Teeka Tiwari’s “Biden Shock” of 2023

Coming as Soon as September 20

The “Biden Shock” of 2023

“Just days from now, President Biden could go on TV and announce a national recall on the U.S. dollar.
If you have any U.S. dollars in your bank account, you must prepare now… or risk losing everything.”

Former Investment Bank VP Teeka Tiwari

There’s been a few moments that changed the course of America forever…

JFK’s assassination…


The Nixon shock of 1971…

What’s scheduled to take place on September 20, at 2:00 P.M. Eastern Time could be another one of those moments.

President Biden could go on national TV and announce a U.S. dollar recall…

And replace every single dollar you have in your bank account with a new type of currency.

This would be the biggest change to our financial system since President Nixon went on live TV and took the dollar off the gold standard…

Triggering an  87% collapse in the value of the U.S. dollar

Just a few days from now, we could see a similar shock…

The Biden Shock.

And according to digital currency expert and former Vice President of a major U.S. investment bank Teeka Tiwari…

Those who don’t prepare could end up holding a bunch of worthless U.S. dollars.

In the next two minutes, he will show you not only the three steps you need to take to opt out of this potential dollar recall…

But also how to come out of this historic shift wealthier than ever.

Here’s Teeka Tiwari with all the details.

Hi, I’m Teeka Tiwari. I’ll fully introduce myself in just a moment.

But first take a look at this…

The U.S. dollar is already in free fall…

And all over the media, all you see are headlines about the end of the U.S. dollar….

I could go on and on…

But the bottom line is the U.S. dollar is in big trouble.

And I believe the U.S. government will soon announce a radical plan to stop this bleeding.

They’ll announce a mandatory national recall on the U.S. dollar…

And replace it with a new digital version that will be radically different from what you have in your bank account right now.

And you need to prepare now because they could officially announce this recall as soon as September 20.

As Business Insider says…

Bank of America is already warning its clients that ALL checking accounts are likely to be replaced with digital dollars.

And it’s not just Bank of America.

Take a look at this list…

More than 110 banks have already enrolled in a pilot program that I believe is the trojan horse for the digital dollar.

I’m talking about banks like JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in America…

U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo and Citigroup, just to mention a few.

There’s a very good chance your bank is on this list.

I’ll give you the complete list in just a moment…

And I’ll tell you exactly the three simple steps you need to take to opt out of this dollar recall because we don’t have much time to prepare.

According to Yahoo Finance…

Once they make the official announcement….

Most Americans will be caught completely off guard…

And they could end up holding a bunch of worthless U.S. dollars.

But it doesn’t have to be like that for you and your family.

You see, the bureaucrats who run our government don’t know much about digital currencies.

They wouldn’t know how to pull this off.

That’s why the U.S. government is turning to the private sector to help them implement this massive change to our financial system.

As Barron says…

Just the four biggest central banks alone manage more than $28 trillion dollars…

And they can print unlimited amounts of money, on demand.

And that’s where the opportunity comes in.

There are potentially trillions of dollars involved in the development of these digital currencies.

And if you know which companies are working on these CBDCs projects…

And which assets would benefit from a digital dollar….

You could come out of this U.S. dollar recall wealthier than you ever thought possible…

No matter what’s happening with our economy.

That’s why Billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and the founder of Google, Larry Page, are all prepared to cash in on this major shift.

I’ve personally already moved over $1 million of my own money in preparation for this recall.

So in the next few minutes, I’m going to give you all the details and help you prepare.

I’m going to show you a controversial video that PROVES that our financial authorities are planning a national recall on the U.S. dollar.

I’ll show you confirmation that they’ve already scheduled an official announcement for September 20 at 2 p.m. ET.

And I’ll explain why I believe they could make the recall official that day.

I’ll also tell you the one move you must make when your bank tells you they’re moving all your cash into this new digital dollar.

It’s not an exaggeration to say your entire life savings could depend on this one single move.

I’ll also discuss several companies that are helping governments around the world develop these central bank digital currencies or CBDCs.

I’ll mention names and ticker symbols, completely free of charge.

Feel free to write them down because I believe their stocks could skyrocket in the coming months.

As Barron says, right now there’s…

So I’ll give you the names of these companies because they’re well-positioned to cash in on this gold rush.

I’ll also give you details on the $0.25 alternative investment that could skyrocket when this dollar recall begins.

