Washington’s “Project Hamilton” Will Launch a Trackable Digital Dollar That Puts Every Penny in Your Bank and Retirement Accounts in Grave Danger. Now, America’s Top Digital Currency Expert is Sounding the Alarm – and Sharing What He’s Doing to Protect His Finances and Family.

Ian King: Protect Your Wealth from Trackable Digital Dollar

It’s being called…

“A threat to global stability and financial privacy.”

“One of the biggest disasters that’s ever been visited upon people.”

“Way beyond 1984”

That will “give federal officials FULL CONTROL over the money going into, and coming out of, every person’s account.”

And it all began in this ominous building.

Inside, a secretive group of tech experts, university professors, unelected bureaucrats and bankers…

Are planning to take America’s greatest asset the U.S. dollar, and turn it against us…

As a tool to control you, and our entire nation.

Its code name: Project Hamilton.

It’s already being hailed by the current administration as “the future of money.”

That will “fundamentally change the structure of America’s entire financial system.”

In fact, this “new money” is being fast-tracked by the President himself.

Executive Order 14067 commands the full power of the U.S. government to move with “the highest urgency…”

Including the Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of the State, the Attorney General … and, well, an army of government bureaucrats.

“…the Secretary of the Treasury… the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the Director of National Intelligence, and the heads of other relevant agencies.”

When they’re done…

Every dollar you have will be tracked, and controlled, by the government.

From the organizations you donate to…

To the political candidates you support…

To how you spend your retirement savings …

Right down to the car you drive … and even the food you buy…

And as you’ll see in a moment —

When they’re done – America will be even more deeply divided than it is now.

Not just into red states and blue states, but into a much richer America, and a much, much poorer America.

Whichever side you end up on — richer, or poorer — will be determined by what you see here today.

Because, today, you’re going to hear from someone who was “in the room”…

Where the framework for this new currency was first being discussed — long before there ever was a Project Hamilton.

For 10 years, he’s been tracking every detail…

Preparing for what once seemed “unthinkable” — but is now all too real.

His name is Ian King.

A former hedge fund manager, angel investor and digital currency expert … Ian is one of the country’s leading experts on the stock market and the economy.

In fact, you may have seen one of his many appearances on the financial networks.

He was one of the few professionals who could see the 2008 market crash coming — and used those turbulent years to make his hedge fund investors a 261% gain on their money.

His Wall Street reputation and uncanny track record is why over 160,000 people from 119 countries eagerly pay for his insights … including insiders at Wall Street’s top firms, such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

Today, for the first time ever, he’s revealing all the details behind Washington’s covert war against America.

Including, his personal plan to protect your wealth – and your freedoms – from this massive government over-reach.

There’s no time to waste. So, let’s get started.

Ian, welcome. Great to have you here.

IAN: Thank you, John. I’m glad to be here, though I wish it were under better circumstances.

JOHN: I agree. But now’s the time to reveal what you feel is the true story lurking behind Project Hamilton and what it means to you, your money and the very future of this country.

So, Ian, what exactly is Project Hamilton?

IAN: Great question. It’s actually named after Alexander Hamilton, our country’s first Treasury Secretary. He believed that a strong federal government should have control over the currency.

JOHN: Not a horrible thought, really.

IAN: It’s not. You want a strong, stable currency. But Hamilton never could’ve imagined that today’s technology would make it possible for the government to “weaponize” the U.S. dollar — and use it against American citizens.

JOHN: What do you mean by weaponize?

IAN: Project Hamilton is laying the groundwork for a new kind of monetary system. One that could ultimately be used to track, monitor and even control everything we do here in America.

And this is where it all got started.

JOHN: Ian, tell the folks at home the significance of this building.

IAN: John, this ordinary office building is ground zero…

The command center where Project Hamilton launched into existence.

This is the headquarters of the Boston Federal Reserve.

And inside…

Fed officials have partnered with an elite team of tech experts…

From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

JOHN: MIT — the same minds that are perfecting computers that think like humans … and robots … and even cloning …

IAN: Right — this specific team is called the Digital Currency Initiative.

And they’ve partnered with the Fed to launch Project Hamilton, a plan to eliminate our paper currency…

And replace it with this: a Digital Dollar … or as they call it, a Central Bank Digital Currency — a CBDC.

JOHN: So, they’re literally coming for our money.

IAN: Exactly — Project Hamilton will end the U.S. dollar, as we know it.

And replace it with this new digital currency. One that will be completely controlled by the Federal Reserve and U.S. government.

JOHN: So what happens to the money in my pocket?

IAN: The simple answer is: It will be cancelled. Confiscated. And replaced with their new Digital Dollar.

Meaning your checking, savings … even your retirement accounts will be under the government’s control.

JOHN: So, they’ll be able to affect the money in my IRA — whether I want them to or not?

IAN: Yes. When your money’s just a bunch of 1s and 0s — the Fed can hypothetically do anything they want with it.

JOHN: So, how will this Digital Dollar work?

