"Crypto is taking over"

James Altucher’s Crypto Investing Strategy

Hi, I’m James Altucher and I’m going to read you three headlines from the mainstream media about cryptocurrencies crashing…

Sounds pretty bad, right?

And… considering cryptocurrencies have crashed up to a gut-wrenching 80%, it’s no surprise that the media has predicted their death.

You’ve probably read people on Facebook bashing cryptocurrencies and saying the fad has passed…

And if the headlines you just heard are accurate, you’d have to be crazy to hold any cryptocurrencies during this crash…

… and you’d have to be absolutely nuts to buy more.

But here’s the thing…

Those headlines aren’t from today…

The first one was from November 2019, after Bitcoin’s value dropped in half…

Prompting a former US Treasury and International Monetary Fund economist to predict its death. Two years later, Bitcoin rocketed 890% higher.

The second headline I read is from July 2021… after Bitcoin had dropped over $5,000… just before it screamed up almost $10,000 just 30 days later… on its way up to its record high so far.

The third one I read was after Bitcoin hit $47,000. Three months later… Bitcoin hit $64,400.

I could show you more of these headlines. Why am I reading them to you?

Because the cryptocurrency markets are, once again, crashing.

Bitcoin has, once again, lost half its value compared to the dollar.

The mainstream media is, once again, declaring the death of cryptocurrencies.

And, once again, the real truth is…

You’re in the perfect position to bolster your retirement savings… and even take advantage of 8,788% gains by 2025.

And I understand if that sounds ridiculous. Especially now.

“There’s no way you could make that much with Bitcoin now,” you might say. And you’re right…

I 100% agree with you.

Those days are over…

If you want profits like that, you need to look beyond Bitcoin…

… and you need to look beyond coins getting attention and positive press.

Making money in the cryptocurrency space now requires a completely different strategy and I’m going to show you exactly what it is.

First, let’s talk some more about the elephant in the room.

The crypto market… and the stock market… have been beaten bloody in 2022.

Things are ugly right now and I predict they’re going to get even uglier.

The flood of free money from 2020 and 2021 has gone bone dry

Instead of providing quantitative easing, the Fed is now tightening money supply.

Global supply chain breakdowns are going to keep cutting our economy off at the knees…

Food shortages are already spreading… prices are spiking higher…

… and Russia’s war with the Ukraine will keep making everything worse.

You can find all kinds of articles online saying that crypto is dead.

In fact, let me read you one more. “Bitcoin is ‘worthless’ and will perform worse than stocks in the coming months, analyst says.”

This headline was actually halfway correct. For a few months, Bitcoin did perform worse than the stock market.

But guess what happened within four years of that headline? Bitcoin had gone up 9X, massively outperforming the stock market. That’s a cumulative gain of 863%.

This is important because with the markets crashing, cryptocurrencies seem even worse than stocks. But history has shown the smart move is to go even bigger into crypto during a crash.

This time, you need a completely different strategy if you want to make money with crypto today

The good news is, my research… which I’ve used to make millions of dollars in the cryptocurrency market…

… is showing we’re entering a brand-new era of cryptocurrency where fortunes can still be made

And I predict you can make your fortune faster than if you waited for the stock market to recover.

I’m going to show you how this crash is handing you an opportunity on a silver platter that could be worth way more than 9X.

To get in on this opportunity, you need to act before December 31st. That’s when a specific event is anticipated to happen that’s going to take cryptocurrency more mainstream than ever before… similar to the internet in 2005…

… and I predict its demand is going to skyrocket.

I’m not the only one saying this. Billionaire Mark Cuban also believes this upcoming event is going to be game-changing.

I’ll give you the details in a moment, including the name of this cryptocurrency I’m piling into. And it’s not Bitcoin.

Not that I’m down on Bitcoin. Even with the recent crash… Bitcoin is still the 7th largest form of money that exists. I predict it will bounce back even higher, although that will take time.

But if you want to make a fortune… you can’t just pile into Bitcoin and hope for the best.

We’ve entered a brand-new era of cryptocurrency where big corporations are already using certain cryptocurrencies as part of their business…

… and the smart money is piling in.

The bad news is, you can’t simply invest in whatever cryptocurrencies seem popular and automatically make money.

The good news is, this environment is actually perfect for more careful investors.

I keep tabs on the major venture capital firms in Silicon Valley and I can confirm the smart money is still in crypto…

… and if you play your next move right…

You have the chance to make a fortune.

I’ve done it before. As I mentioned before, a few years ago, I turned a $25,000 cryptocurrency investment into $2,000,000 in just 4 and a half years.

I want to show you how to do the same.

Now, you shouldn’t simply “buy the dip.”

As I’ll explain in a moment, we’re not just witnessing yet another dip.

This crash is showing something completely different is happening.

Your best bet is to use the same strategy that the smart money is taking advantage of…

… and I’m going to show you exactly what that is.

As I said before, I’m James Altucher.

I’m a Wall Street Journal best-selling author who has written over 20 books…

One of them, Choose Yourself, was called a “must-read” by Forbes, and has 2,900+ reviews on Amazon with an average 4.4 star rating…

My articles have also been published by The Financial Times, The New York Observer, and The Wall Street Journal.

My podcast “The James Altucher Show” has more than 20 million downloads.

During my career, I’ve made valuable connections with everyone from billionaire Mark Cuban, the star of Shark Tank and owner of the Dallas Mavericks…

… to Peter Thiel, the billionaire founder of PayPal and early investor in Facebook…

I founded and ran my own $55.6 million hedge fund and a $200 million venture capital firm…

I’m a successful angel investor, especially in crypto technology…

So successful in fact…

I turned down an opportunity to work with a $100 million crypto-based hedge fund for the wealthy…

Instead, I prefer to help everyday folks, which is why my most recent book is The Big Book Of Crypto. Just a few months after its launch, it’s sold 20,000+ copies.

I’m not saying any of this to brag.

Before enjoying this success, I went through very troubled times.

24 years ago, my portfolio got gutted so horribly, I cried myself to sleep every night.

It was because of the dot com crash.

I lost my entire net worth, over $15,000,000.

From multi-millionaire to ZERO.

I paced around my house at 3 in the morning, wondering how I’d support my children and if my wife would take them away and I’d never see them again.

Fortunately, I figured out how to rebuild my fortune from the bottom…

… and even ran a private hedge fund and private equity firm.

Part of my methodology was to actually take advantage of market crashes.

Which is why, today, I don’t worry about crashes.

In fact, I look forward to them.