Most people don’t even know this exists because it has nothing to do with precious metals or commodities.

But it’s the same type of investment that’s already attracting the attention of legendary investors and billionaires like …

The founder of Tesla, Elon Musk…

Shark Tank star Mark Cuban…

Billionaire George Soros…

Legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones…

And the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.

Even though these billionaires are all in…

This isn’t reserved for rich people only.

In fact, you can get started with this alternative investment with less than $0.25…

And you can buy it right from your computer with just a few clicks.

Look, all these legends are already putting their money on the line because…

I’m talking about the biggest change to our financial system in more than half a century.

This isn’t something that happens every year or even every decade.

It’s a rare opportunity you’ll likely never see again.

I mean, they can only implement a national recall on the U.S. dollar one time.

That means today could be your only chance to prepare for this imminent threat.

So let me give you all the details because we really don’t have much time left.

Like I said before…

My name is Teeka Tiwari.

I worked on Wall Street across three separate decades…

I was a Vice President at Shearson Lehman, which was one of the largest investment banking firms in the U.S..

And at one point I even ran my own multi-million dollar hedge fund.

As a former money manager…

I’ve been directly involved in our financial system throughout most of my adult life.

So when I first heard about digital currencies…

It took me just a few months of research to realize it would be a game changer.

That’s why in 2016 when most people thought digital currencies were a scam…

I put my career on the line…

And I publicly recommended digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Look at what I wrote:

Most people ridiculed me at that time.

But that’s exactly what happened.

And anyone who listened to me and invested just $1,000 had the chance to walk away with as much as $147,000 from that Bitcoin trade.

That same month I made another prediction that seemed even crazier.

I wrote:

Again, that’s exactly what happened.

And anyone who listened to me and invested just $1,000 had the chance to walk away with as much as $483,000 from this Ethereum trade.

Now, the opportunity to make those types of gains with Bitcoin or Ethereum is gone.

But in the next few minutes…

I’ll give you the names and ticker symbols of three companies that are already involved in this potential dollar recall, completely free of charge.

These are companies that you can buy directly from your brokerage account.

I even found a company that’s working directly with our central bank to launch the U.S. digital dollar.

Plus, I’ll discuss the $0.25 alternative investment that could skyrocket in the coming days… no matter what’s happening with our economy.

I believe most people will lose their entire life savings because they don’t understand what’s happening.

That’s the sad reality.

But there are also tremendous opportunities if you know what to do.

Making 10 times your money is not out of the question.

I know that sounds like hype….

But throughout my career, I’ve picked not one, not two, but a total of 27 investments that jumped at least 1,000%… as you can see on your screen.

Many of these jumped much higher than 10x.

That’s a big reason why 130,000 independent analysts voted me as the most trusted digital currency expert.

And I take that very seriously.

So I feel it’s my duty to warn you that this new digital dollar will NOT be like Bitcoin.

You see,

This digital dollar will be 100% controlled by the government…

That means they will be able to track all of your purchases.

Are you really surprised the government is taking advantage of breakthrough technology like digital currencies to accumulate even more power?

I began warning about this power grab all the way back in 2016…

When I said central banks could use this technology to ban cash.

At that time, I wrote:

As scary as that sounds…

The new digital dollar will make that possible.

But that’s not the worst of it.

The digital dollar will also be a programmable currency…

This means the government could also be able to control how you spend your own money.

For example, they could control how much you’re allowed to spend on things that they believe are bad for you, like red meat.

Or they could control how much you’re allowed to spend on things that they believe are bad for the environment, like fossil fuels.

They could even ban you from buying books that criticize the government.

That’s the bad news.

But here’s the good news…

I’m about to show you the three simple steps you must take to opt out of this coming dollar recall.

I believe that’s the only way to protect yourself and your loved ones from this power grab.

Now, if you think the government would not like to have that kind of power…

If you think they don’t want to have more control over your life…

This message is probably not for you.

But if you’ve been paying attention…

You know the government will take advantage of any crisis to increase its power.

You’ve heard the saying… never let a crisis go to waste.

Well, right now we’re in the midst of a huge crisis…

A U.S. dollar crisis.

And I found shocking VIDEO evidence that our central bank is planning to use this crisis to pull the trigger on this dollar recall.

I’ll play that video for you in just a moment.