IAN: John, based on my research — it’s likely that every American will simply have a personal account with the Federal Reserve.

And we’ll all get something like this – a combination debit card and national ID.

When you get paid — your money will be deposited directly into your Federal Reserve account.

And every time you want to buy something — you’ll have to use your Digital Dollar card.

JOHN: So, if all our money is being forced into new Federal Reserve accounts — what happens to my local bank?

IAN: Great question. With everything centralized with the Fed, they’ll no longer be needed. Most will simply cease to exist.

JOHN: So, Ian — to be clear — when you say “digital dollar” — it’s not a cryptocurrency, right?

IAN: I need to be very clear about that. No, Project Hamilton’s new Digital Dollar is NOT a cryptocurrency.

In fact, as you’ll see in a moment — cryptos are the polar opposite of a Central Bank Digital Currency.

The government’s new Digital Dollar will be completely centralized — every penny created … controlled and tracked by the Federal Reserve.

But cryptocurrencies are completely decentralized — unlike CBDCs, are designed to maintain your privacy.

That distinction is important to keep in mind — as you’ll see in a moment.

JOHN: I have to admit — the more I hear about Project Hamilton — the more disturbing it gets.

IAN: And you’re not the only one. Cornell economist Eswar Prasad calls this new Digital Dollar

“an instrument of government control over citizens.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that, when fully implemented, the Digital Dollar would result in “unprecedented power” … in a world where “privacy would be difficult to maintain.”

Economist Milton Ezrati writing in Forbes, said this plan “would greatly enhance the government’s surveillance powers… [and] give the government power over the allocation of financial capital …”

The big Wall Street banks are already calling this plot: “The next big financial disruptor.”

David Yermack of NYU told CNN that with this new digital dollar: “The risk of political abuse is huge.”

And billionaire investor Doug Casey didn’t mince words at all — predicting this will be:

“One of the biggest disasters that’s ever been visited upon people.”

JOHN: So Ian — these are some pretty strong condemnations of what’s happening.

But what the folks at home need to know — what makes the Digital Dollar so dangerous?

IAN: John, 200 years ago, Mayer Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, said:

“Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.”

With the Digital Dollar, the government will finally have complete power over ALL our money…

Because with digital money, every dollar spent becomes trackable and controllable.

JOHN: Trackable and controllable. So, let’s talk about both of those things.

IAN: Sure. So, trackable. Right now, as you likely know, most financial transactions are already digital. In fact, 97% of U.S. dollars on deposit exist as only computer code.

But the Digital Dollar will make every penny you spend totally trackable … because every single Digital Dollar will come with its own, unique identifying serial number — one that will allow authorities to trace how and where every dollar is being spent.

So, say I want to send $100 to a political candidate or a charity … I can do it right now through my phone. And for the most part, nobody will ever know it happened.

But under Project Hamilton, they’ll know it.

JOHN: Explain that a little further for folks.

IAN: OK, say you donate to a political candidate … or faith-based charity — one the party in power doesn’t like.

Because your money is now digital, and trackable, the government know about it instantly.

Think about the potential implications of that. If the government chooses — they could put you — and your donation — on a “watchlist.”

JOHN: Because when your dollar is digital, everything becomes transparent.

IAN: Correct. Purchase a gun? Buy a case of beer? Fill up your SUV?

JOHN: Watchlist … watchlist … watchlist.

So, to your point, if everything we spend our money on is trackable…

Basically … America will become little more than a vast governmental database … where every action, every person is tracked and monitored — by how they spend their money.

IAN: Everything you make, spend, donate. They see it all.

JOHN: So, let’s talk about CONTROL. How will the Digital Dollar give them control over our money?

IAN: When money is digital, it’s now just a bunch of 1s and 0s … computer code that can be easily programmed, just like software — to meet their goals.

JOHN: Could you give us an example?

IAN: Sure. Say we’re in a recession. People aren’t spending money. But the government needs to get money back into circulation, to get the economy moving again.

JOHN: OK. But in a recession — people want to hold onto their money.

IAN: Right. But to help “encourage” you to spend — the government can simply reprogram your Digital Dollar, to have an expiration date.

JOHN: So, they could simply program my money to expire. Like — my money — runs out of time.

IAN: Right. They can set your money to expire by a certain date. And if you don’t spend it by the expiration date … your hard-earned money will simply — disappear.

JOHN: Honestly, Ian — I’m having a hard time imagining that could happen.

IAN: Well, you don’t have to imagine — it’s already happening.

JOHN: Here?

IAN: No, not yet. But in China.

China is at least four years ahead of us in the development of its digital currency. And what they’re doing over there — gives us a pretty good idea of what we could expect to happen over here.

And The Economic Times reports that China is already testing expiration dates on the digital yuan…

It’s only a matter of time before it happens here.

JOHN: That’s outrageous.

IAN: It is. You’re not the only person to think so.

Newsweek published an opinion piece that called the Digital Dollar “the end of American freedom”…

And predicted that: “If the Federal Reserve adopts a central bank digital dollar, the American government will be on a surefire path to authoritarianism.”