Here’s what this has to do with YOU:

I’ve figured out how to apply the same fortune-building techniques from the stock market to the cryptocurrency market.

And… let me tell you… these techniques work even BETTER with cryptocurrencies.

Take a look at this mansion:

My publishers call this “the house that crypto built.”

Because I actually bought this house a short time ago

… and I paid for it with crypto earnings.

Now that I’ve had my success, I’ve found helping average people makes me much happier than helping the ultra-wealthy get even wealthier.

That’s why I’ve been educating people about cryptocurrencies for several years now. Those who have followed me could have taken advantage of Bitcoin’s 50,000%+ growth.

Last year, it topped $60,000 in value.

Now it has crashed halfway down.

No doubt about it, cryptocurrencies are volatile… but I still believe they are the best strategy today the average person can use to create life-changing wealth.

And I want to help the everyday person, like you, get rich.

Maybe you don’t want a big mansion…

Perhaps you’d rather pay down your debt. Never worry about money again.

Either way, right now the odds are on your side.

So with that said…

Let’s dive into specifics and dispel some myths about the cryptocurrency market…

… and show how an average investor can help protect and grow their investment portfolio by properly investing in cryptocurrency.

In the next 15 seconds, I’m going to give you some advice about the markets that might go against everything you’re hearing…

… but it could mean the difference between a retirement where you need to find a part-time job… or where you shop for a part-time vacation home.

You’ve probably seen dozens of messages telling you simply to “buy.”


Most of the people who follow that advice are going to get screwed…

… because they’re going to buy coins that seem popular or that are getting the most buzz online.

You can’t use old, outdated tactics and bank on all cryptocurrencies… or even popular cryptocurrencies… shooting back up.

The crypto investing days of “spray and pray” are long gone.

We can’t rely on the whole thing bouncing back up after a crash.

In March of this year, there were 18,465 cryptocurrencies in existence… and that number is getting bigger.

To put that in perspective, there are 6,296 companies listed in the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange. So, there are more than three times as many cryptocurrencies as stocks listed on these major exchanges!

Most of the cryptos going down… are going to stay down. Even major ones that investors think are safe.

So, which are going to go up?

Many years ago, a brilliant investor named Benjamin Graham said that the stock market is a voting machine in the short-term and a weighing machine in the long-term.

In other words, only popular stocks rise in the short-term… but eventually they crash and the stocks with real value go up.

Benjamin Graham, by the way, was Warren Buffett’s mentor.

We’ve seen this change in the stock market with the dot com bubble. We’re now seeing this change in the cryptocurrency market.

I’ve anticipated this change for several years. I just didn’t think it would happen this quickly.

That’s actually good news for you…

I’ve identified several other cryptocurrencies whose potential rocket upward could make Bitcoin’s rise look downright gentle and slow by comparison.

We’re on the ground floor of a new opportunity for 8,788% returns.

And because of the crash, one of the cryptocurrencies I’m recommending is trading for 96% less than its all-time high… for just 10 cents.

Time is of the essence. Unlike ten years ago, big institutional financial firms are scrambling to get into cryptocurrencies right now.

And my contacts in the hedge fund and venture capital world?

They’re going all in. Especially TODAY.

Why is the smart money still so bullish?

Because we’re watching in real-time a pattern almost exactly like the rise
of the internet…

The last few years of the cryptocurrency market have been like the rise of internet companies during the dot com boom in the late 1990s…

Billions and billions of investor dollars poured into companies that didn’t even have a profit… or a business plan… or anything but an “internet-sounding” name.

Some companies literally changed their names to include “dot com” to get more money… and it worked!

Remind you of anything? It’s just like the alt coins made by people in their moms’ basements to swindle investors.

I said on CNBC that they were scams, and I was proven right.

Now many people have written off cryptocurrencies and won’t touch them. So, we’re going to turn their fear into our gain.

Let’s look back at the dot com boom which… as you know… turned into the dot com bust.

Companies that had valuations as high as $7.5 BILLION dollars went bankrupt.





… and many more.

And what would have happened if you had invested in the top 20 biggest tech companies?

You’d be bankrupt, right?

Actually, no…

Because even after 90% of your positions crashed and burned… the remaining 10% would have made you a millionaire by 2010. Your portfolio would contain companies like Intel and Apple.

You’d do very well… well enough that, for the last 12 years, you could have been sipping your favorite drink on the deck of your luxury property…

… but you’d have to be patient enough to wait for those returns and have nerves of steel to deal with the uncertainty.

But let’s say you did more than just invest in the biggest tech stocks. Let’s say you researched which companies had the most going for them.

You ignored companies like WorldCom, which were generating amazing buzz but didn’t actually provide any value…

Then, your actions during the bubble bursting would have been the best moves of your financial life…

If you had invested $1,000 in Apple in 2001… you’d have over half a million dollars as of today. Yes, even with the most recent crash of tech stocks.

If you’d invested $10,000? Then you’d be sitting on over $5,000,000.

What if you had invested $1,000 in Amazon at the same time?

You might have looked foolish (like me when I kept loading up on Bitcoin) …

After all, Amazon dropped from a high of $113 per share to a low of $5.51 per share.

Sticking with Amazon would have taken courage.

Especially when Fortune magazine published how Barnes & Noble may “crush” Amazon…

Or when Barrons published a cover story titled “Amazon.bomb” with a picture of Jeff Bezos’ face imposed on a lit bomb.

Lehman Brothers issued a report warning that the company was hemorrhaging cash and might not survive…

Yes, that Lehman Brothers!

Yet if you’d kept your position, your courage would have paid off…

You’d have over $367,000.

And if you had invested $10,000?

You’d have over $3,670,000.

Today, we take it for granted that these are solid blue chips that we’d “wished we’d gotten in on.” But they used to be hated and made fun of. Investors used to be scared of putting their money into them.

That era is over. The world wide web isn’t the new kid on the block anymore. It’s not hated or made fun of like Amazon was.

Now cryptocurrency is.

And, just like Amazon, cryptocurrencies are still getting dragged through the mud.

You heard me read the headlines saying they’re dead. People are calling it the “Crypto Winter.”

That’s going to be true for 99% of them.


There are certain cryptocurrencies that are the “Amazon” and “Google” and “Apple” and now you can grab your share for pennies on the dollar.

But there are also cryptocurrencies that are like the scams from the internet bubble… those companies that sounded cool but had zero revenue or customers.

Many cryptocurrencies… even ones generating a lot of positive buzz… are just like that. You must avoid them.

So, here’s how we can use lessons from the dot com crash to make a fortune today.