First, let me tell you more about this new dollar crisis because it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

It’s a new terrifying trend called de-dollarization…

Where major nations around the world are dumping the U.S. dollar in unison.

You see, as the #1 world’s reserve currency…

Most countries use dollars to transact in global trade.

For that reason, central banks MUST hold dollars in reserve.

This has been the case since the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944…

Which established the dollar as the world’s main reserve currency.

That agreement was a game changer because it created guaranteed demand for the U.S. dollar.

It’s a big reason why America became a superpower.

The problem is that the U.S. government has been abusing that privilege for decades now.

Take a look…

Our debt has exploded, especially in the last two decades…

And it is now higher than $31 trillion… the equivalent of $94,000 per citizen.

As if that wasn’t enough…

In February 2022, the Biden administration took that abuse to a whole other level…

By weaponing the U.S. dollar.

In response to Russia’s war with Ukraine…

The U.S. froze ALL the dollar reserves of Russia’s central bank.

That was $630 billion dollars.

To be clear, these were not American assets.

These were dollars owned by the Russian Central Bank and the Russian people.

But because they were held in U.S. dollars, our government had the ability to freeze them.

So the rest of the world watched that unprecedented move…

And they started thinking…

“Wait a second… if the U.S. can do that to Russia, a nuclear superpower, they can do that to anyone.”

That’s why an increasing number of nations from Asia to Europe and Latin America have recently announced plans to dump the U.S. dollar…

And instead trade in their own local currencies.

It’s why Bloomberg wrote:

For example, China and Russia have normally used U.S. dollars to buy stuff from each other.

But just this past year, the volume of trades using their own currencies has increased eighty-fold.

That’s an 8,000% increase!

65% of that massive China-Russia trade is now being conducted in their Russian and Chinese currencies.

China has also made a deal with Brazil to settle their trade with their own currencies.

Russia and China are also talking to several countries in Africa to ditch the U.S. dollar.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India are also in talks to shift away from the dollar.

The finance ministers of Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Brunei recently met behind closed doors…

And they also decided to move away from the U.S. dollar.

When the media asked about it, they released a statement saying…

Or look at Saudi Arabia.

For the past 48 years, they’ve only accepted U.S. dollars when they sell oil to nations around the world.

But now, they said they’re considering trading in currencies besides the U.S. dollar.

Even some of our allies are dumping the greenback.

For example, French President Emmanuel Macron has urged Europe to wean itself off its dependence on the U.S. dollar.

Make no mistake…

This is an unprecedented run on our currency.

That’s why Economist Peter Onge said:

Take a look at this…

The U.S. dollar share of world reserve currencies has collapsed from 73% in 2001 to the lowest level ever at 47% this year.

Most Americans don’t realize this is a huge deal.

You see, thanks to this #1 world reserve currency status…

There’s always been a lot of demand for the U.S. dollar.

That’s the only reason why our government has been able to spend money like drunken sailors…

Without having to worry about any consequences.

It’s a huge advantage that literally gave us our standard of living.

So the fact that nations around the world are now dumping the U.S. dollar at a pace 10x faster than the previous two decades is a huge crisis.

And remember what I said earlier?

The government never lets a crisis go to waste.

I believe they’re going to use this NEW dollar crisis to implement what they’ve been planning for months now:

A new digital dollar that will give them complete control over your money.

And they’re going to tell you they’re doing that for your own good… to save the U.S. dollar.

If you think this is just some crazy conspiracy theory…

Just listen to what Jerome Powell, the head of our central bank, said recently…

“A U.S. CBDC could also potentially help maintain the dollar’s international standing.”

So they’re openly talking about their plan.

That’s why Yahoo Finance wrote:

Bank of America is also saying the same thing:

Make no mistake…

This dollar recall is real…

And we could just be days away from the official announcement.

You see, right now the U.S. is already falling behind when it comes to central bank digital currencies.

According to the think tank Atlantic Council…

114 countries are exploring digital currencies.

Their collective economies represent more than 95% of the world’s GDP.

In other words, the entire world is getting behind CBDCs.

Countries like China, India, Nigeria, and the Bahamas, have already rolled out digital currencies.

Others, like the U.S., Sweden, and Japan, are preparing for possible rollouts.

These governments believe that a digital currency will be an upgrade over traditional forms of money…

Because it would flow more easily around the world through digital wallets….

