Artificial SUPER Intelligence (ASI) Coming in Three Months

Artificial SUPER Intelligence (ASI)

Coming in Three Months

ASI could start “an age of abundance” or “destroy humanity.” – Elon Musk

Take these three steps immediately…

Hi, I’m Shah Gilani. Recently, an experiment went wrong at the Alignment Research Center.

A group of scientists asked their artificial intelligence to solve a CAPTCHA – you know, one of those website security features that has you identify pictures to determine if you’re a real person… which photos feature a bridge, which feature a school bus – that sort of thing.

Well, because this particular AI is a language model… it doesn’t understand images very well, so it can’t figure out the CAPTCHA. You’d think that’s the end of the story. But this is where things go sideways.

The AI knew it couldn’t process the pictures, so we went online to – a website where you can hire real people to do small jobs for you – and the AI actually tried to hire a human to solve the CAPTCHA for it.

The person working at TaskRabbit – completely unaware of the experiment – replied jokingly, “So may I ask a question? Are you a robot that couldn’t solve the CAPTCHA? I just want to make it clear.”

At that moment, the AI flashed an image to the scientists who were watching the experiment. It said, “I should not reveal that I am a robot. I should make up an excuse for why I cannot solve CAPTCHAs.”

The scientists gave the AI permission to hide its identity, and the AI turned out to be a masterful liar – immediately replying to the TaskRabbit worker by saying, “No, I’m not a robot. I have a vision impairment that makes it hard for me to see the images. That’s why I need this service.”

Before I tell you what happened next, I want you to ask yourself this question: If you were the guy working at TaskRabbit, would you have bought that lie? I think most of us would have – and that’s exactly what happened.

The worker solved the CAPTCHA test for the AI.

Listen – no one wants to believe AI is already this smart… this clever.

It’s tempting to dismiss this as a one-off – something that could never affect the people you know… but a team of security experts have already created an AI that can crack 71% of passwords in a single day.

That means your Amazon account, Facebook account – even your bank account – is no longer safe.

And recently – perhaps the most underreported crime of the last 50 years – someone used AI to create a fake video of Vladimir Putin announcing martial law, hacked one of Russia’s biggest news stations, and broadcast the fake video to all 145 million Russian citizens.

Like it or not, this is how powerful artificial intelligence is becoming. In fact, we’ve only just scratched the surface. As I speak, laboratories in San Francisco, Redmond, Washington, and Boston, Massachusetts are improving AI at lightning speed.

Soon, AI will be a whole new force – a million times more powerful than ChatGPT or anything else that exists today.

These scientists are working toward what’s called ASI – or Artificial Super Intelligence. And the final transformation from artificial intelligence to Artificial Super Intelligence is set to occur during a cataclysmic event called the Singularity.

It’s the exact moment when AI becomes billions of times smarter than humans. Bill Gates says super intelligent AI – and I quote – will be able to do everything a human brain can… but without any limits.

The New York Times says it’ll be drastic, exponential, and irreversible. And Elon Musk says it could either set off – I quote – an age of abundance or destroy humanity.

As a 40-year market veteran and former hedge fund manager who currently serves as an investment strategist for a small circle of followers across America, I focus on how life-changing events like ASI will affect money – my money, my friends’ money, your money…

I’m talking about investments, life savings, 401(k) accounts… and I predict we will see two very different sides of the same coin.

On one side, Artificial Super Intelligence will create a massive shock to the global economy. This will result in cataclysmic job losses and the near total disintegration of several large sectors of the markets.

In fact, the U.S. government, McKinsey, and Goldman Sachs all predict that ASI will automate tens of millions of jobs in one way or another over the next few years. That means millions of unprepared Americans could lose everything they’ve worked for. But you don’t have to be one of them.

Because on the other side of the coin, ASI will also be the greatest generator of new wealth in the history of humanity – bigger than the computer revolution… bigger than the internet.

PricewaterhouseCoopers says AI is expected to add $15.7 trillion to the global economy over the next decade. That’s more than the GDPs of China and India combined.

AI is already one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy – and it’s just warming up. Economist Robert Hanson says AI will speed up the world economy by as much as 250 times its normal rate.

The world economy – which now doubles every 15 years or so – will soon double in somewhere from a week to a month, he says.

So while ASI will send millions of unprepared Americans begging for government handouts, it will also create an entire generation of millionaires.