In the early 2000s, the internet was still strange to most people.

We got a bazillion America Online CDs
in the mail…

It took 10 minutes to receive an email and we had to hear ear-piercing dial tones to get online, and it broke if someone picked up the phone…

… and nobody DARED put their credit card information online.

The idea of doing that, let alone doing your banking, was laughed at.

Then, around 2005, everything changed.

More people started using Amazon for shopping.

It was suddenly okay to buy something online with your credit card.


Now we do our banking online. We buy items with one click and they show up at our doorstep. Even food.

So, what made the difference?

First, in 2005 the internet reached one billion users.

As you’re about to see in a moment, this is a sort of magic number.

Second, the internet gained traction because of how useful it was. After internet speeds picked up, email was lightning quick compared to the post office. Data could be easily stored. Businesses could sell products online.

In fact, in 2006, when Yahoo offered Facebook $1 billion to purchase it, I went on CNBC and said Facebook would be worth one hundred billion.

They laughed…

… and I ended up right.

I had seen that, after 2005, the internet was no longer weird… it became the go-to option for billions of people.

And how many of those people actually know how the internet is designed and built? Hardly any. Do you? Does it matter? You don’t need to decipher code to make use of it.

I’m saying all this because…

We’ve entered the same era in cryptocurrency.

For the first few years, it was strange. We heard about Bitcoin and something called a blockchain and most people ignored it. Buying a Bitcoin was really hard and not secure — sort of like sending an email in the early 2000s.

And, for years, few people dared to use cryptocurrencies to make transactions or store their savings, sort of like how few people used their credit cards online.

That’s all changing. Actually, it already has…

Mastercard announced the release of its first credit card backed by crypto.

I’ll repeat what I’ve been saying for years…

Crypto is taking over.

You can either take advantage or get left behind.

There’s still time for you to get in early because we’re still in the sweet spot between the pioneers and going mainstream.

Researchers estimate that, by the end of 2022, roughly 12.8% of the US population will be invested in cryptocurrencies.

That’s over 30 million people… which is a lot.

But that also means billions of people haven’t gotten on board yet, so you can still be ahead of the curve.

More importantly, we haven’t quite stepped into the magic number phase.

You see, right now the reported number of cryptocurrency users is 300,000,000. That number is screaming toward one billion.

Of course, it’d be exciting if people were adopting cryptocurrencies as quickly as they did the internet…

Well, it’s interesting… people are NOT adopting it as quickly… they’re adopting cryptocurrencies FASTER than the internet.

Yes, faster.

When the number of users hits one billion, I predict using crypto technology will be as common as purchasing items online was after 2005.

And, according to Crypto.com, this number could be reached by the end of 2022.

That’s why I urge you to act on this information by December 31st, 2022… which is quickly approaching.

Now, there’s another lesson we can learn from history.

This is how we can figure out which
coins will go up…

When the internet went mainstream, the companies that gushed out billions and billions of dollars for investors were the ones that provided the most use.

They weren’t just popular… they actually gave a service that people and other businesses wanted. Think Microsoft. Amazon. Apple. Google.

That’s what I didn’t know when I invested in tech stocks in the late 90s…

Instead of choosing stocks with real value, I simply bought them all…

… sort of like how most people are investing in cryptocurrencies today.

That’s how I lost $15,000,000.

I wasn’t able to rebuild my fortune until I started following the smart money…

… and that’s how we’re going to start building your fortune today.

You’ve learned how same transition the internet went through, is occurring with cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrencies that will survive this crash and rocket upward like a coiled spring that suddenly lets loose…

… will be the ones that provide the most use.

Take UPS, for instance. They’re diving into blockchain, a part of cryptocurrencies’ technology, as a potential backbone for their logistics.

UC Berkeley and Lockheed Martin are using the coin I used to turn $25,000 into $2,000,000.

A giant healthcare company is using the blockchain of the coin I predict will go up 8,788%…

Here’s another example. I talked with the owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves NBA team. He revealed to me that they’re already building cryptocurrency technology into their ticketing system.

Other sports teams are quietly doing the same.

But remember that only a tiny percentage of cryptocurrencies are being used by big corporations…

Those are the only ones we want to buy. So, let’s talk about stocks again…

Who made a fortune after the 2008 crash?

Smart investors like Warren Buffett.

He strode straight into the rubble and scooped up bargains because he knew where the value was.

Specifically, he looked for high intrinsic estimated value and strong cash flows coupled with a protective moat, healthy debt margin, and strong management.

My method starts by examining the code behind a cryptocurrency. This helps me figure out which cryptocurrencies are useless scams… and which have real value.

The next step is doing deep research to confirm it’s being adopted not just by people…

… but by businesses. Ideally major financial institutions.

Just like, when you invest in a stock, you make sure there’s a real company behind the ticker symbol.

Finally, I use my connections with Manhattan finance and the Silicon Valley elite…

… to make sure the smart money is going all in.

I quickly cross 99.9% of cryptocurrencies off my list because they’re just random “alt coins” that someone created in their mother’s basement. The remaining 0.01% (give or take) …

… are the ones I predict will spring upward in value.

I call these coins Coiled Cryptos.

These are cryptocurrencies that… because of the crash… have had their value pressed down like a coiled spring.

But that won’t last forever…

Eventually, these Coiled Cryptos will spring upward in value, especially when everyone wakes up and starts piling into them.

You could be perfectly positioned to enjoy that.

And guess what?

Bitcoin is NOT a Coiled Crypto.

That’s why…

Even though I’m still sure Bitcoin will hit $1,000,000 many years from now… but I’ve completely sold my position.

In this message, I’ll show you the #1 trait I look for so you can start identifying Coiled Cryptos.

First, let me answer the question…

“Can fortunes still be made TODAY?”

The answer is, “Yes!”

Take Solana. In the beginning of 2021, it traded for just $1.84.

By November, it soared to over $235!

That’s over 13,300% in a year.

If you’d put just $1,500 into it… you’d be sitting on roughly $191,565 after a year.

Let’s say you also invested another $1,500 in Fantom in early 2021. A year later, you’d be sitting on $211,406.

That’s $402,971 from just 2 trades… and only $3,000 to start. And, again, this wasn’t some fluke from last decade when cryptocurrencies were brand new. This was in 2021.

Okay, let’s say you made a third trade at the beginning of 2021 for a coin called Axie Infinity and you put another $1,500 into that.

Over a year, you would have enjoyed your position growing a jaw-dropping 17,320%… to $261,305.