JOHN: Folks, I know everything you’re hearing today is deeply disturbing. This is the biggest change to America’s money system in 250 years.

But I want you to take heart — there is hope. Because in a moment, Ian will be sharing his personal plan — specific actions you can take now to protect yourself from the worst impacts of Project Hamilton and the digital dollar…

Including the one asset Ian believes will become the go-to safe haven investment of the next 10 years.

More on that in just a minute.

Ian — I was just thinking here … if the government can control the currency — and program it to do whatever it wants to … it seems to me it would make it even easier for the government to launch all the tax-and-spend policies it wants.

IAN: That’s absolutely true — once you have absolute control over the nation’s money — you can use that power to do virtually anything.

Take President Biden’s tax increases on corporations. According to research from the Tax Foundation — that one move would not only make investing in U.S. corporations less profitable…

It would also eliminate over 150,000 jobs … and workers across the spectrum would actually lose spending power — not gain it.

And the Digital Dollar would make it easier to enforce.

The Green New Deal would force corporations and households to “go green” — and cost the U.S. taxpayers an estimated $93 trillion.

Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All would cost between $30 trillion and $40 trillion…

And Project Hamilton could make all these “pipedream programs” easier to accomplish.

And that brings me to one of the most disturbing aspects of these Digital Dollars.

JOHN: Even more disturbing than what we’ve already seen?

IAN: I think so — because when your money can be tracked and controlled — it can be used for “Social Engineering” Life in America.”

Because the Digital Dollar would give them complete power over the currency … they could very easily use that power to track and even alter how you live your life.

Controlling what you do, who you see and even how much you pay for things.

JOHN: Could you elaborate on that?

IAN: Sure. Up until now — the easiest way for the government to get people to do what they think is right with programs that reward this “good” behavior.

JOHN: So, like tax incentives for installing solar, or driving an electric vehicle.

IAN: Right. But when your money is digital — and programmable — the government can use the digital dollar to create a PUNISHMENT STRUCTURE.

JOHN: So, instead of rewarding good behavior — it’ll have the ability to punish what it deems to be “bad” behavior.

Can you give us an example of what we’re talking about here?

IAN: For example… Say, you drive an eight-cylinder SUV.

But the government decides it wants to see everyone driving a hybrid or an electric vehicle.

JOHN: Like in California…

IAN: Right. And with a Digital Dollar, if the government decides you shouldn’t drive a big gas-hungry SUV — it’ll be able to reprogram your money — so every time you pull up to the gas pump, it can make YOU pay more than everyone else.

JOHN: So, if everyone else is paying four or five bucks a gallon…

IAN: You could be forced to pay, say, $10 or $20 a gallon.

JOHN: You know, I was just thinking: but that could never happen here…

But, then I remembered what happened across the border in Canada …. when Canadian authorities used the banks to help punish the Freedom Convoy truckers…

IAN: Even Canadians who simply donated to the truckers saw the government freeze their bank accounts…

JOHN: Even a single mom – who donated just $50 – allegedly had her money frozen.

IAN: And that was a relatively crude display of government power in action.

Imagine what would’ve happened if they’d had their own Digital Dollar.

JOHN: Ian, I have to admit — the scope of this Digital Dollar seems unprecedented.

IAN: It is. But this isn’t the first time the government’s made moves to manipulate our currency. As I’ll show you in a moment — the “scheme” that began in this ordinary office tower in Boston is actually the fourth time the U.S. government has taken drastic steps to control the dollar.

Moves that not only consolidated more power in the hands of the bankers and the government … but destroyed the value of the dollar — by 40 … 50 … and even 60%.

JOHN: Really? And you believe Project Hamilton will be even worse?

IAN: I do, because it could sink the value of the dollar, drive inflation even higher — and destroy any semblance of privacy we have left in this country.

JOHN: That’s truly disturbing.

IAN: It is — and again — if you really want to understand what a Digital Dollar will do to our privacy rights — there’s no better — or more frightening — example than in China.

JOHN: You’d mentioned that China is already working on its own digital currency.

IAN: It’s not just working on it — China is looking to use its new digital currency for a lot more than just easier transactions.

IAN: For instance — despite their “official” denials, it’s clear that China has instituted what it calls the “social credit system” — tracking individuals to determine if they’re worthy to be a part of its society.

If someone has a low “social credit” score…

They can be forbidden from traveling by plane or train … their savings can be drained from their accounts as punishment … and they can be fired from their job and left destitute.

The National Review reports that China plans to use the new digital currency to roll out this “social credit system” nationwide.

JOHN: So, the potential exists for this to happen here in America.

IAN: Even The New York Times recognized this threat — publishing an op-ed that said:

“As cash disappears from the modern economy, privacy disappears with it.” — Peter Coy

JOHN: Ian, you’ve been tracking every development of this story for the past 10 years.

IAN: That’s right. In 2012 — I was at a private meeting in California.

That was where I first learned about the possibilities of the Digital Dollar.