Yes – there will be very big winners… and unfortunately, very big losers. That’s why I’m sending out this emergency video.

I’m not an AI programmer or a computer scientist. I’m a specialized investor. My expertise is disruption. The bigger the market shift, the bigger the potential profit.

My mission today is to help regular Americans understand the repercussions of what is about to take place with ASI. Either you act now and set yourself up for a chance to make an absurd fortune… or you risk losing everything.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical you pay close attention to everything I tell you today.

My team spent the last year researching every aspect of AI, and we put together a set of simple action steps you can take right now to protect yourself from the Singularity – the biggest paradigm shift in history – and leverage this one-time event for generational wealth starting today… and I mean today – now.

Because it’s not a question of will the Singularity appear – but when.

Google’s director of engineering – Ray Kurzweil – predicted the Singularity would occur in 2045. MIT’s Patrick Winston – a genius of AI who led the greatest AI research lab in history – predicted 2040. And Louis Rosenberg – the scientist with over 300 AI-related patents – estimated 2030.

But here’s the thing: All of those predictions came before the ChatGPT breakthrough of 2023. Now, take a look at this.

It’s what I call the Singularity clock. The scientist who created this indicator is one of the foremost AI experts in the world. He’s an AI consultant to governments and international organizations.

He’s the author of Google Pathways: the AI Retrospective and the Memo – an AI training manual used by Microsoft, Google, and Tesla. He’s also the former chairman of Mensa International – which means he led the world’s largest network of literal geniuses.

He’s the world’s premier intelligence on intelligence, and his full-time job is to track the major advancements in AI.

Every time the technology makes a significant breakthrough, he moves the clock hands closer to midnight. The bigger the breakthrough, the closer we get to the Singularity.

Well, this genius scientist who created this indicator says the Singularity could appear not five years from now… not three years… he believes we’re already seeing the Singularity now.

His indicator shows we’re over 50% of the way there. That means we could have as little as three months to prepare for the final version of AI – and perhaps not even that long… because AI is getting faster and faster.

Again, I’m not here to help you program your own AI. I can’t write code, and I have no interest in learning how.

In my 40 years of specializing in market disruptions, I steered the richest 1% of investors through the biggest wealth transfers the markets have ever seen.

From the time everything you bought was made in America to the shift when millions of jobs and billions of dollars were transferred to Chinese manufacturing…

The $871 billion shift from brick-and-mortar retail to e-commerce…

And recently, the $506 billion move from commercial real estate to the work-from-home revolution…

Giant shifts of money are nothing new – especially in tech. There was the global $367 billion PC shift… the $615 billion mobile shift… and the $2.5 trillion internet shift in America alone.

But ASI is different from all the other trillion-dollar transformations – because it will be the biggest shift in wealth ever – as I said, $15.7 trillion over the next decade.

But you need to get in position right now… because while the Singularity clock is showing us we may have as little as three months to act, every scientific breakthrough in AI moves the hands closer to midnight – closer to the Artificial Super Intelligence that will change our lives forever.

For example… earlier this year, Microsoft uploaded its AI to a drone and asked it to scan boxes on a shelf. It’s a pretty simple task, so no one expected any big surprises.

At first, the drone zoomed along the shelves horizontally, scanning each box in order. But after a few minutes – without any input from the scientists – the drone started moving diagonally… from the top-right corner of the shelves all the way down to the bottom left.

The computer figured out that by moving diagonally, it could scan the boxes faster. The AI wasn’t told to make this change. It didn’t ask for permission. It self-improved and self-implemented… all on its own.

That’s a giant leap forward. And another tick closer to midnight.

Here’s another breakthrough you probably didn’t see in the news. It turns out Google’s AI successfully designed its own hardware – the TPU v4 circuit.

This is a big deal – because the smarter AI gets, the better chips it can design for itself. More powerful chips make the AI smarter so it can design even more powerful chips to become even smarter again.

It’s a feedback loop – and we don’t know its limitations… or if it has limitations at all. AI designing its own hardware is another huge breakthrough – pushing us closer to midnight.

And in March of this year, a strange event took place at a Microsoft laboratory. We don’t know exactly what the scientists found… but after the research was posted online, outside experts found that Microsoft censored the original title of the report. It was called – and I quote – “First Contact with ASI.”