Add that to your other trades and you’ve got a cool $664,276.

Of course, rare gains like these are only possible if you invest in the right cryptos and time the market perfectly… which is difficult because cryptos are notoriously volatile.

But that’s why this crash is the market handing us a gift. I’m not saying those three coins are going to return to their previous highs. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results…

… but it does give us the opportunity to get cryptocurrencies primed to spring upwards… for dirt cheap prices.

As you’ll soon see, I’ve identified what I believe to be the next generation of cryptocurrencies that are going to make Bitcoin’s rise look downright slow and gentle.

These are the Coiled Cryptos.

And… just like you just saw in those examples… I want to give you nine Coiled Crypto recommendations. These are set to explode.

Just one of these Coiled Cryptos could deliver you a fortune…

In just a moment, I’ll give you the name of one that I predict will deliver 8,788% returns by 2025.

In other words, I predict a little over $1,000 invested into this Coiled Crypto will turn into $100,000…

And a little over $10,000 invested will turn into $1,000,000.

This is NOT some speculative alt coin available only on some sketchy exchange either… it’s a major coin hanging right out in the open for anyone to grab

… so I’ll just tell you exactly what it is in less than 5 minutes.

The exciting part is, because prices have crashed so hard recently…

… it’s now possible to scoop up these Coiled Cryptos for pennies on the dollar and enjoy potentially life-changing returns.

Several opportunities I’ve identified are trading so cheaply that you’ll grab 8X returns on your investment if they simply go back to their previous highs

But I predict they will go much, MUCH higher.

You see, if you successfully identify a Coiled Crypto… you only need to do it once for the chance at outsized gains.

Okay, grab a pen and paper because I’m going to give you the ticker symbol for one of my foundation Coiled Cryptos.

And it’s NOT Bitcoin.

For years, I’ve predicted Bitcoin is headed for $1,000,000. So far, the trend has proven me correct.

Not only does the long-term trajectory of Bitcoin prove it’s been one of the best investments in history… it’s now being used by citizens of the Ukraine to protect and move their savings. They’ve received over $100 million in aid, through Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Multiple indicators show it’s heading to $1,000,000. Not IF… but WHEN.

For example, all the money in the world is estimated to be roughly one quadrillion dollars.

If just 1.75% of that goes into Bitcoin… then it easily hits $1,000,000 per coin.

Which is probably why former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager Raoul Pal…

… and Wences Casares, a member of PayPal’s board of directors…

… and Chamath Palihapitiya, former Facebook executive…

… all agree Bitcoin is heading to $1,000,000.

So… again… why am I out?

Because there’s another cryptocurrency that has all the advantages of Bitcoin, but it has more real-world use. It’s being adopted by financial institutions to form the backbone of their ability to transmit money.

That’s a big deal.

In fact, when I pulled a set of data from a 24-hour period, it had processed over 1.4 million transactions (that’s four times more than Bitcoin).

Plus, just like Bitcoin, it minted more millionaires in 2021 than in any previous year.

I’m talking about Ethereum.

Now, you might be a little disappointed. “Oh, Ethereum! Everyone knows about Ethereum…”

True… but there’s a big difference between knowing about a cryptocurrency and knowing if it’s a Coiled Crypto. They’re hiding in plain sight.

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies that are virtually certain to plummet to ZERO… and DESTROY the money that investors put into them… are also right there in plain sight.

The key is to know which is which.

Here’s a comparison:

Everyone knew about Amazon in the early 2000s, just like everyone knows about Ethereum today.

Those who knew to invest in Amazon… even when the mainstream media was making fun of Amazon’s stock price… became multi-millionaires.

And, to be clear… I’m NOT saying that investing in Ethereum is going to produce a fortune.

Your best shot at that is going to come from different cryptocurrencies that are trading from as low as 11 cents, and I’ll get to those in a moment…

I think of Ethereum as a solid crypto “savings account.” Ethereum is widely used and has tangible value beyond investment.

I predict it will rise to $100,000 in value, for a gain of 8,788%.

That’s why I sleep better at night knowing I switched from Bitcoin to Ethereum.

Plus, as far as saving accounts go, it’s done very well. Since recommending Ethereum to my subscribers in September 2017, it’s gone up as high as 488%.

Here’s another way to think of it…

Bitcoin was the pioneer. Much like the original search engines for the World Wide Web were pioneers.

Do you remember what the first search engines were? I didn’t either so I had to Google them…

Yeah… Google them. Because Google, even though it was far from the first, eventually dominated the market.

I think Ethereum will be similar.

The most urgent reason I’m diving into Ethereum is because of a recent event called “The Merge.”.

It’s called “The Merge.”

Bloomberg is reporting it as “a tectonic shift” for this cryptocurrency… and the entire market.

I won’t bore you with the technical details, so here’s what you need to know:

Ethereum has a limited supply. Each new Ethereum is awarded to miners who use computers to solve complicated mathematical problems.

This requires an astronomical amount of electricity. Because of this, the miners need to turn around and immediately sell most of their hard-won Ethereum to cover their costs.

And… because of that… there’s always been plenty of Ethereum selling on the market.

Here’s where The Merge comes in…

It changes how miners are awarded new Ethereum. This new method won’t require nearly as much electricity. As a result, miners won’t have to sell their Ethereum to cover their costs of mining.


They keep their Ethereum.

After this switch occurs, analysts estimate Ethereum’s supply will drop 90%.

What happens when an item with a huge demand suddenly has only 10% of the supply?

Prices go way, way up.

Imagine a world where gold miners simply stockpiled their gold instead of selling it to the market. That’s what we’re facing with Ethereum.

And this change has already begun.

That’s why, in the cryptocurrency world, I think of owning Ethereum as my “savings account.”

Of course, this isn’t like your typical savings account (where you’re lucky to get over 1% interest per year). Cryptocurrencies aren’t insured and are far more risky. But if you look at the rewards… it’s still a no brainer.

That said…

No great investor keeps all their
money in savings…

And when you’re looking for life-changing returns, you need to look ahead… and look narrower

… to lesser-known, niched cryptocurrencies that are crucial for the financial sector to keep evolving.

Especially smaller coins that are built on Ethereum… because if Ethereum goes up, I predict these kinds of coins will go up more and go up faster.

For the past several years, that’s what I’ve been investigating…

Which led me to results like this…

This is a price chart for a cryptocurrency I bought when it traded for just 51 cents.

You probably have more than 51 cents between your couch cushions right now.

Although, I bought more than one. Actually, I bought a bunch… $25,000 worth.

