What is Jim Rickards Latest Prediction

January 24, 2023

Jim Rickards has spent his 40-plus year career making alarming predictions that many overlooked, refused to listen to, and sometimes mocked. 

The scariest part? He’s been correct more often than not. 

In the last 15 years, he’s predicted some of the most momentous, history-altering events. These include correctly predicting the Great Recession, Donald Trump’s election, and the COVID crash and resulting fallout. Even Rickards’s Twitter feed holds evidence of predictions that came true.

By now, it’s become evident that Rickards isn’t some conspiracy theorist. He has worked as an economist, best-selling author, lecturer, and consultant at the highest levels of Wall Street, international finance, and government. He’s used his insights to correctly warn about things before everyone realizes it.

This is why his latest prediction and warning might be his most terrifying and consequential. 

Jim Rickards’s latest prediction is “the end of the republic.”

The End of the Republic

When Jim Rickards speaks about “the end of the republic,” he isn’t just making a far-fetched prediction. It’s based on a Marxist takeover of the United States occurring in real time.

You see, what Rickards is warning about is just the final step in their plan for total control and power. A plan to weaken the American identity and replace freedom with authoritarianism.

Unfortunately, Rickards predicts that this final stage will not only be the most violent and chaotic for most Americans. It will crush them into abject poverty and make them entirely dependent on the state. 

He also predicts that the “end of the republic” will result in a depression and stock market crash that we’ve never seen before. 

He uses real-life examples of how the Marxists are accomplishing this goal. 

He bemoans how they’ve infiltrated every major institution in America and divided us. He sounds the alarm on censorship, corruption, and political divisiveness. He says the “defund the police” movement has given rise to lawlessness and a “two-tiered” judicial system. 

Force is already being used to destroy opposing ideas, and soon they could come for your family and children.  

It is a systemic, step-by-step plan that Marxists have wanted to implement for decades. Finally, they have their chance to move to the final stages of their project. 

They will not be satisfied until we, Americans, are “satisfied with less” and under their complete control. 

How to Prepare

Even though Jim Rickards’s latest prediction may sound ominous, terrifying, and hopeless for the future, you can do your part today to prepare for it and profit. It’s all for free too. 

All you have to do is sign up risk-free for Jim Rickards’s monthly newsletter called “Strategic Intelligence.” 

Once you do this, you can access his five-step protection plan, “How to Opt out of American Marxism,” for free.

In this strategic package, you’ll access the following reports:

  1. “The Complete Digital-Dollar Protection Plan
  2. “How to Get Started With Retirement Insurance”
  3. “My #1 Alternative Asset for 2023”  
  4. “My Top 3 Recession-Proof Stocks to Buy Now”
  5. “How to Make Your Home Your Personal Fortress”

Other Predictions From 2022

Jim Rickards hasn’t only predicted “the end of the republic” in 2022. 

For much of 2022, Jim Rickards has continued to forecast two dire predictions.

The first is a digital dollar replacing the U.S. dollar. The second is an economic super collapse that could end the American economy as we know it in the next 6-12 months.

Prediction 1: The Digital Dollar

For months, Rickards has sounded the alarm about Executive Order 14067 and its horrifying fine print that could lead to the end of the U.S. dollar. Replacing the U.S. dollar would be a new digital dollar that Rickards brands as “spyware currency.” 

He sees a digital dollar leading to:

  1. Legal government surveillance of all U.S. citizens 
  2. Total control over your bank accounts and purchases 
  3. The ability to silence all dissenting voices for good 

In other words, he predicts that once the digital dollar comes, it will be just another final nail in the coffin of our dying republic. 

Unfortunately, we could be closer to a digital dollar than we realize, and Rickards has predicted it for some time. 

In mid-November, Citigroup, HSBC, Mastercard, and Wells Fargo teamed with the New York Fed to oversee a 12-week digital dollar pilot. Where we go from here is scary to think about. 

Prediction 2: The Economic Super Collapse

In his video titled “Sold Out: Predictions of the Economic Super Collapse,” Jim Rickards warns of a potential $85 trillion economic super collapse coming in the next 6-12 months. 

He says we’re already in the early stages. Look no further than your local supermarket’s food shortages and exploding prices as evidence. Maybe look at the mismanagement of our energy policy or our medicine supply. Perhaps you need not look any further than the city you live in to note the rampant violence and crime. 

He calls our current situation “code red for Americans.” The prediction he’s made of a super economic collapse is one that he calls so catastrophic that he’s never foretold such an event in his career.

In his words, nothing the President, Congress, or the Fed can do to fix what they’ve broken.  

The Key Takeaway

In Jim Rickards’s four-decade-long career, he’s done everything at the highest level. His experience spans from helping Ronald Reagan negotiate the end of the Iranian crisis to overseeing Wall Street bailouts and advising senior leaders at the Pentagon and CIA to prevent the next 9/11.

He’s seen the inner workings of how top-secret entities work and has witnessed horrifying truths that millions refuse to accept. 

Because of his long track record of correct predictions, what he’s predicting now should alarm everyone.

It could mean the complete collapse of the American Empire and your future as you know it.

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