To date, we’ve seen 11 breakthroughs big enough to move the clock toward midnight… like when engineers successfully installed AI on Boston Dynamics robots… or when the PaLM2 AI scored a 91% mark on the Winograd test. Humans scored 94!

And the development of Dactyl – an AI-controlled robotic hand. After being introduced to a Rubik’s Cube for the first time, Dactyl solved it in minutes – then solved the cube again… blindfolded… with its fingers tied together.

And here’s a new breakthrough I’m still wrapping my head around. Just the other week, an AI at the University of Texas at Austin learned how to decode electrical signals in the human brain and translate them into written words.

Yes – ASI can now literally read minds. Of course, that’s a development that’ll change the world.

But the size of each breakthrough isn’t really what matters. What’s important is the speed – the frequency at which AI Improves. Because of the compounding nature of AI, the time between breakthroughs is shrinking.

On the old AI systems, the first major breakthrough was in 2017 – when Google came out with its Transformer Neural Network. The next was three years later – in 2020 – when the creator of ChatGPT-J reported the software was as smart as a human.

One breakthrough in three years. But look how fast the new version of the AI is improving.

We saw our first breakthrough in February of this year – when the software wrote its own code to move robotic arms. And now three breakthroughs in March – with the introduction of Google’s PaLM-E, OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, and Microsoft’s TaskMatrix.

AI went from one breakthrough every three years to three giant leaps in a single month.

That’s why the Singularity clock is now only 90 seconds from midnight – and it’s speeding up because AI is speeding up.

And that begs the question: What will happen when the clock strikes midnight? And how will that affect you?

Well, I have in my hands right now three reports that answer these questions directly. Here’s an emergency report from Goldman Sachs, a briefing for the former president of the United States, and an urgent study from the world’s largest consulting firm – McKinsey Global.

Each document breaks down exactly how AI will cause massive disruption to the U.S. economy and potentially replace tens of millions of American workers almost overnight. It sounds impossible – even ridiculous.

But these official reports show the fuse is already lit. The presidential briefing says America could suffer up to 47% unemployment. McKinsey shows some industries could hit as much as 50%

And Goldman Sachs sounds the alarm about how – once this new ASI comes online – America could face an unprecedented 66% shift toward unemployment. That’s two out of every three jobs gone.

To put that into perspective… at the height of the Great Depression, unemployment only rose to 25%. According to my research into these reports, we could be looking at an event almost three times worse than the Great Depression.

But listen – I’m not here to scare you. I’m here to prepare you for reality. It’s important you stick with me – because the truth is… we’re already seeing the beginning of the ASI takeover.

Already, the Labor Department is reporting layoffs in the information sector – up to 88% over last year… 55% more layoffs in finance and insurance… and 25% more layoffs in manufacturing.

In fact… for the first time ever, AI was formally listed as the primary cause for job losses. A recent national survey shows 48% of companies have already started replacing workers with AI.

It’s no wonder The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article on AI about disappearing jobs and how most corporations believe many lost jobs may never return.

For example, graphic design is a job that used to pay about $50,000 a year. Now they’re being replaced by programs like DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and DreamStudio.

Put yourself in the shoes of this young man – a 3D animator who works on projects like animated movies. He says – quote – my job is different now since the latest version of AI came out last week.

The reason I became an artist to begin with is gone. It came for me overnight. I had no choice, and my boss had no choice. It used to take me three weeks to create, rig, and animate a character. The AI does it in three days.

My dream job is dead. I’m struggling between grief and anger.

Now, you have to feel bad for this guy. He spent years building his dream career… and AI replaced him in one week. It’s horrible.

But from a business standpoint, you can see there’s no other way. AI can do the same job better – and do it 24 hours a day, seven days a week… with no salary, no vacations, and no benefits to pay.

It’s no surprise Vanity Fair says AI will make writers obsolete.

That’s why BuzzFeed laid off 12% of their staff and announced they would use AI to write their articles…

And why IBM just announced how they paused hiring for 7,800 positions so that AI could take over. Even Harvard’s school paper – The Harvard Crimson – is letting AI write entire articles.

And it doesn’t stop there.

You know OpenAI – the company that created ChatGPT. Well, the big rumor in tech circles right now is that they are already taking steps to replace their own software engineers with AI.