Now, it might seem crazy to plunge that much money into one tiny cryptocurrency…

… but I looked deeper and I could see the hidden value.

So I made the purchase… sat back… and did absolutely nothing until it rose…

… and rose…

… and rose to a price of over $64.

From 51 cents to 64 dollars.

You don’t need to do the math. I’ll just tell you. That’s a 125X return in 4 and a half years…

… and I sold at almost the perfect time and pocketed over $2,000,000.

Two million dollars.

The average person needs to show up for work at a job they hate day after day… week after week… year after year… decade after decade… cut back on their expenses…patiently put away savings…

… and maybe, maybe they can build a $2,000,000 portfolio when they’re ready to retire.

I did it with a few clicks of my mouse.

And these opportunities are far from over. In fact, because of the way the entire market has dipped, I believe the time is perfect to find similar returns.

A tiny number of cryptocurrencies are now flashing on my radar screen…

… and the more I’ve looked at the numbers, the more excited I’ve gotten.

Because there is a small pocket of Coiled Cryptos that are quiet fortune-building machines…

… and they’re available dirt cheap.

As cheap as 11 cents.

Yes, even cheaper than the crypto I used to make $2,000,000.

And when the Ethereum merge happens, I predict this Coiled Cryptos are going to explode.

For instance, right now, a specific subniche of cryptocurrencies are forming the bedrock of modern-day financial transactions. Not just between people… but major financial institutions, like multinational banks.

It would take at least an entire book to dive into all the technical details, but I’ve already done the research.

My next Coiled Crypto recommendation is in this subniche. Here’s how it works…

Major public companies can transform their business using something called smart contract technology.

Basically, this means a contract that’s executed on the blockchain, which is part of cryptocurrency technology.

Smart contracts don’t require a team of lawyers. They don’t require that all the parties involved trust each other. Smart contracts can’t be tampered with and execute automatically.

Compared to old contracts, think of a smart contract as the difference between hiring a person to cook a dish on the stove, versus a device that monitors a dish’s temperature and automatically shuts off the stove when it’s perfectly cooked.

You don’t need to understand all the specifics… you just need to know this revolutionizes real estate contracts… corporate contracts… attorney contracts… title transfers… the list goes on and on.

It even helps streamline how a business can receive payments, doing away with annoying monthly subscription models.

It can replace middlemen. Think of a company like Uber. The only reason it exists is to match up drivers and riders and takes a cut of fees.

A smart contract system could replace Uber entirely and let drivers and riders easily. Drivers could provide a better service and make more money (sorry if you work for Uber corporate headquarters).

Same deal with AirBNB. A smart contract could allow homeowners and guests to deal directly with each other and save money with no middlemen.

Same with Doordash.

Smart contracts even have applications in sports betting, another multi-billion-dollar industry.

Now, the way these smart contracts work “under the hood” can become extremely complex. For some of them to properly work, they need to gather massive amounts of real-world data.

In the example of replacing Uber, the smart contract would need information about where the rider wants to go. For sports betting, the smart contract would need to know which teams won and what the scores are.

This is where my Coiled Crypto recommendation comes in.

It gathers, organizes, and supplies real-world data to smart contracts.

Medical data…

Weather data…

Shipping logistics data…

Price data…

Sports data…

This has the potential to disrupt multi-billion-dollar companies.


“Potential” is one thing. If this cryptocurrency is so great, what’s it doing RIGHT NOW?


This cryptocurrency is proving so useful that massive companies are already partnering:


Google Cloud…


Associated Press…

Amazon Web Services…



They’re already using this cryptocurrency as part of their operations.

Yes… already using.

In fact, Bank of America published in a 2022 research report that this cryptocurrency will be a major driver of DeFi (decentralized finance).

A former CEO of one of the biggest technology companies of all time has joined the team of this cryptocurrency as a Strategy Advisor.

I’d had this cryptocurrency in my sights for a long time, but the price was too high for me to go all-in.

The latest dip changed everything…

It’s plummeted a full 85% from its all-time high and now trades for around $7.

I couldn’t believe it until I saw it happen. It’s just sitting right there out in the open. NOW is the time to grab your share.

How big could this cryptocurrency get?

Let’s say its market capitalization reaches the level of Bitcoin, which is very reasonable because Bitcoin is still only a fraction of its potential.

If this happens, this cryptocurrency would be worth an astonishing 131 TIMES what it is now, or over $800.

That’s 13,053%.

Turning a $1,000 investment into $131,000.

Or, if you want to get aggressive, turning a $10,000 investment into $1,720,000.

Of course, to be extra-sure this Coiled Crypto could still make investors a fortune, I checked in with my network.

These are the insiders… the wealthy… the scary-smart people who don’t like to talk about their next moves… and I found out what they’re bullish on. This was on the list. Big time.

I also analyzed the market moves of the cryptocurrency investment space’s “Whales.”

If you don’t know, a “Whale” is a term for super-wealthy holders of cryptocurrencies. Because you can own cryptos anonymously, it’s difficult… and sometimes impossible… to tell who these Whales are.

But that’s not nearly as important as seeing what they’re doing.

After all, if you knew a billionaire was selling one stock and piling into another… wouldn’t it make sense to follow their lead and ride the wave?

If you knew Warren Buffett was buying billions of dollars of a stock during the 2008 financial crisis… would it be wise to jump in with him and ride the wave up?

Absolutely. (I made fortunes for myself and clients doing just that, twenty years ago).

That’s why I always check the trading activity of the Whales…

And… even though this Coiled Crypto’s price has plummeted in the last year… the Whales… the smart money… have NOT abandoned it.

They’re holding steady. I’m sure some are accumulating more.

I’ll show you how to get this Coiled Crypto’s ticker symbol in a bit and the easiest way to get your hands on some. First, let’s move onto my next Coiled Crypto recommendation.

If you thought $7 was cheap… and it is… get ready because there are other Coiled Cryptos that are similarly priced… and a couple that are currently trading for pennies.

The first is a major player in the decentralized finance universe.

I mentioned that term earlier so let me briefly explain. All of finance today is controlled by centralized institutions. Banks. Governments. Currencies that are constantly losing their value.

Decentralized finance, on the other hand, wipes out the middleman. The code of cryptocurrencies will allow you to become your own bank.

Decentralized finance is the next evolution of finance. It’s the car compared to the horse-drawn carriage. Online video compared to VHS.

And if Ethereum takes off… this Coiled Crypto is poised to positively rocket upward.