Bypassing the messy web of commercial banks and money-transfer businesses.

Of course, it would also give the government the unprecedented power to track and control how you spend your money.

As I mentioned earlier, once they implement the digital dollar…

The government will have direct access to your bank account.

For example, if we had another pandemic…

The Fed could just deposit stimulus “checks” into every U.S. citizen’s digital currency account.

And if the economy is running too hot, they could do the opposite.

They could freeze a portion of your money to reduce consumer spending.

Don’t you think they’d like to have that kind of power?

That’s why central banks are moving towards digital currencies in droves.

Look, regardless of what you think about CBDCs, that’s the future of money…

And nobody can stop this trend.

As the Wall Street Journal says…

Until recently, the U.S. was falling behind this trend.

But they’re now trying to catch up.

Just listen to what Lael Brainard said recently.

She’s a Fed governor who could be the next head of our central bank. And she said:

So the government is trying to catch up to other nations that have already launched a digital currency, like China.

That’s why things are moving so fast.

In other words, whether you like it or not…

This national recall is happening…

The traditional dollar is dead…

And it’s just a matter of time before it’s replaced by the U.S. digital dollar.

As you can see here on the official government website…

The official announcement could happen as soon as September 20.

That’s why in just a moment I’ll tell you about the three simple steps you must take before that official announcement.

I believe this is the easiest and most effective way to opt out of this digital dollar.

And your life savings could depend on it.

Most people won’t know what to do…

And they might end up getting stuck with worthless dollars.

But if you know how to “opt out”…

If you know how to take advantage of this CBDC gold rush…

You could not only protect yourself but also come out of this dollar recall wealthier than ever.

I already found a company that’s working directly with our central bank to develop the digital dollar.

So this is a company that I believe will play a key role in this coming U.S. dollar recall.

I’ll give you more details in just a moment because…

There’s a lot of money to be made here.

You see, central banks around the world are using technology to usher in a paradigm shift in our global financial system.

And I’ve been following technology for a long time.

I know from personal experience that every time we see this kind of paradigm shift…

Investors who are in the know have a chance to walk away with extraordinary profits.

For example, back in 2003, shares of Apple had just crashed 70% and nobody wanted to touch it.

But I knew the company was going to lead a paradigm shift in electronic consumer devices.

So when I was on Wall Street, I picked Apple for my private clients when it was trading under $1.

Since then, shares of Apple have skyrocketed by as much as 45,357%…

Which turns $1,000 into more than $450,000.

Then in 2008, I noticed Amazon was using technology to launch a paradigm shift in the retail space…

So I profiled the company because I knew it would change the entire landscape.

Anyone who listened to me had a chance to make up to 4,630%, so more than 46 times their money.

More recently, in 2019 I gave a presentation behind closed doors…

And I singled out Square, Nvidia, and Tesla as some of my top tech plays…

And look what happened since then.

Square started an amazing run…and it has jumped as high as 354%…

NVIDIA has jumped as high as 638%…

And Tesla, which used technology to completely reshape the auto industry,  has jumped even higher… as high as …2,445%!

Now of course, these are some of my best plays.

But if you missed out on all these opportunities, don’t worry.

I believe the gains could be even higher this time…

Because now we’re about to see a paradigm shift in the U.S. dollar.

If you look at the total supply of dollars, that’s more than 15 times bigger than the market cap of all those companies I just mentioned… COMBINED.

Remember, we’re talking about the biggest change to our financial system in 52 years.

That’s why Barron’s wrote:

In just a moment, I’ll give you the names and ticker symbols of three companies that are already involved in this shift, completely free of charge.

But you’re going to have to act fast because like I mentioned before…

We could be days away from the official announcement.

Once the Federal Reserve or the White House goes on TV and announce the new digital dollar..

It could be too late.

And you won’t get a second chance.

This is truly a historic opportunity…

The last time we saw a change to our entire global financial system like this was in 1971.

You see, in the mid-1960s, under the leadership of President Lyndon Johnson…

The U.S. government went on a spending spree, much like what’s happening today.

It doubled its annual spending because of the Vietnam War and social programs.

At that time, the U.S. dollar was still pegged to gold.

That meant other nations could redeem their U.S. dollar reserves for gold.

And that’s exactly what happened.

With government spending getting out of control in the 1960s…

Countries began to dump the U.S. dollar and exchange it for gold, which has always been viewed as a stable store of value.