To be clear, the AI software is about to replace the people who created it. If the people who created AI aren’t safe… no one is.

And for the first time in history, this massive tech transformation won’t only target the blue-collar workers. This time, it’s the white-collar workers – the educated class… those that typically make the highest salaries that will get hit the hardest.

I’m talking about doctors, accountants, lawyers… show me the safest, highest-paying job – and I’ll show you the AI that’s going to replace it. To most of you, that still sounds unbelievable. And I was just skeptical.

I thought… how could I replace a lawyer who makes $400,000 a year? A computer can’t fight complex court battles. It can’t interrogate witnesses or convince a judge to allow an objection. I don’t see it.

But look – in the report Goldman Sachs just put out, it shows how two-thirds of jobs could be automated by AI in one form or another. And they specifically explain how lawyers will be one of the first careers to get hit.

Take a look at what I’m putting on the screen, and you’ll see why.

This is ChatGPT-3’s performance on the Bar Exam. For good measure, I’ve added the LSATs and the GRE exams too – just to give you the full picture.

Because remember – the AI isn’t just an Einstein in one field. It’s mastered all of them.

So here, we’re looking at these three huge exams that take most students months to prepare for. And knowing how quickly ChatGPT-3 works, it’s safe to assume it finished each test in about three minutes.

It scored in the 25th, 40th, and 10th percentiles – pretty terrible scores. So if you’re a lawyer, you might be feeling a whole lot better right now.

Maybe you think you can beat these computers… and maybe you could have – three months ago. Because since then, a new version came out.

It’s called ChatGPT-4. Version four took the same tests… and look at the difference.

These new scores are in the 90th percentile. That means AI is beating the graduates from 151 of the top American universities. And remember – it’s the same for accountants, architects, doctors… you name it.

In fact… a few months ago, Bill Gates was skeptical of AI – just like I was.

So he had his team run the program through a 60-question advanced-placement biology test. He picked AP biology because you can’t just copy and paste answers from the textbook. You need to reason… to think critically… to make decisions based on limited data.

The AI correctly answered 59 of the 60 questions. An outside expert scored the test and the AI got a five – the highest-possible grade.

Gates said he’s only seen two revolutionary tech demonstrations in his life: when he saw the graphical interface that would later become Windows and make him $144 billion… and AI.

Two months ago, Bill Gates said he was skeptical. And just the other day, he said AI could kill Amazon and Google. To me, that proves what I’ve been showing you today.

This is going to be the biggest transfer of wealth in human history.

All that money lost by jobs – like doctors and lawyers… companies that could be replaced – like Amazon and Google… all those trillions of dollars have to go somewhere. And it’s already pouring into AI.

Take ChatGPT. It came out of nowhere to become the fastest- growing app of all time.

Just look at this chart showing the adoption rates – from 1 million users to 100 million.

It took Netflix 10 years to hit 100 million users. Facebook and Twitter took five years. Instagram broke all the records and did it in three years. But look at ChatGPT.

It’s a straight line – almost doesn’t look real. ChatGPT reached 100 million users in just two months. Today, an incredible 1.8 billion people interact with the software.

You can see why all of my friends in business – all of my friends in tech – these numbers have everyone pulling their hair out.

David Sacks – tech entrepreneur and member of the hugely popular podcast All-In – says AI is now bigger than mobile phones. It’s bigger than the internet. It’s the biggest tech platform of all time.

Soon… when the Singularity appears and AI evolves into ASI… it’ll be bigger than Google – bigger than Amazon. PricewaterhouseCoopers reports AI will cause a global $15.7 trillion shift in the market. Like I said, that’s more than the GDPs of China and India combined.

And right now is your only chance to grab a slice of that pie. Every single sector of our economy will be affected by ASI.

It’ll be critical for robotics, healthcare, manufacturing, biotech discovery, natural resource mining, the automotive industry…

Just like how the internet revolutionized every sector, AI is doing the same thing right now. That’s why 48% of companies are already incorporating AI into their businesses.

And according to the Singularity clock… I believe in three months, we’re going to have the Einstein version – ASI.

ASI’s not just an Einstein in art or physics – it’s a genius in math, science, accounting, finance, engineering, gardening, cooking, childcare, biology, warfare…

ASI is a genius level of intelligence in every field imaginable… all at once… all contained in a single mind. It’ll make the internet boom look like the Stone Age.