I got to meet people on the inside — was privy to closed-door conversations. This meeting was so hush-hush — I had to sign a nondisclosure agreement just to get in the door.

So, I can’t reveal any details I learned there — what I can tell you — the more I heard, the more I realized the potential for abuse — that a digital currency could be weaponized against us.

That one fateful meeting set me off on a 10-year mission: to make sure Americans are prepared for the day this digital currency fully launches.

And the moment President Biden signed the Executive Order, I knew that day would come faster than anyone expected.

That’s why I’m going public with this information now — because now is the time to act.

JOHN: Ian, the more I hear about this — the more I begin to realize that — as Project Hamilton rolls out — it could end up driving a wedge through this country … making America even more deeply divided than it is now.

But not just into red state and blue state … but into a much richer America. And a much, much poorer America.

IAN: I couldn’t agree more. On one side — you’ll have the majority of Americans.

The ones who are unaware of what’s really happening. The folks that still think the government has their best intentions in mind…

These folks will remain in the dark about the real impact of the Digital Dollar — until it’s too late.

JOHN: Until they slowly realize what’s being taken away. Freedom. Choices. Everything America stands for will be gone.

IAN: They’ll be completely blindsided by Project Hamilton, and the government’s Digital Dollar.

JOHN: On the other side — you have folks who are hearing our message today.

And can take action now — to get positioned before Project Hamilton and the digital dollar makes full impact. Those will be the ones who will have the real chance to prosper.

IAN: I strongly believe that whichever side you end up on … richer … or poorer … will be determined by what folks choose to do with the information I’m sharing today.

JOHN: Now, Ian, I’ve known you for years — and you’re usually an optimistic guy.

But I think it’s important for folks at home to understand why you’re so convinced Americans will be blindsided by Project Hamilton.

IAN: Because the U.S. government has a proven history of actions that slashed the value of the dollar, and left average American families devastated.

In fact, it’s happened three times over the last 110 years.

JOHN: Well, I think now would be a good time to go through each of these moves — to give folks a real idea of what we’re facing.

IAN: The first time the government interfered with the dollar was 1913: powerful banks like JPMorgan convinced the U.S. government to hand the reins of the economy over to them, forming the Federal Reserve.

The move was meant to stabilize the economy — but within 10 years, the value of the U.S. dollar plunged 42%.

JOHN: OK — so what was the second time the government took action on the economy?

IAN: 1933 — FDR issued an executive order — making private ownership of gold illegal, seizing all the gold in the nation.

The confiscation was a slap in the face to the American people — but then he made it worse.

JOHN: How so?

IAN: Because once he had all the gold, he simultaneously cut the value of the dollar against gold a whopping 59%.

JOHN: So, families struggling in the depression woke up to discover what little money they had left was worth nearly 60% less than when they went to bed.

IAN: Correct. And the government’s newly seized gold assets became even more valuable overnight.

JOHN: OK — let’s move onto the third assault on America’s money.

IAN: 1971: Richard Nixon took the U.S. dollar off the gold standard…

Cutting the value of the dollar by another 50%.

Americans already stressed from inflation suddenly find their money worth even LESS.

JOHN: So, each action — effectively destroyed the buying power of the buck … making life for the average American much harder.

While fattening the coffers of the banks and the government.

And now, Project Hamilton — the plan that was launched here in this ugly building in Boston — could end up giving the Federal Reserve, and the U.S. government, absolute control over our money … and what we do with it.

IAN: Correct. It’s the biggest, the most far-reaching, most consequential plot in American history.

And I want you, and everyone watching this today, to be on the right side of history.

JOHN: And you’re going to show our viewers what they can do to prepare.

IAN: John, I’m going to do that in just a few moments — I’m going to give everyone the chance to see my personal plan to protect yourself and your family, from the worst impacts of Project Hamilton.

JOHN: Can you tell us a little about it now?

IAN: Sure. I call it my Digital Dollar Survival Blueprint.

In it, I’ll show you what I think will be the best places to put your money to work for you in the months and years ahead. Opportunities that traditionally do well in times of crisis…

Plus, I’m also going to share a unique opportunity with remarkable profit potential. It’s what I believe is the most important investment you can make right now.

JOHN: Folks, I had a sneak peek at Ian’s survival blueprint — and I can tell you, he’s not exaggerating — because the last time he recommended this kind of investment — it delivered a peak gain of 18,000% in just over a year.

IAN: John that was an exceptional gain. I can’t promise we’ll ever see action like that again.

What I can say — is that this will prove to be the most important investment for the next 10 years.

But you must act now. Because there is a very small window of opportunity here…

And it’s getting smaller every day — remember — Biden’s Executive Order has enlisted the full power of the U.S. government to move with “the highest urgency…”

To potentially make the Digital Dollar a reality in the near future.

JOHN: So the clock is ticking. Folks, in just a minute, Ian’s going to be showing you more about his Digital Dollar Survival Blueprint — his personal plan to make sure you’re on the right side of history — as one of the folks with the chance to become richer, not poorer.