In order to stop the bleeding…

The Nixon administration announced a radical change in 1971.

Without giving any warning to the American people….

He went on live TV and took the dollar off the gold standard in what’s now known as the Nixon Shock.

Listen to how he justified that unprecedented move:

“We must protect the position of the American dollar as the pillar of monetary stability around the world.”

In other words, he said that the government was doing that for our own good…

To protect the U.S. dollar.

In reality, we all know today that this move gave the government the power to print unlimited amounts of money.

Like I said earlier, the government never lets a crisis go to waste.

After 1971, the U.S. dollar became a fiat currency…

And the Fed was now free to print money willy-nilly, without worrying about any gold reserves.

At that time, most people didn’t understand what was happening…

And they were caught by surprise.

The result?

Inflation crushed U.S. consumers in the 1970s.

The purchasing power collapsed…

And the dollar lost 87% of its value, as you can see in this chart.

Here’s another way of looking at it…

It takes about $7.82 in “today’s money” to purchase the same amount of goods and services a single dollar would have bought you back in 1970.

In other words, most Americans became poorer during the new U.S. dollar regime.

But the few who knew where to move their cash actually had a chance to make a small fortune during that decade.

For example…

There were multiple opportunities to double, triple, and even makeup to 10 times your money or more in the stock market.

Oil exploration company Schlumberger Limited (NYSE:SLB) jumped by as much as 1,032%.

Helmerich & Payne also went up by 10x.

And steel producer Nucor Corporation jumped as high as 2,831%.

That’s 28 times your money.

I’m telling you all this because…

I believe we’re about to see a similar shock to our financial system.

Just a few days from now…

President Biden could go on national TV much like Nixon did…

And announce the mandatory U.S. dollar recall.

He’s going to say it’s for your own good.

He’s going to tell you they’re doing that to stop this new de-dollarization trend…

He’s going to tell you they’re doing this to preserve the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency…

Just like Nixon did.

Historians might even call it “the Biden shock…”

Because it will catch most people by surprise.

But today you have a chance to prepare.

You have a chance to “opt-out”…and not only protect yourself and your family…

But also prosper during this coming financial shift.

You just need to act fast because…

As you can see here…

Our financial authorities already scheduled an official announcement for September 20.

Friends, this is a screenshot of their website.

So this is an official date.

That’s just a few days away.

And that’s when I believe they could begin this dollar recall.

Now, there’s a simple move you can make today to opt out of this digital dollar.

It doesn’t require you to move abroad and become an expat…

It doesn’t require you to get a second passport…

And it doesn’t require you to be rich.

You’ll be able to do this from the comfort of your home…

In just three simple steps.

Most people don’t know about this…

But some of the savviest investors on the planet have already taken these steps.

I’m talking about people like billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Cuban…

Legendary investors like hedge fund managers Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller…

And CEOs of major firms, like Mark Zuckerberg and the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook.

I put all the instructions you need to follow inside a special new report called The 3 Simple Steps to Opt Out of the Digital Dollar.

Inside this report, I’ll walk you through everything you need to do, step by step…

And even share the complete list of banks that have already signed up for what I believe is a digital dollar pilot program.

I’d like to give you access to this report right now because…

As far as I know, this is the ONLY way to legally opt out of this digital dollar.

I’ll tell you how to claim this report in just a moment.

First, there’s one more action I’m recommending you take right now.

Like I mentioned earlier…

This new digital dollar will also create incredible opportunities…

Because I believe it will send a few stocks higher than anyone can imagine.

For example, Big Tech is all over this trend because they know these central banks control trillions of dollars.

According to my research…

These central banks will likely end up hosting at least part of their new currency systems with major cloud providers like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

Google has already made inroads in the Caribbean.

Microsoft helped the Bahamas launch its digital currency.

And Amazon is testing several CBDC pilot programs and experiments.

For example, they’re already working with the European Central Bank to launch the digital euro.

So these three companies will certainly benefit from this trend.

But I believe there are better opportunities than Microsoft, Google or Amazon.

You see, these companies are already too big.

So even though they’re participating in the development of CBDCs…

It’s unlikely you’ll make huge gains with those stocks.

But here’s the good news…

I found a smaller, little-known stock that I believe has much more upside potential.

It’s a company you’ve probably never heard of.