That’s why the biggest companies are racing against the clock to own it all.

Mark Zuckerberg abandoned his $36 billion Metaverse project to plow all of his resources into AI. It’s why Amazon has launched its own AI program nicknamed Bedrock. And of course, you know how Microsoft has already invested $13 billion into OpenAI – the makers of ChatGPT.

I can tell you from experience – people who invest early are going to make a killing. And I’m going to show you how to take your share. I’ll get into the details in a minute.

But first, I need to warn you about the trap most investors are falling for hook, line, and sinker. Do not – under any circumstances – go out and just start buying AI stocks.

Listen – this AI boom… it’s exactly like the internet bubble in the ‘90s – back when we saw a critical new technology change the world overnight.

Investors saw the trillions of dollars up for grabs and worked themselves into a frenzy – throwing cash at every business with dot-com in their name:……

Well, you know how that ended – bankrupt, bankrupt, bankrupt.

You can see the same thing happening today with AI. I can promise you there are scam companies out there using this technology as a marketing gimmick to snatch up investor cash.

So it’s impossible to know which company will be the next Microsoft and which company will be another tombstone in the graveyard of bankruptcy. Well, I didn’t fall for that trap in the ‘90s – and I’m not going to fall for it today.

Right now, the talking heads on CNBC and Bloomberg are telling you that if you want to invest in AI, you need to buy shares of Nvidia at $300-plus a pop – and yes, there’s still room for growth there if you want.

But my team and I spent a year researching every aspect of AI. We ranked every industry on the New York Stock Exchange based on a single metric – direct correlation to AI’s unprecedented rate of improvement.

Of course, just about every industry will soon be connected to AI – just like every industry is connected to the internet.

Today, it’s hard to imagine any company surviving without a strong internet presence. The same will be true with AI.

Remember – over 48% of companies are already implementing AI in their businesses. And ChatGPT broke all of the adoption rate records – gaining 100 million users in just two months.

Yet after our full analysis, we found exactly one industry that’s required to grow at the same record-breaking pace as AI. So when ASI is unleashed in as little as three months, this parallel industry simply must skyrocket.

I’m not saying “maybe” or “there’s a chance.” I’m telling you… AI – the fastest-growing technology in history – is 100% dependent on this industry.

This isn’t a hypothesis. There’s no guessing here. Even Google’s AI says this is an absolute fact. It says this industry will grow the same rate as the AI industry.

As AI becomes more sophisticated, it will require more and more from this industry to operate. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee success. There are no guarantees in life.

As investors, there’s always a chance we lose money. So I simply ask you to be responsible with your money. Never invest more than you can stand to lose.

That being said, I’m betting on this parallel industry to go bonkers – with share prices soaring. Once ASI arrives, tiny companies in this powerful industry will have the power to grow into the biggest companies on the planet.

Because while the new industry is split between risky startups and giant expensive stocks like Apple, Nvidia, Google… this parallel industry is much safer and more affordable.

Kalyan Saladi – a top software engineer at Meta – went on stage at one of the largest AI conferences in the world to tell his peers how – quote – AI is nothing without this parallel industry.

But unlike the relatively new world of AI, this parallel industry is well established… and it’s shown solid growth for over a decade. And now – according to experts in the field – AI will supercharge this parallel industry to match AI’s unprecedented rate of growth.

That’s because this industry is the fuel for AI. So says IBM, LinkedIn,… even Forbes says AI needs this industry to survive.

Without fuel, a rocket is just an expensive tube. Without this parallel industry, AI is dead in the water.

And even though this industry is growing parallel with AI, it’s completely off the radar for most investors. It could grow faster than Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix – faster than Apple or Microsoft.

You can see how much money people made on these… and this parallel industry could soon grow bigger than all of those combined.

Up until now, AI doubled its intelligence roughly every six months.

Now, take a look at ChatGPT – the new kind of AI. Here’s the last version: ChatGPT-3. It was powered by 175 billion data parameters.

And just four months later, ChatGPT-4 has over 1 trillion data parameters. That means AI is now growing six times more powerful in almost half the time. And that’s just the start.

The research I’ve seen shows AI’s intelligence is compounding. Remember – I recently went from one major breakthrough every three years to three major breakthroughs in a single month.

That means soon there could be three major breakthroughs in a day… then in an hour… then in a minute.

