… or seen it featured as a safe haven for retirees in AARP?

Well, one reason might be that the mainstream financial media does not have your best interests at heart. And yes, I believe this is true.

But another reason might be because…

This Company Operates Under a Cloak Of Secrecy.

You see, at the elite level of U.S. companies, the truth is often stranger than fiction.

I already told you my own story about Goldman Sachs’ secret job listing…

Or take trillion-dollar company, Apple (AAPL)…

It’s a little-known fact that new Apple employees often don’t know the project they’re hired for. One former senior executive even said:

“We have cells, like a terrorist organization. Everything is on a need‑to‑know basis.”

How about Jim Simons?

Not only is this billionaire regarded as the world’s greatest investor, according to The Wall Street Journal

He’s one of the most secretive, too.

I mean, this guy broke Russian codes and ciphers for the NSA during the Cold War… before becoming the so-called Man Who Solved the Market.

And although his Medallion Fund is shrouded in secrecy and closed to new investors… it might interest you to know that Jim Simons, too, owns shares in the company whose ticker I’m about to hand you.

But even compared to him, “America’s #1 Retirement Stock” takes secrecy beyond anything you can imagine…

In fact, the two brothers who founded this company even legally changed their names.

And that barely scrapes the surface. Listen to this…

It Once Camouflaged Its Entire Factory In Burbank, CA…

A factory with some 53,000 employees inside.

This was made possible by recruiting artists, set designers, and painters from nearby movie studios including Disney, Paramount, and 20th Century Fox.

You just can’t make this stuff up. And if you want to see the details for yourself, I’ve included them all in our Details & Disclosures page below. But take a look at this “Before” picture of the factory first…

And here’s the “After” one…

The giant factory is completely camouflaged to look like a sleepy suburb.

Fascinating, right?

But all of this “cloak-and-dagger” behavior is necessary when your biggest client is the richest, most powerful entity on planet Earth…

The United States Government.

Yes, make no mistake…

This company is as powerful and connected as it gets.

What’s more…

As history proves, to our country’s elite decision-makers…

It Is Considered “Too Big to Fail”

Most folks don’t know this but…

Before the infamous bailout of the Wall Street banks in 2008, “America’s #1 Retirement Stock” was the very first large company deemed “too big to fail” by the United States government… with the largest bailout in history at the time.

Now, as a taxpayer, I hate this.

But as an investor, it never hurts to own stock of a company that enjoys what you could call “favorable treatment.”

Just look at how many states this company has locations in…

ColoradoPennsylvaniaNew York State
New JerseyConnecticutKentucky
AlabamaSouth CarolinaNorth Carolina
New MexicoWashington StateArizona
NevadaMissouriWest Virginia
New HampshireWisconsinPuerto Rico
KansasRhode IslandSouth Dakota

…44 out of 50.

With this in mind…

Do you think any self-serving career politician is going to risk going against this company… and the roughly 140,000 jobs it provides?

Not a chance.

That’s why it is a regular “photo-op” on the campaign trail…

For both Democrats and Republicans alike.

And a cash cow politicians will never stop feeding.

Listen to this:

99% of this company’s revenues are in some way tied back to the U.S. government.

Please, take a moment to fully consider that number… 99%.

And owners of “America’s #1 Retirement Stock” aren’t complaining.

Earlier I promised you I would circle back to this company’s all-time stock returns. And now is as good a time as any. So here it is:

Since going public…

This Stock Has Returned 46,763%

For Long-Term Investors

There’s just no way to put returns like that into context.

That preposterous return would turn every $10,000 invested into over $4,686,300.

And I won’t even say what it would’ve turned $50,000 into…

But it’s a lot.

Quite frankly, I can’t see another stock that even comes close as a retirement pick.

Because this company enjoys steady, legally obligated income in the shape of billion-dollar government contracts.

Considering all investing carries risk… and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose…

Words such as “obligated” or “government contract,” always make my ears prick up immediately as an experienced investor.

In fact, when you type this company’s name into the U.S. government’s own official website for federal spending data… you might be shocked.

As of the recording of this broadcast…

“America’s #1 Retirement Stock”  has been awarded more than 435,053 government contracts… so far.

Some of which don’t even begin until September 2027 meaning future profits are already locked in for years to come.

Please understand, the federal government is legally obligated to pay these contracts. And they are big ticket items we’re talking about.

An example…

That September 2027 contract I just told you about is for a sum of at least $973 million…

With the possibility of rising to $1.98 billion.