But first, I want to tell you a little bit more about Ian King.

Ian, I’m gonna brag on you a little bit here…

IAN: Go for it.

JOHN: Ian got into the world of finance when he was just 19 and then went on to hone his market skills at some of Wall Street’s biggest banks — including Salomon Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Citigroup.

By the time he’d turned 25, he was managing a group of 20 traders.

He then put his trading skills to work for himself … as head trader for a top hedge fund called Peahi Capital. He was there for the market crash of 2008 to 2009.

As other hedge funds were dropping over 50% … and investors were panicking to get out of the markets as fast as possible… Ian kept his cool — and saw the opportunity amid the panic. Instead of losing 50% — like most other funds — his hedge fund gained a best annual return of 261%.

By the time he’d reached the ripe old age of 35 … Ian had parlayed his investing skills into an early “retirement…” turning his back on Wall Street and walking away.

Of course, just because he’d “retired” didn’t mean he stopped working — or investing.

He founded his own research firm based in South Florida where he publishes a number of different research services for his readers.

He’s dedicated to sharing his insights with the folks who benefit from it most: Main Street Americans.

Uncovering truly exceptional profit opportunities — often from investments that were being ignored by many of the “experts” in the financial establishment.

For example…

In 2018 — many “experts” thought Apple had seen its best days. Ian disagreed — his research was pointing to the exact opposite conclusion…

He went on the record during a TV broadcast and predicted Apple shares were set for a big bull run.

And Apple shares are up 163% so far.

Here’s another example that illustrates Ian’s expertise in getting ahead of a situation — for big returns.

In 2019, many had written off Tesla.

Again, Ian’s research was showing him the exact opposite.

He recommended Tesla to his followers — and 12 months later — they were able to cash out 735% gains.

And he did it again in 2020.

In March of that year, the cryptocurrency market had crashed…

And right on cue, the experts began calling it the beginning of the end for bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market.

But Ian knew better.

Because he’d been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2013 — when bitcoin was just $100.

So he could see what others were ignoring — that this “crash” was just a temporary consolidation.

And the market rebounded, just like he said it would.

He recommended an investment that handed out two rounds of profits: selling a quarter of the position for a 76% gain in just five months…

And an astonishing 1,061% on the rest in just nine months.

And another investment that moved so high, so quickly…

Folks who followed his recommendation had the chance to cash out big gains — not once, but twice:

The first — over 3,900% in just three months.

And then 18,000% just nine months later.

Today, Ian has shared what may be the most important — and the most shocking — story of his career.

Project Hamilton — and the Digital Dollar…

One of the most destructive plans ever in our history.

And as Ian said…

Now is the time to make sure you’re on the right side of history.

And to help you do just that…

Ian’s prepared a special series just for you — the Digital Dollar Survival Blueprint.

Ian, why don’t you fill us in on the details.

IAN: My pleasure, John.

The Digital Dollar Survival Blueprint is a special package of research and recommendations my team and I have put together.

Inside, you’ll find my most important research to date.

Including the detailed information you need to help you survive the massive upheavals ahead from the Digital Dollar.

JOHN: I’m so excited to hear what you have in store for us — I mean, you’ve painted a pretty grim picture of America’s future…

So it’s good to know that there’s hope — that there is a way to deal with all this — and actually come out on top.

IAN: That’s so true, John. Because behind every crisis hides the promise of opportunity.

JOHN: Perfectly said. So, let’s dive in — what’s in your blueprint?

IAN: OK. First up … my team and I have put together a special three-part report called: Protecting Your Money From Project Hamilton.

See, John — there are three important steps you can take right away to protect your wealth — and even prosper.

JOHN: Can you walk us through them?

IAN: Sure. The first is hard assets.

Hard assets have always been a go-to investment in times of crisis. And with Project Hamilton on the fast-track to completion — I believe more and more money will be moving this asset class.

And in this report — I give you the simplest way I know to take advantage of this flight to safety. I love it, because it gives you the best of both worlds: the chance to participate in this market — but with the ease of buying and selling a stock.

JOHN: OK, what’s the second step?

IAN: Step two — inflation-proof your wealth. The Digital Dollar could destroy the buying power of the dollar, and send inflation rocketing higher.

So the second investment in this report is something few people know about — a safe and secure investment that is designed to not just keep up with inflation — but to beat it every year.

JOHN: Well, that sounds great. Especially these days. So, what’s the third step?

IAN: Step three: diversify some of your wealth OUT of the U.S. dollar. In this report, I’m going to introduce you to a truly unique investment that lets you make short-term investments into select foreign currencies.

And what makes this investment truly one of a kind — unlike trading in the currency market — with this investment, your money is 100% FDIC insured.

It’s all in this special report: Protecting Your Money From Project Hamilton.

JOHN: And this is just the first part of your Digital Dollar Survival Blueprint…

IAN: It is. I’m also going to share what I consider to be the single most important investment sector right now.