But that’s not the only one I’ve identified…

Next is a Coiled Crypto #2. This one solves a problem the entire cryptocurrency universe is facing… and it’s a replica of what helped create the internet.

Decades ago, computers couldn’t “talk to each other.” The internet solved that. Today, blockchains have difficulty “talking to each other.”

This Coiled Crypto’s aim is to solve that. Its founders raised $145,000,000 in 2017 and this coin is trading almost 88% below its all-time high… for just $7.

Coiled Crypto #3 is going to destroy the banking industry as it stands. It will be used to borrow… earn interest… and make passive income… just like a bank but without the fees or middlemen.

Mark Cuban is already heavily invested and has gone on record saying “Banks should be scared” of this type of Coiled Crypto.

A CEO of a major crypto investment firm said this Coiled Crypto is one of only a handful assets that he believes could replace JP Morgan and the New York Stock Exchange.

At over $71, it’s pricier than my other recommendations, but is still trading over 89% below its all-time high.

Coiled Crypto #4 has partnered with Oracle. You might have heard of how the internet has evolved from the web to “Web 2.0” with social networks and is now heading into “Web 3.0.”

This Coiled Crypto is likely to become the “Windows operating system” for Web 3.0. Imagine if you had gotten in on Microsoft before everyone began using Windows. With this Coiled Crypto, you may have a similar opportunity.

Coiled Crypto #5 is a major DeFi coin that has plummeted 88% below its all-time high. Again, I think it will easily return to its previous price… and soar way beyond.

It’s now selling for around $6.

Coiled Crypto #6 is going to be a major asset in the crypto gaming space… which could balloon to 100 million players per day. It’s now trading over 80% below its all-time high… for just 57 cents.

Coiled Crypto #7 solves a major problem in the cryptocurrency space, which is speed of transactions. I predict this Coiled Crypto will be a hub for DeFi, NFTs, and crypto gaming.

It’s trading over 86% below its all-time high, for around $35.

Coiled Crypto #8 is going to be a major asset for enterprise-level businesses that want to use the blockchain. It’s trading over 84% below its all-time high… for just 49 cents.

I’ve saved the most exciting for last.

Coiled Crypto #9 aims to be the Google of cryptocurrency. Google’s search engine allows you to look up what you need, just like a book’s index. As a result, Google has become one of the most successful companies on the planet.

This Coiled Crypto aims to be the indexing “Google” of the blockchain.

It’s now trading a jaw-dropping 96% below its all-time high…

… for just 11 cents.

How big could this cryptocurrency get?

Let’s say its market capitalization reaches the level of Bitcoin, which is very reasonable because Bitcoin is still only a fraction of its potential.

If this happens over the next couple years, this cryptocurrency would be worth an astonishing 601 TIMES what it is now, or over $55.14.

That’s from 9 cents to $55.14!

Going by a percentage increase, that’s 60,027%.

And that’s just one Coiled Crypto…

As you’ve just seen, I’ve identified 9 total Coiled Cryptos that I recommend you grab as soon as you possibly can.

You can get all 9… and remember that you need only one winner to make a fortune.

Please keep in mind though, extraordinary gains are rare. In fact, not every crypto play will end up being a winner… nothing in the markets are guaranteed.

And due to the volatile nature of cryptos, I never recommend investing more than you are willing to lose.

That said, you have a life-changing amount to gain…

It takes only ONE good investment to be set for life… you just have to make that investment.

And one of the best parts of these Coiled Cryptos?

You don’t need to go through some complicated coding sequence to claim them.

No weird apps you’ve never heard of. No strange “bots” you need to download. No complicated jumping through hoops, trading one coin for another.

I understand very few people are coders or have any interest in that…

Which is why I made sure ALL of these coins are simple to acquire.

In fact, every single one of these coins are available on Coinbase.

You can buy them with cash as easily as purchasing a common stock like Coca-Cola.

In fact, if you’re listening to this message now and you already have a Coinbase account (which is as easy to set up as a typical brokerage)…

You can easily own a stake in these coins in under 20 minutes from now.

Take a moment to think about that…

You’ve watched what happened to Bitcoin.

You saw the news stories of people who’ve made easy millions with it.

You read about how I’ve made a small fortune in cryptocurrencies…

… and now the market’s handed you a perfect opportunity to build your fortune.

Now, even though I’ve written and published 20 books in my career, including best-sellers…

… I’m not publishing the names of these Coiled Cryptos to the general public.

I’m not talking about them on my podcast episodes. I’m not writing their names in any of my articles and I’m not mentioning the names in public interviews.

Out of respect for my subscribers to my private Altucher’s Investment Network, I’m keeping the information reserved for them.

The good news for you is, you can get the names of these coins for free

If you decide to become a member of Altucher’s Investment Network today.

As soon as you do, I’ll send you the names of all nine Coiled Cryptos in my report called, Coiled Cryptos To Make A Fortune.

Plus, Altucher’s Investment Network covers more than just cryptocurrencies.

It’s where I share my best insights every month…

From cryptocurrencies set to explode for tremendous profits…

To hot new stock market sectors like self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and drone technology…

To easy “side hustle” ideas you can use to make a substantial income, part time, from home…

… and more.

Because by tapping into my vast network of high-level contacts, you’ll be at the forefront of some of the biggest money-making opportunities in the world.

The publishing price for Altucher’s Investment Network is $299… but if you take advantage of the special offer on this pace, you can get in for far less.

And that’s not all I’m going to do for you. I’ll also send you a copy of my newest book, The Big Book Of Crypto.

You see, I want to do more than just reveal the coins I believe will rocket upward and create you a fortune.

I want to draw back the curtain and show you the insider information of how the crypto universe truly works.

Armed with this book, if you ever choose to explain to your friends how you’ve become so wealthy, you can share some of what you learned in this book.

Here’s just a tiny sample of what The Big Book of Crypto reveals:

  • An obscure crypto bank account that has paid up to 7% in interest a year: CNBC reports that the average savings account pays just 0.06% per year. No wonder it’s so hard to get ahead these days. But on page 119, you’ll discover the little-known crypto bank account that has paid up to 17.7% a year! Better yet, interest gets paid every single week, like clockwork. It’s easy to do and you can get started within minutes.
  • How a 14-year-old from Texas made up to $32,000 per month with crypto. Yahoo Finance reports that a 14-year-old in Dallas has used this little-known crypto strategy to make up to $32,000 a month… right from home. And while they do put in a few thousand dollars to implement this strategy each month, they’re doing it without buying and selling cryptocurrency like a trader would. If a child can do that, imagine how much you could have the chance to make. Flip to page 207 of your free book to see how it works.
  • The 60 Second Bitcoin Challenge. No Bitcoin yet? Not a problem. If you’re interested, I virtually guarantee we can show you how to have your first crypto investment settled in 60 seconds or less, from an app that’s probably already on your phone! Go to page 92 and see how easy this challenge is yourself. Ready the stopwatch… And GO!
  • And much, much more…

Now that we’ve come this far, let’s face it…

You can’t unlearn what you learned today.