The reason this contract has the possibility to rise to more than double the original fee is because of a controversial – and lucrative – pricing mechanism this company uses…

It’s known as cost-plus pricing…

And it would be boring, if it weren’t so dang profitable.

In essence, “America’s #1 Retirement Stock” gets to have all its considerable expenses reimbursed – even when the costs run over – and then receives an automatic profit on top of that.

Please remember, this is just one single contract out of tens of thousands.

And, while many companies struggle to keep their head above water with higher interest rates, this company has an ever-growing backlog of orders, worth billions…

And this government-funded goldmine now sits at a record $158 billion.


So Will You Choose to Ignore This Information… Or Potentially Profit from It? 

If you’re interested, I want to show you how you could profit from this giant backlog of eye-watering contracts.

­­­Because – rest assured – it’s happening either way.

Again, I believe this stock could potentially quadruple your investment, starting now.

It’s an extremely rare situation.

One that has been six decades in the making.

In fact, to truly understand how it quietly became the stock market juggernaut it is… loved by stock market insiders… and joined at the hip with government…

And why it will continue to thrive over the coming decade…

You must go back in time, to January 17, 1961…

How Eisenhower’s Chilling Prophecy Could Propel Your Retirement

Portrait of American military commander (and future US President) General Dwight D Eisenhower (1890 – 1969) as he sits at his desk, December 1943. (Photo by US Army Signal Corps/Interim Archives)

This is the date President Dwight D. Eisenhower – or “Ike” as most people called him – gave his farewell address after eight years as Commander-in-Chief.

His White House speech writers had already given him an approved script, which they addressed to Congress…

But Ike had other plans.

He scratched lines through entire sections of the pre-approved narrative…

And addressed his speech – not to Congress – but to his “Fellow Americans.”

In the 15 minutes and 36 seconds which followed, he pulled back the curtain on the unsettling trend he saw forming in America… and blasted the government’s temptation to fix every crisis – great or small – with costly interventions.

In short…

President Eisenhower saw America hurtling toward an era of Bloated Government… and reckless spending.

How right he was.

He called for an “alert and knowledgeable citizenry” to stop it. But today, six decades after this farewell address, we are past the point of no return.

You’ve seen all the charts.

Right now…

The government’s shortfall adds up to $405,000 for every single man, woman and child living in the U.S.

Honestly, it’s hard to even get your head around numbers that huge.

But let me ask you this:

What If Our Government’s Reckless Spending Could Make You Richer?

Look, there’s no point in me mincing my words here:

Career politicians are dangerous. They use short-sighted voter bribes to get re-elected, which harm your wealth… and our country’s long-term prosperity.

I’m appalled by how debt-ridden our country has gotten on their watch. Of course I am.

That said…

As an experienced investor… all I see is opportunity.

And, right now, one corner of the stock market stands head and shoulders above all others.

Over the course of my career, I’ve had tremendous success from seeing the world as it is – warts and all – and then figuring out a way to use it to my advantage.

This mindset first allowed me to attend the country’s best business school.

Then it helped me to retire… twice.

And I’m grateful to say I’ve helped show thousands of regular Americans how to make a lot of money.

So, today, I invite you to get even with government… starting with “America’s #1 Retirement Stock.”

Now, a word of warning…

From this point on, what I say might make you a little uncomfortable. And you might have strong feelings regarding the company I’m about to share with you.

That’s perfectly fine.

My only job today is to draw your attention to the opportunity at hand. If our roles were reversed… and you had important information you believed could transform my financial future…

I hope you would be up front with me like this, too.

You see, during President Eisenhower’s chilling – and accurate – warning, he focused on one specific industry…

Saying its “total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city.”

He was referring, of course, to the Defense Industry.

Flash forward to today, and – even though America’s future sits in a fog of uncertainty – business has never been better for this sector.

In fact, (and I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but…) in my members-only investment newsletter, we have been quietly stockpiling the strongest companies in this sector for a while now.

You might not have heard of any of these companies, but I expect them to…

  • GROW in value under normal circumstances…
  • RISE BRISKLY if defense spending continues to ramp up…
  • And POTENTIALLY SURGE – MULTIPLE TIMES OVER – if a crisis comes to the fore.

I will tell you how you can invest in these lesser-known companies, too.

But first, let me turn the spotlight onto you for a moment.

Because I want to ask you something:

Is your financial advisor or wealth manager telling you about these opportunities?