Every crisis opens the door to opportunity. And I have found what I believe could be the single biggest investment opportunity for the next decade — and beyond.

It will prove to be one of the best — and perhaps only — safe haven investments for the coming Digital Dollar…

One that could increase in value even more as the digital dollar becomes our new national currency.

I call it the 21st century solution to Fed’s digital dollar.

JOHN: Great. So, what is it?

IAN: Remember earlier when you asked me if the Digital Dollar was like cryptocurrency?

JOHN: Right — and you said it should not be confused with cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin. Because the Fed’s new money is the polar opposite of crypto.

IAN: Correct — and here’s what I mean:

Digital Dollars are controlled hyper-centrally — one entity, the Fed, will have complete say in this new money.

Cryptocurrencies are completely DE-centralized — there is no single hub or organization, or computer server controlling the market.

And there’s no limit on the number of digibucks it can print. So its new digital dollars will still drive inflation higher — making your dollars’ worth less and less.

JOHN: Which is the opposite of cryptocurrencies.

IAN: You got it. Many cryptos — like bitcoin — have a maximum number that will be created. The supply is finite. Once they reach the max — no more will be made. Meaning unlike the Digital Dollar — they will remain a store of value.

JOHN: What do you mean by “store of value”?

IAN: Well consider this — even with the recent downturns in the crypto market … bitcoin is still up over 460,000% as recently as June.

JOHN: Wow — that is impressive. $1,000 invested in bitcoin at the beginning — would have been worth over $4,600,000 by this summer.

IAN: That’s what I mean by store of value.

Another big difference is privacy.

Digital Dollars could consolidate private and personal information into one central government database — making everyone’s personal data available to the government’s prying eye — but vulnerable to hackers as well.

JOHN: And even worse, as we just saw — the new Digital Dollar can be used to track and even control, everything you do.

IAN: Right. Cryptos are built to preserve privacy — transactions happen behind layers of security to protect your privacy and make you virtually anonymous.

And I believe strongly that cryptocurrencies will be your best hope of not just surviving this new age of the Digital Dollar.

I believe that the right crypto investments today will be the best protection against the coming upheavals of Project Hamilton.

JOHN: Now, Ian, the recent downturn in the crypto market had some folks in a panic.

IAN: That’s true. And right on cue — the mainstream media predicted the end of crypto…

JOHN: The media just loves predicting the end of cryptos, don’t they? In fact, it seems every time the crypto markets correct — the media declares crypto dead.

IAN: In fact, since 2010 — when bitcoin first launched — the mainstream press predicted the “death of crypto” over 438 times.

JOHN: Four hundred thirty-eight times? To paraphrase Mark Twain — the rumors of crypto’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

IAN: And each time prices fell — the crypto market came roaring back to set new highs. And each time, these record prices were driven by powerful catalysts.

I believe that the Digital Dollar could be the biggest catalyst ever … rocketing cryptocurrencies to hitting new highs again and again.

JOHN: So, just like the “expert” predictions for the end of Apple … and Tesla … and now crypto…

You’re looking at the same market the “experts” are looking at… yet you’re able to see what they’re missing.

IAN: That we’re face to face with an incredible opportunity…

The chance to get in on the crypto revolution for prices we’re not likely to see again in our lifetimes.

JOHN: And folks, you may not realize this — but Ian’s been able to show his other readers some incredible gains in the crypto market.

Like the 76% and the great 1,061% I mentioned earlier on the Binance trades, in less than a year.

And a gain of 1,900% on half a position in Solana — in just four months — and the other half has gone up as high as … 15,000%.

Though its price has since come back down to earth — Ian’s readers are still up over 1,800% since December 2020…

Which is why Ian’s telling folks to “HOLD ON!” — because he knows the potential is STILL off the charts.

Then came the BIG ONE — the biggest win I’ve ever seen.

Ian recommended LUNA — and four months later, recommended selling half for a profit of nearly 4,000%.

And then, just one year after buying it, Ian told readers to sell the rest of LUNA for a gain of 18,000%.

THAT ONE TRADE — would have made folks 110 times their money.

Ian, those are incredible gains.

IAN: Those are all exceptional gains. But keep in mind, I don’t know if we’ll ever see a performance like that again.

JOHN: But it could happen — to me, that’s the most exciting thing about cryptocurrencies — when cryptos swing down — it makes headlines. But when crypto swings back up — it makes fortunes.

IAN: That’s a great way to put it — and that brings me to the next part of Digital Dollar Survival Blueprint.

A special research report that details not one … not two … but FOUR unique crypto opportunities.

I call it the Crypto Grand Slam. And I believe that these four new assets will be the best way to not only diversify your wealth from the ravages of the Digital Dollar…

They each offer the chance to multiply your investment exponentially over the coming years.

JOHN: That’s four unique cryptos — in one report. Tell us about them.

IAN: I call crypto No. 1 the Next Gen Coin — because it’s the next generation of the crypto technology bitcoin pioneered — and I believe it will prove to be 20X bigger than bitcoin in the years ahead.