You’ve learned how the entire cryptocurrency universe has shifted…

You’ve learned how, despite the crash, big companies are finally using certain cryptocurrencies… and how these Coiled Cryptos could explode very soon…

You’ve learned how, because of the crash, these Coiled Cryptos are trading for pennies on the dollar…

You’ve learned how the dot com and 2008 crash showed us the exact strategy to make a fortune today…

In other words, it’s like “2008 for crypto.” Some investors tucked tail and ran in 2008 and they’re still licking their wounds.

Others made millions… even billions.

It’s happening in crypto now.

Which side do you want to be on?

If you feel stuck on the sidelines

Wondering if you should get in…

… but scared of looking foolish if you make the wrong call…

The truth is…

You can’t afford to sit this opportunity out.

You can look back on today as just another day in the slow death of your retirement portfolio… or the day when you made a couple of killer moves that could set you and your family up for life.

This is a crucial time where the average investor is getting scared out of the market.

The average investor is just going to throw their hands in the air and do nothing…

… and bitterly regret it later… like in 2018 when Bitcoin was already mainstream yet exploded 10X in just two years… turning $10,000 into $100,000… or turn $100,000 into one million dollars…

… and running scared when there’s blood on the streets is why the average investor always underperforms the market.

But let me tell you, based on decades of experience working on Wall Street… in Silicon Valley… and managing the money of billionaires…

This is when the smart money takes decisive action.

We’ve all seen the stories of Bitcoin multi-millionaires… like the profile The New York Times published about 20-year-old kids who got in on Bitcoin early…

… and laughed their way to creating $1,000,000 fortunes.

Imagine what it must have been like for them…

Less than ten years ago, they put their money… in some cases as little as a few hundred dollars… into this “coin” that seems like little more than 1s and 0s on a screen…

But then it starts exploding up…
and up… and UP…

They got to watch their accounts grow and swell as the days go by. Sure, sometimes the value drops and they probably felt like they just swallowed a cannon ball…

… but then it starts hitting unreal wealth territory. As news outlets scream headlines about this strange “crypto trend” they watched their accounts’ values cross $10,000,000.

As their friends trudged to entry-level jobs for another day of exhausting work, they probably could barely catch their breath with excitement, feeling adrenaline pulse through their guts.

When their wealth exploded so quickly, their heads must have been in a daze but in a wonderful way… knowing they never need to worry about money again. They’re done.

That’s what it was like for those early adopters. Because even with multiple mansions… private jets… and any luxury and classic cars they want… they never have to worry about money again.

It seems like a fantasy but real people are doing this

… and the next opportunity to get in on this has finally landed.

Some might wonder why I’m bothering with this message instead of just quietly investing in cryptocurrencies myself.

The answer is… I am.

The coin recommendations you’ll receive are coins that I already have locked into my family trust.

I’ll be passing them down to my one son and four daughters, who I love more than anything else in the world.

I just want to help as many people as possible while I can.

Look, I began praising the cryptocurrency Bitcoin when it traded for just $61.

What would it have been like if you’d listened to me then, and bought a hundred bucks worth?

You’d be sitting on almost $35,000 today.

If you’d put in $1000?

You’d have $343,000 today.

What about $10,000?

You’d be financially set with a $3,400,000 nest egg. You could toss those profits into blue chips and collect dividends every year, living like royalty without touching the principle.

Some people did just that.

No wonder that, during the Bitcoin boom, The New York Times reported, “Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not.”

Let’s not even talk about the ones who put in more and ended up with hundreds of millions of dollars…

Fortunately… even if you didn’t catch the first wave, this latest crash just gave you a second chance.

You’re being handed a gift.

Don’t turn your back on it.

There’s an old saying:

“The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago. The second-best time is now.”

still believe investing in cryptocurrency is probably the best bet in human history.

That’s why I’m still in the game and the future looks very, very bright.

Want to join me?

Here’s what to do now.

Click the button below to start getting access to my cryptocurrency recommendations. I’ll deliver them in a PDF report titled Coiled Cryptos To Make You A Fortune.

You’ll receive access minutes after you sign up, whatever day or time it is. You’ll land on a special page where you can open the PDFs… plus… it will be emailed to you.

If you already have an account where you invest in cryptocurrency, then all you need to do is open up your account and buy the specific coins I recommend.

The whole process will take less than 20 minutes… and that includes time to make a cup of coffee and read the PDF.

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Once you’ve invested in the coins, sit back and…

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That’s right, because a key part of this strategy is to wait and let the cryptocurrencies rocket upward on their own. No complicated trading or analyzing charts.

Instead, I recommend you simply enjoy your life.

Spend time with your family…

Catch up on a good book you’ve been meaning to finish…

Plan a canoe trip…

Because now you get to smile and know that you have the opportunity to build wealth automatically, whatever you do, because you’ve already claimed your piece of the growing crypto empire.

Got a big debt that you’re paying off a crumble at a time… and you’d rather get rid of it in one big slice?

A colleague of mine did just that. When he got hit with a sudden $30,000 debt…

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I recommend you start small. Fifty bucks in one of my recommendations over here…

Fifty bucks in another one over there…

You’ll barely notice the difference… until those investments start to GROW.

A colleague of mine has been following this strategy and built a million-dollar portfolio.

Because with past gains like 50,000%+ in just a matter of years … you don’t need to invest a lot.

I estimate the cryptocurrency universe is going to become a quadrillion-dollar industry. That’s $1,000,000,0000,000,000. Or a thousand trillion. Or a million billion.

You only need a teeny, tiny, microscopic slice to get rich.

The exciting part is when your slice starts to grow.

Remember earlier, when I gave examples of someone investing just a hundred or a thousand bucks in Bitcoin? That could have turned into up to $1,000,000. And if someone invested more? We’re talking multiple millions.

This is what could happen if you get in and out at the right time.

That time is now.

ALL of the cryptocurrencies that I’ll recommend have a cap on their supply. Exactly like how there can be only 21 million Bitcoin. Those who scooped a little bit early became multi-millionaires… and some became multi-billionaires.