Although I would like to think they are… I very much doubt it.

These days, the best – or even decent – financial research is like gold dust. And just as expensive.

But don’t you deserve the in-depth financial research I’ve shared with you today?

By this I mean…

You Deserve Detailed Analysis of Huge Financial Stories Like This…

Told to you in a professional yet interesting manner.

Everywhere I look nowadays, it’s the blind leading the blind.

I am so sick of mainstream channels treating the people I love like rubes to fear-monger… or force-feed with soundbites… in between ads for pharmaceuticals.

And this is why – after I walked away from medicine – I made a decision that proved more pivotal – and helped many times more people than anything I ever did on Wall Street or in medicine


You see…

I figured out a way to help hundreds of thousands of folks like my sister and friends who I knew were being lied to, every single day.

By creating the investment newsletter I mentioned a little earlier. It’s called Retirement Millionaire

And it is the culmination of 40 years spent in the financial world…

Expertise I was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for… and includes the members-only model portfolio we touched on a few moments ago.

As of this recording, the average gain from our open positions is 96%…

Meaning you had the opportunity to almost double your money from every single position I recommended, on average.

Although we just closed a position which handed some folks a return of 1,100%, which we were all pretty happy with.

Obviously, all investments carry risk. And past performance does not guarantee future success. But since inception, the average gain for Retirement Millionaire is 52%.

Of course, I don’t always get it right…

Out of these open positions, my win rate is just 85%… meaning more than 8 in every 10 recommendations is a winner.

The reason I bring this up is because I have some additional investing opportunities I’d like to share with you today. Exciting stocks I believe have enormous upside potential from here…

Where To Invest, Right Now…

Now, to be clear…

Nobody is rooting for war.

I far prefer the idea of living in a peaceful future where our common humanity and right to privacy is respected. But that doesn’t seem like the way things are going.

So let us be clear-eyed individuals for our families… and put our money to work where capital is flowing, right now… particularly billions of dollars worth of government-promised capital.

Clearly, it’s flowing into the defense sector… and a select few companies which I’ll tell you about in a moment.

Look at this chart, the United States spends more on defense than the next 11 countries… combined.

As we speak, the proposed military budget total is more than $800 billion… an all-time high.

And, again, I don’t see this massive spending spree coming to a halt anytime soon… Do you?

Because handing billions of tax dollars to the defense industry is just about the only thing Congress agrees on across the aisle.

In 2022, Congress added $45 billion MORE to the Defense budget than the President or the Pentagon even asked for.

Billions of which will flow to a very select group of companies, of course.

So please don’t rush out and buy everything with the word “defense” attached to it. There are dozens of stocks in this industry… and not all of them are of the same quality.

But here’s the good news…

I put the name and ticker symbol of “America’s #1 Retirement Stock” inside a special report, which I’d like to get into your hands right away.

And that’s just the start. Because…

After exhaustive research, I’ve identified a shortlist of companies which look set to grow even more in the very near future… and their stock prices are a fraction of “America’s #1 Retirement Stock”.

  • …One company is a virtual “monopoly” and is the US Navy’s key supplier.
  • Another one – an under-the-radar company operating out of Rhode Island – is carving out a hyper-profitable niche in the aviation business… and might just have built the world’s next great war machine…
  • And a third company is one of the biggest beneficiaries of a secretive Pentagon meeting of the defense industry’s most important figures… now known as the “Last Supper.”

It’s my strongest suggestion that you buy all these stocks immediately… particularly if you are retired or hoping to retire soon.

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“America’s #1 Retirement Stock” is a terrific start, for sure. But you and I both know it takes more than one stock to retire rich. And besides… I would never recommend putting ALL of your money into one stock. 

You see, there is both an amateur way and an expert way to invest in a trend like this. And I’d like you to do it the expert way.

And just behold this chart of defense spending over the past six decades…

Does it look to you like it’s ending anytime soon?

And remember, as a taxpayer…

YOU Are Already Footing This Bill…

So Isn’t It Only Right You Get The Opportunity

To Profit As Well?

At least 12 cents of every dollar you hand over in taxes goes to defense. And I believe the companies I’m sharing today could provide you the additional growth you need to live the retirement lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

For your convenience, I put the names and ticker symbols of all these stocks – including “America’s #1 Retirement Stock” – inside the pages of a new investing dossier.