JOHN: Wait — 20. TIMES. BIGGER than bitcoin … you’re talking potentially astronomical gains.

IAN: Wait, and the best part is — you can start with as little as $20 if you want.

JOHN: OK, Ian — this Next Gen Coin is the first crypto pick you have — tell us about the others.

IAN: Sure. I have three additional crypto recommendations I call 100X Coins.

JOHN: And as the name implies, you believe these three coins could go up 100 times?

IAN: 100X — by the end of this decade.

The first coin I call the “Google of Crypto.” Much like Google catalogs the web, this crypto does the same for blockchain networks. It’s proven to be blazing fast, low cost and easy to use.

I call the next coin the “Amazon of Crypto.” It’s a decentralized cloud storage platform. This coin is likely to make history as the fastest of its kind to reach a $1 billion market cap … yet anyone can buy in for about $20.

The third pick I call the “Meta Coin,” because it’s at the forefront of the Metaverse revolution. Facebook has talked about this concept before. It’s basically, the next generation of the internet. And this coin is an absolute steal. Especially since anyone can buy in for less than $2.

All of these coins have potential to 100X by the end of this decade.

Now I need to say — it’s super important to understand that all investing carries risk.

JOHN: Of course — that almost goes without saying.

IAN: I know, but I’m going to say it anyway — all investing involves risk — especially cryptos. That’s why I always urge my readers — please, never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Now, that being said — I truly believe that all the crypto picks you’ll find in these reports are a great way to diversify out of the U.S. dollar. And into cryptocurrencies that can appreciate in value.

JOHN: Ian, that sounds great. Folks, as you just saw — Ian’s knowledge of the cryptocurrency market has led to some incredible gains.

But let me show you what some of Ian’s most successful readers from his premium crypto service have been able to do with his picks.

These are letters from people who once sat in your seat, watching a presentation just like this one. They started following Ian’s insights, and, made a ton of money.

Charles from Texas said: “Wow. I never thought returns like this were possible. I bought Luna about a year ago with $835. I took some money out in April because I needed it. I just sold the balance yesterday … I estimate my total profit to be $54,000.”

$800 into $54,000 within a year.

This one is from Edward. He said: “I invested $1,300 into Luna … I held on for the entirety until December 22 when I sold all my coins for $88. I made over $150,000 profit on this one coin in a year.”

So, Edward turned $1,300 into $150,000.

OK — one more. This is my favorite. It’s from Linda in Arizona.

She wrote: “Dear Ian, or as I tell my husband, Sugar Daddy … I was brand new to crypto investing when I started following you. I was scared. But I put $500 into each trade, Luna being one of them. I sold half when you told us to and the other half today. My total gain … $42,300!!!!”

Linda turned $500 into $42,300 in just a year.

And as Ian just told you — his Next Gen Coin and the three 100X cryptos — are going to be even more exciting. And you can start investing with as little as $20.

OK let’s review everything Ian’s giving you as part of your Digital Dollar Survival Blueprint:

Part One: The Protecting Your Money From Project Hamilton report — the three most important steps you can take today to protect your money — with a hard asset investment … a way to inflation-proof your portfolio … and an FDIC-insured strategy to invest in foreign currencies.

Part Two: The Crypto Grand Slam — that gives you details on FOUR unique cryptos.

The Next Gen Coin that could be 20X BIGGER than bitcoin…

And the three 100X coins — cryptos that could make 100 times an investment by the end of the decade.

If we were to charge for each piece of information separately — and we easily could…by themselves, each report has a value of $499.

But with the Fed’s new Digital Dollar on the horizon…

Ian’s giving them away, today, for free … as part of your Digital Dollar Survival Blueprint.

How do you get them?

Well Ian has one more thing he’d like to share with you.


IAN: I do have one more thing to share … and it’s the most valuable tool we’re going to talk about today.

I believe the coming months and years will be some of the most challenging in our nation’s history.

As Project Hamilton picks up steam…

As the Fed begins confiscating our paper dollars to make way for its digital dollars…

And as our personal privacy disappears…

I don’t want anyone to have to go through all this alone.

And what I have to share next will give the folks at home the chance to have me virtually by their side, each step of the way — each and every month.

Everything you’ve seen so far, in the Digital Dollar Survival Blueprint — is my gift to you…

Just for trying a one-year risk-free membership to my flagship newsletter: Strategic Fortunes.

For the past five years, Strategic Fortunes has given my readers the chance to achieve true financial independence.

Every month, I work to bring you my research and insights into everything I see happening in the market.

JOHN: Earlier you saw some of Ian’s top crypto gains.

Now, let me show you some of the top stock gains he’s shared with his Strategic Fortunes readers over the past five years.

147% profit on Qualcomm…

And a 302% gain on Generac — both in about two years.

He made a 137% profit on Inspire Medical Systems in about six months…

And an awesome 735% gain on Tesla in one year.

Ian also recommended selling half his position in SunPower for a 780% gain … in just seven months.