In other words, once the supplies of these cryptocurrencies are gone… they’re gone. The train will have left the station and everyone who jumped on board could become very rich.

Don’t get left behind.

Of course, once you sign up, you’ll receive regular updates from me on our open positions, telling you if investing more is a good idea… or if it’s smart to simply hold… or when it’s time to sell (ideally, after enjoying a life-changing return).

Okay, so what’s the catch?

As you learned earlier, the only way to get the report revealing the Coiled Cryptos is right here, right now by becoming a member of Altucher’s Investment Network.

You already know that, of respect for my subscribers, I don’t publish my recommendations to the general public. Not on my podcast episodes. Not in my articles. Not in my public interviews.

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It’s literally pennies. Considering I will be providing in-depth market analysis and recommendations in cryptocurrencies and beyond through this research newsletter, your subscription comes out to just a little over 13 cents per day.

If the Coiled Cryptos I recommend even move a teeny, tiny bit upward… barely even a fraction of what I predict they’ll do… you’ll be profiting.

One of the most important truths I hope you take from our time together is that cryptocurrency is here to stay. It’s the next phase of money. You still have a chance to be a part of this.

You still have a chance to get in on what I believe to be the largest asymmetrical bet in human history.

And the best one we are going to see in our lifetimes.

You’re now at a fork in the road and you’ve got two choices.

  1. You can do nothing. You can close this page, try to forget everything you’ve learned, and go back to your regular life. You can look at your news updates from day to day and hope and pray the market turns around… and that you can at least beat inflation.You might discover, years or even just months from now, news that certain cryptocurrencies have turned around and are now exploding… and making fortunes for those who invested in them. You might shake your head, sigh, and think, “Yeah I kept hearing about how I should get in… but I never made the leap.”In other words, you can do exactly what the average investor does. Unfortunately, this is why research shows the average investor underperforms the market as a whole… and why it’s becoming more and more common for baby boomers to put a pause on their retirement because they need to get part-time jobs. It’s a sad way to live out your Golden Years… and even sadder because it’s completely avoidable.Or… you can make a different choice:
  2. You can take a small, easy step today. Just a few minutes from now, you can be reading the reports my team and I put together. You’ll know exactly which cryptocurrencies are secretly Coiled Cryptos… and why they’re so valuable… and why now is the best time to act.You can start grabbing your shares of them on any major exchange, even Coinbase. They’re sitting right out there in the open. You can build big positions or even small… when you’re setting up your position on top of a coiled spring ready to launch, it doesn’t need to be big.Then, perhaps just months from now, you get to wake up every morning and watch your position get bigger… and bigger… and BIGGER. Instead of reading about others who struck gold, you get to enjoy the ride yourself.When your spouse asks why you’ve got a smile on your face, you can point to the latest news item (maybe it’s a report on yet another major corporation went public about how vital a Coiled Crypto is for their business) and say, “That’s the cryptocurrency I took a small stake in a few months ago.” Then you look your spouse in the eye and say, “It’s not so small anymore.”As you start watching your cryptocurrency portfolio grow together, you have a blast discussing what you’ll do with your profits.As you keep talking, you laugh with each other and admit that you don’t have to choose one or the other. Not anymore. You’re now one of the folks who “got lucky” with crypto…But we’ll both know it wasn’t luck. It was because of smart choices.

I hope the choice for you is clear because these are the results I work hard to get for my subscribers.

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If, after six months, you’re not completely satisfied with how much your positions have rocketed upward…

If you don’t think my recommendations have funded a dream retirement… and set you and your family up for life…

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Of course, I’m confident you’re going to be thrilled with your results… and I want to make your decision today both a smart one and a safe one.

With all that said, I suggest you act quickly…

If you delay, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get a Coiled Crypto for prices like we’re seeing.

Again, the market can turn on a dime. If you position yourself well, this can be a dream come true. If you’re too late, it can remain just another dream.

For the first time in years, I’m watching the prices for amazing cryptocurrencies fall to dirt cheap levels. There’s no way this can last.

With that said, here’s the complete breakdown of what you’ll receive when you come onboard Altucher’s Investment Network:

We’re here to set you up perfectly to profit from the next stage in the cryptocurrency universe.

You’ll receive…

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  • And much more to come!

My team will get you instant access to your reports and, every month, you’ll receive updates on the markets and what our next moves will be.

Okay, you’ve come this far…

Now it’s time for you to take the next step.

You’ve learned how I started pounding the table about Bitcoin before it rocketed up over 50,000%.

Potentially turning a $1,000 investment up to $1,000,000.

You’ve learned how my research indicates we’re entering a new phase in cryptocurrency, which is mirroring the era of internet-based companies…

Like Apple… where a $1000 investment in 2001 could have turned into over $500,000 today.

And $10,000 in Apple could have grown into over $5,000,000.

Cryptocurrency multiplies those returns.

If you’d invested $1,000 into Bitcoin when I first began talking about how great it was, you’d have a potential $1,000,000 today.

And if you’d invested $10,000? You would have a potential $100,000,000.

It sounds crazy… like a dream come true… but if you play the markets like the smart money does… it’s possible.

And it’s not too late…

Warren Buffett once said, “Cash combined with courage in a time of crisis is priceless.”

We’re now in a time of crisis.

All the cash you need to start investing is $7… or as little as 11 cents.

You just need to supply the courage. And while I can’t predict if you’ll make a fortune, I believe the ways your life could change will be priceless.

Click the button below to get started.

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James Altucher
September 2022

P.S. As I mentioned before, institutional money is pouring into cryptocurrencies. The smart money is flooding into them. And when institutional investors have fully staked their claims… the easy gains will be gone.

Don’t put this off. Instead, get ahead of them.

It’d be so easy to close this page… go back to your daily routine… keep your same retirement worries… and hope the markets don’t sink even lower.

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Some people have built multi-million-dollar fortunes by working and saving for decades. And that’s great! Others have built multi-million-dollar fortunes by making a couple of good moves in the crypto space.

Which would you rather be?

Question: “If you think your crypto plays are going to do so well, why bother telling anyone?”

That’s a fair question. I truly enjoy showing average people how to make life-changing money. People were skeptical of me in 2013 when I began praising Bitcoin. “If it were truly legit, you wouldn’t be saying anything!” they’d accuse me.

Since then, it’s gone up as high as 50,000%+.

Again, I truly enjoy helping average people. I write books. I have a podcast. I could walk away from everything right now and live richer with my investments. But I don’t. I know people who do and they’re miserable. I’d rather be happy and I feel happy by helping others.

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