It’s called: Building Your Retirement War Chest in The Era of Big Government

And I arranged a way for you to have it today. I’ll come back to that in one moment.

But there’s one more important point I need to address today…

By now, we both know it is not a level playing field for Main Street investors.

That said, I’m concerned you may not realize just how rigged the game is in favor of America’s elite.

You see, there is a single street in Washington, just a few miles from Capitol Hill, that very few Americans have ever heard of. And yet, this shadowy street has a profound impact on your portfolio’s success… or failure.

It is called K Street, and it is the home of some of the world’s most powerful lobbyists.

It’s a little-known secret in the investing world that companies that lobby most intensively tend to have better-performing stocks.


If You’re Not at The Table,

You Are Probably on The Menu

The world of lobbying is a messy, secretive system…

The billions of dollars changing hands in this world is referred to as dark money. But for the companies who pay them, it’s obviously worth it.

According to NPR:

“Research showed the return on lobbying for (…) corporations was 22,000 percent.”

Here’s my point…

The revolving door between K Street… Congress… and the defense sector… should make you uncomfortable. As a Wall Street veteran and the most skeptical person I know, the size and influence of America’s special interest groups alarms even me.

Did you know…

There are more Defense Sector lobbyists than there are members of Congress.

And that’s just one sector.

In fact, lobbying is the single most popular post-Congress career choice for retiring members. As lobbyists, they can earn anywhere from three times their $174,000 Congress salary… to multiple millions of dollars.

In fact, there are over 7,500 congressional staffers said to be part of this revolving door system.

And when it comes to investing…

“Portfolios of firms with the highest lobbying intensities significantly outperform their benchmarks…”

In short…

You Can Either Invest Alongside These Insiders… Or Go Against Them

Again, we need to deal with the world as it is, not as it should be.

And this model portfolio features four of the most lobbied stocks in the world. They have returned as much as 79%…184%…225%… and 1,196% since I added them to our portfolio.

And I believe there is a long way still to run for these companies (and the new companies I’m analyzing as we speak).

In short, there is still plenty of money left to be made. But you must act now.

Everything you need to know is inside my investment dossier, How to Hire a Lobbyist for Your Portfolio.

I would like you to have it for free. 

That said, if these TWO BONUS REPORTS interest you, I wouldn’t wait around.

A recent development could send many of these companies surging out of their sensible buying ranges very soon.

Speaking on CNN – Joe Biden appears to have accidentally revealed America’s hand. Letting slip intel about the levels of America’s supplies, on live TV, admitting we are running low…


Beginning what both NPR and Fox News called a “scramble” to speed up production.

And who knows what you will see on the news tomorrow morning regarding Russia or China?

Meaning if you want to take advantage of this rare opportunity…

Now is your time.

I’ve told you all I can tell you.

Yes, buying “America’s #1 Retirement Stock” could serve you extremely well… but it is my strongest recommendation to get the names of all the other companies I’ve discussed today.

I’ve made it as straightforward as I can for you to take the necessary first steps…

And I will sleep easy tonight knowing I did my part.

Now, it’s up to you.

Just know…

You may never get an investment opportunity like this ever again.

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I want you to join me on the search for truth… and wealth… that I started over 40 years ago in Minnesota.

Now, you’ll probably laugh when I say this, but…

Believe it or not, I am an optimist.

I can tell you that, despite the problems facing us, there’s plenty of good news… Well, provided you start thinking independently and stop following the crowd.

Most Americans today are brain-washed into behaving like a medieval peasant. Think about it…

Tend to your job… keep your mouth shut… fight whomever the king wants you to fight… send him a big chunk of your earnings, and he’ll take care of you.

That’s only barely an exaggeration. It really is how millions of folks think nowadays unfortunately.

As we both know, every day…

You’re Having Your Pockets Picked By Wall Street and Washington Insiders

I worked with guys like this…

I competed against them in school and on my rise up the Wall Street totem pole to senior vice president…

So, believe me, I understand them more than most.

Yes, they’re ruthless. Yes, the game is rigged. But here’s the good news:

It’s never all doom and gloom.

Somehow people have coped with investing for centuries.

That said, it is imperative you act now to get your money on the right side of the major forces and trends driving the market… and alongside the elites.

Again, this takes more than one stock.

It took me a lifetime of hard work and expense to attain the financial “insider” knowledge I now have.

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In short…

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**The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical; investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.**

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Dr. David Eifrig, MD, MBA
Senior Partner, Stansberry Research
September 2023

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