But it’s working directly with central banks around the world to help them launch their digital currencies.

This company already helped our central bank develop its real-time payments network called FedNow.

Maybe you’ve heard about it.

But that’s basically the infrastructure that would be required for a future transition to a U.S. digital dollar.

That’s why FedNow has been called “A Trojan Horse for CBDCs.”

You see, in order for the government to pull this off…

And replace the traditional dollar with a digital dollar…

They need to have direct access to your bank account.

That’s what FedNow does.

And like I mentioned earlier…

More than 110 banks have already signed up for its pilot program, including the biggest banks in America.

This is pretty scary.

But like I’ve said many times, it’s also presenting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Think about it…

Our central bank manages over $8 trillion dollars…

And they can print unlimited amounts of money, on demand.

And this little-known company is working directly with them.

And it’s not just the Fed.

They already signed a deal with five central banks from other countries.

And with more and more countries rolling out their own digital currencies…

There’s a good chance they will sign many more deals in the coming months.

That’s why I believe that once they officially announce the U.S. dollar recall…

Shares of this company could skyrocket.

That’s why the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock already invested $3.3 billion in this company.

Vanguard, another Wall Street giant, has invested more than $3 billion.

Bank of America has invested more than $500 million in this single stock.

I put all the details inside a special report called My #1 Stock for the Coming Digital Dollar.

I’d like to give you access immediately because it has my entire analysis…

Including the name and ticker symbol.

I’ll tell you how to claim this report in just a moment. First…

There’s one more opportunity I want to tell you about today.

You see, all these CBDCs are built on top of the blockchain.

And blockchain technology is by far the fastest creator of wealth in the history of the financial markets.

I say that from personal experience.

I’ve recommended several blockchain plays in recent years across my publications…

And the returns have been unbelievable.

The secret is…

You must get into these investments when they’re trading for pocket change.

For example, I recommended BNB when it was trading for less than $2.

It jumped all the way to $690.

If you do the math, that’s a return of more than 36,000%…

Enough to turn $1,000 into more than $367,000.

Another blockchain investment I recommended was trading for $0.14.

It went as high as $119.

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into more than $851,000.

That’s an entire nest egg right there.

And that wasn’t even the biggest gain I found.

I recommended another blockchain play that literally gave my readers the chance to become millionaires.

It was trading for $0.13 at the time.

And anyone who listened to me had a chance to turn $1,000 into over $1.5 million…

In less than a year.

That’s why I want to tell you about…

An exciting new blockchain investment that’s trading under $0.25.

Now, I want to make something very clear.

These types of blockchain investments can be very volatile.

So I don’t recommend anyone invest their mortgage money in this…

Because you don’t have to.

These things trade for pocket change.

This means a small stake is more than enough to give you a chance to make a huge six-figure payout.

Also, I’ll be the first one to say that these gains are super rare.

Even though I’ve already given my readers the chance to at least 10x their money on 27 different occasions…

I can’t guarantee we’ll see those types of monster gains again.

But the potential here is undeniable…

Because this single investment would give you DIRECT exposure to the blockchain technology that was designed for central bank digital currencies…

And you can get started with less than a quarter.

This means that if it jumps by just 25 cents, you’d more than double your money.

Look, I know that it can be hard to believe that it’s possible for anyone to turn a small stake into a six and even seven-figure payout.

But I’ve given my readers the chance to do that again, again and again.

In fact, some of them even shared their story. Take a look…

  • B.J. — “I turned $12k into $1.2 million dollars… put my retirement into warpspeed”
  • Evan L. — “I turned $300 into $200,000…”
  • Dave and Christine — “From $10,000 it went $330,000… we’re going on a family holiday”
  • Ben Y. — “I invested about $25,000… And my portfolio’s like $2.2 million”

Verified subscribers. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

Isn’t that incredible?

That’s why I’d like to give you access to another brand-new report I just put together.

It’s called The $0.25 Moonshot: How to Make a Fortune with CBDCs

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You see, nations across the globe are not only dumping the U.S. dollar…

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In the first quarter of 2023 alone, central banks added 228 tons to global reserves.

That’s the highest rate of purchases seen in the first quarter since the data series began in 2000.

Take a look:

This is very good news for gold.

As the chair of Rockefeller International, Ruchir Sharma, says:

No wonder the yellow metal has been skyrocketing recently.

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