IAN: As John mentioned earlier…

I’ve been actively involved in the world of finance for over 20 years.

Both on Wall Street, as a trader and a hedge fund manager…

And off-Wall Street, as a private investor.

What I love most about Strategic Fortunes

Is that it lets me bring my 20 years of investment expertise…

To Main Street investors.

JOHN: Let me share some of the best emails Ian’s received from his readers.

Jim Braden had so much faith in Ian’s Tesla recommendation — we estimate he invested $156,000 into this pick.

And let me say, his faith paid off — big time. Because when he wrote this note — he had already made over three times his money, in just six months, on that one trade.

He said: “I really appreciate your insight. Especially about disruptive companies. I took your advice on Tesla and I’m up $468,000… keep up the good work, love it.”

He made a half a million dollars in six months. A half of a million dollars!

This next note is from Ronald Pelling.

He said: “Strategic Fortunes has been a great investment for me. I love your weekly updates and webinars. Gaining a lot of faith in your stock picks. Keep up the great work.”

This note is from Harry Choi.

He wrote: “I’m sooooo glad that I subscribed to you … thank you, thank you, thank you.”

OK — one more.

This message from Michael Goodyear sums up perfectly the kind of impact Ian’s research has had on his readers lives:

“Thank you for all that you are doing to help little guys like me. You’ll never know what a difference you’ve made in my life.”

IAN: John, messages like that — make me so happy, knowing my work is having a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

JOHN: Ian, let’s break down everything new members will be getting when they join Strategic Fortunes today.

First, you get…

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✔ MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT No. 2: Next up — the Strategic Fortunes model portfolio. This is where you’ll find EVERY stock and crypto that’s on Ian’s “buy now” list — including the crypto investments he wants to share with you today.

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✔ MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT No. 6: And of course, a dedicated customer care team. If you ever have a question about your membership or the Strategic Fortunes website, you can reach out to our team for help.

IAN: We’ve put our heart and souls — and a lot of time and money — into making Strategic Fortunes the most complete, most comprehensive research service available anywhere.

JOHN: You told me that your firm spends over a million dollars a year on research … so you can identify the absolute best opportunities for your subscribers.

IAN: That’s true, John. And we do this month in and month out, year after year.

And you saw earlier, the returns can really stack up. In fact, even with the recent market downturn…

Every one of my recommendations have posted an average a gain of 61% in about a year and a half. That’s winners and losers.

And I send out new investments every month.

JOHN: Combine the information and recommendations Ian has for you in the Digital Dollar Survival Blueprint … with the incredible research and potential profit opportunities you’ll find in Strategic Fortunes every month…

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IAN: The Fed’s Digital Dollar will be the greatest financial upheaval this nation has ever seen.

And I believe that cryptocurrencies will be the single best way to fight the Fed’s encroaching power grab.

And I have four of the best for you in these reports.

Plus, you’ll have my team’s top research into hard assets, inflation-beating investments and currencies other than the dollar.

The choice is yours.

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That’s how confident I am in our ability to deliver outstanding results.

JOHN: Ian, thanks so much for joining me. It was eye-opening, to say the least.

IAN: It was great to be here. This was, without a doubt, the most important presentation I’ve ever done. Thanks for giving me the chance to share with everyone.

JOHN: We’ve covered a lot today. So, let’s do a quick recap here.

Today, through this special offer, you’re getting Ian’s Digital Dollar Survival Blueprint — with four incredible reports:•

Protecting Your Money From Project Hamilton, which is like three reports in one.•

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Now, I’d like to ask you a question.

If you don’t join Ian today…

What will your life be like five years from now if the Fed programs your money into and out of existence, without your say so.

If the government uses these new Digital Dollars to track and even control how you spend your money — how much you pay in taxes, and how much you pay for things like food and gas…

What will your life be like five years from now — if you don’t have access to Ian’s important research?

Project Hamilton is the culmination of more than a century of government interference in the U.S. dollar…

A history of devasting policies that stretches from the turn of the last century…

Directly to what’s happening in this building today.

Each action by the government destroying the dollar — and devastating millions of Americans.

In 1913 — they created the Federal Reserve — and the dollar lost 42% of its value.

In 1933 — they confiscated Americans’ gold — and the dollar plunged 59%.

And in 1971 — Nixon’s scheme to take the dollar off the gold standard slashed another 50% from the value of the dollar.

But this pales in comparison to what’s about to happen.

Ian believes Project Hamilton will prove to be far worse than anything we’ve seen before.

The sacred freedoms this country was established on … freedoms many of us take for granted every day… will vanish.

Your personal privacy will become a thing of the past. Because now, everything in your life — from what you buy, what you own, the friends you have, where you work, who you see, who you donate to … even the car you drive and the food you eat…

Can be tracked, monitored — and even controlled — by agents of the U.S. government.

That’s what Project Hamilton — and the new digital dollar — will do.

There’s never been a more dangerous threat, than what we face now.

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There’s too much at stake here not to give this a try.

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I’m John Daly.

Thank you for being part of this important message.

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