Whitney Tilson’s Prediction & Top Stock Picks for 2023

March 8, 2023

Nothing gets investors more excited than a Whitney Tilson stock pick. 

After all, there’s a reason why CNBC nicknames him “The Prophet.”

If recent history tells us anything, the latest Whitney Tilson prediction could be a lucrative, ground-floor opportunity that “mints millionaires.” He goes into more detail about the 3 technologies set to change the world here.

Why should you believe a word he says?

Whitney Tilson called the start of the biggest bull market in U.S. history during the worst of the Financial Crisis. He predicted Lumber Liquidators’ bankruptcy on national TV to Anderson Cooper before the stock plummeted 80%. 

Moreover, he called the 2017 Bitcoin peak, the 2018 marijuana stock collapse, and the bottom of the 2020 COVID crash.

In total, Tilson accurately predicted the decline of 88 different stocks, including three bankruptcies. He also bought many of the most valuable stocks in recent history long before they became household names, such as:

  • Netflix when it was $7.78 a share (Up over 4,200% since then)
  • Apple at a split-adjusted $0.35 (Up over 42,000% since then)
  • Amazon at a split-adjusted $2.41 (Up over 3,800% since then)

Thus, the latest Whitney Tilson prediction and Whitney Tilson stock pick should have you on notice. You can learn more about how to profit from EoD here, but we’ll give you a brief rundown on the lucrative potential.

The Whitney Tilson Prediction: EoD

Whitney Tilson is an accomplished investor, financial author, and founder of Empire Financial Research. So he’s been around the block and experienced all kinds of markets.

The latest Whitney Tilson prediction could be his biggest yet. It’s called “Everything on Demand,” or EoD. Already it’s changing the fabric of American cities and our daily lives. 

However, most Americans are unaware of the billions of dollars some of the world’s largest companies are pouring into it. Additionally, most Americans have no clue how huge this industry could get in 5-10 years or how to invest in it in the first place. 

See the video below for a full explanation: 

EoD is a concept where people can get anything and everything delivered to their doorstep on demand in less than an hour.

But it’s about far more than just getting food and groceries delivered to your doorstep at the snap of a finger. Tilson believes that EoD is the future of how people will consume all products and services. The entire idea is to get whatever they want when they want, including pharmacy items, home improvement goods, alcoholic beverages, health and beauty products, and even cars.  

The co-CEO of digital convenience hyper-delivery platform GoPuff summed it up best:

“When Amazon came out with two-day Prime [delivery], that was the most revolutionary thing…Now, people want [everything] in 20 minutes. In 10 years, people are going to want it in five…”

So how can one invest in this space? 

Tilson identifies 3 cutting-edge technologies coming together for the first time in history in this special report that will facilitate the EoD boom.

The best part? Within these 3 technologies are some ground-floor Whitney Tilson stock picks.

Technology 1: E-commerce

E-commerce revolutionized the way people shop for goods and services. Thanks to the rise of e-commerce, in a matter of a few clicks, people can purchase almost anything online and have it delivered straight to their doorstep. 

As Whitney Tilson calls it, we live in an era of “e-commerce everything.”

Take online grocery sales, for example. Sure, it’s not surprising that national grocery chains offer online shopping. However, with even mom-and-pop stores going online, projections see online grocery sales reaching almost $3.75 trillion by 2025. This figure dwarfs Amazon’s global retail revenue in 2021 by 8x.  

With the rise of EoD, e-commerce is transforming the way we shop even more. 

The days of waiting around for a package, dealing with tracking numbers, and delays are gone. Instead, as e-commerce platforms prioritize convenience and speed more than ever, customers can expect the delivery of everything from groceries to cars on demand in less than an hour.

As far as the best Whitney Tilson stock pick for e-commerce and EoD? We’ll hint that he’s bullish on Amazon. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can see the full explanation of who else he thinks is set to profit here

Technology 2: A.I.

The second emerging technology set to penetrate EoD is artificial intelligence (A.I.). According to this Whitney Tilson prediction, A.I. will do it in two ways.

First, with the help of A.I., big retailers can now predict what customers want to buy even before they consider making a purchase. 

Amazon, for instance, uses data from customers’ prior activity, such as time on site, links clicked, and wish lists. Thanks to its patented “Anticipatory Shipping” technology, Amazon can anticipate what products to ship even before a customer places an order.

However, the power of A.I. goes beyond just predictive analytics. The second way A.I. can help grow EoD is by optimizing logistics. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Uber all do it. They leverage A.I. to optimize their warehouses, delivery fleets, driver routes, and commute times. 

With the retail sector’s projected spending on A.I. growing from less than $1 billion in 2020 to over $40 billion by 2030, investors who catch the trend early could see up to 40-fold returns. 

If interested in finding a Whitney Tilson stock pick for A.I., subscribing to and reading his EOD report is fascinating and you even get an 100% money back guarantee if you cancel for any reason.

Technology 3: Autonomous Vehicles

The final emerging technology making EoD possible is the rise of autonomous delivery vans, humanoid robots, and delivery bots.

These technologies are all programmed to get items from local warehouses to your doorstep faster than any human.

In the past, there has been a perceived, far-fetched Whitney Tilson prediction about the future of transportation. He predicted the rise of EVs back in 2019. With New Jersey the latest of many states and countries to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035, who’s laughing now? Just 4 years after this Whitney Tilson prediction, you can see Teslas, Ford F-150s, Rivians, and even GM EVs in every town in America and EV commercials at every television break.

Now, with fleets of autonomous delivery vehicles in the form of bots, cars, vans, buggies, and drones, you can order anything you need and have it delivered to your doorstep in an hour or two. 

Autonomous delivery can happen every second, every day, regardless of the weather or time of year. 

Smart money is pouring into the space too. 

Last year, a startup launched by some Stanford dropouts in India promised to deliver groceries in just 10 minutes. In just nine months, their startup saw a $900 million valuation.

Jay-Z invested millions in Stellar Pizza, a robot-powered restaurant that delivers pizzas on the move within 30 minutes. Starship Technologies, the world’s leading provider of autonomous delivery, raised $100 million from investors in just 30 days. 

Key Takeaway

As Whitney Tilson says, “If you want to capture the biggest investment gains, you must act NOW.”

“EoD” is the world’s latest technological breakthrough that could turn small investments into life-changing gains. It could mint a new generation of millionaires in the coming months, the same way that the early days of the internet did. 

There’s a reason why companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Google are pouring money into the space. This “EoD” movement could be one of the most disruptive forces ever penetrating our world. 

Whitney Tilson identifies 3 emerging technologies converging to make EoD a reality- e-commerce, A.I., and autonomous vehicles. 

You could wait around and see how the industry’s growth shakes out. Or you could get in now before our new normal is buying anything and everything on demand and receiving it almost instantly.

How can you profit from it? “The Prophet” gives you the ins and outs in this special reports:

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