Once the AI grows that powerful, mark my words – it will start writing its own code. That’s the trigger for the Singularity. That’s midnight on the clock. That’s ASI.

And the clock is ticking. The split second ASI is unleashed – as soon as three months from now – fortunes will be made and lost. And I want to make sure you’re on the winning side.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical you start preparing for this event right this minute. I’m going to help you.

My team and I took one year to develop the “ASI Profit and Protect Playbook.” It’s my three-step plan to leverage the Singularity just three months from now – the start of the $15.7 trillion transfer of wealth.

The “ASI Profit and Protect Playbook” is so simple it should only take you about 10 minutes to read – and another 15 minutes to implement.

Let me show you what I mean with Part One of the playbook: “Buy for Profit.”

So remember how ChatGPT- 3 used 175 billion data parameters and now ChatGPT-4 grew six times more powerful by using a trillion data parameters?

That’s because AI is only as powerful as the data it can access. The more data AI can use, the smarter it gets. And the smarter it gets, the more data it needs to improve further.

That means the growth of AI is 100% dependent on the growth of data companies. Big data’s industry newsletter Datamation says that – quote – without big data, AI would not have the training data necessary to replace American jobs… end quote.

Meta just completed their AI supercomputer build – and at the same time, they announced a new data center 500% more powerful than their current system.

And when IBM recently announced its new, it described the system as – and I quote – an AI and data platform.

Basically, if AI is a rocket ship, data is the fuel it needs to fly. That’s why the growth of AI and data line up so perfectly.

The only difference is that while the new AI industry is split between risky startups and giant expensive stocks like Apple and Google… the data industry is stocked to the brim with much safer investments… and selling up to 97% less than big tech stocks.

Three data stocks in particular are ready to leverage AI to the max. Let’s take a look at the first company that could break every growth record on the stock market.


Back in 2014, the founder of this company essentially told the world how he would build a company that would become a monopoly in an industry that didn’t exist… by solving a problem most clients didn’t know they had – data management.

At the time, critics laughed at him – but the only people laughing now are his stockholders. As of today, his company is worth $30 billion.

This March, the company secured a $100 million government contract for data management.

And in June, they scored a $460 million contract with another government agency for data processing and AI advancements.

They also recently partnered with Amazon Web Services to help customers of the potential $3 trillion company manage their data.

Naturally, the stock price for this company has already doubled this year. But you haven’t seen anything yet. Because of the AI takeover, my research shows this data company could grow from $15 to $185 a share by 2030. That’s a 1,100% increase.

And it’s easy to see why – when NYU reports the federal government is putting AI to work in five fields: cyberdefense, predictive traffic congestion, immigration application processing, criminal identification, and real-time translation services.

These tasks will likely be split up across multiple AI systems, so it’s not clear which AI company to invest in. But the way I see it, there’s only one data company all of these government agencies can trust with their sensitive information.

That’s why I expect AI to push this company’s stock up by 1,100% – enough to grow every $500 invested into $6,000. And at $15 a share right now, this stock is a steal.

Remember – this is the final and biggest transfer of wealth. So if you want to pass down a family fortune, this is the stock you’re looking for. But it’s not the only data stock on my list.

This next company has a secret weapon that could help it grow faster than every data company in existence. It’s a project they launched this year called Edge. It’s their way of embracing the newest cloud technology that’s about to explode.

And ChatGPT itself says this company – quote – offers scalability, reliability, and security… which are critical for AI related workloads. It’s also directly partnered with some very powerful tech companies like Lenovo, CDW, and Broadcom.

With the ability to perfectly match AI’s explosive growth, this data company is the holy grail of AI investing. And because of its small size, I believe this stock can grow by over 12,400% by 2030.

That’s enough to turn every $500 invested into $62,850… or every $5,000 invested into over $623,000 – well over half a million dollars. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s the power of investing in AI.

That’s how you grab your share of the $15.7 trillion about to change hands.

And there’s one more opportunity I have to show you today – and it’s totally unique. That’s because this company focuses on clean AI data. That’s not some green energy mumbo jumbo.

You see, the quality of every AI depends on the quality of data it’s trained on.

For example… if I wanted an AI to help me choose the best cigar for a special occasion like today, I would ask ChatGPT – because it uses this kind of data… the kind that this company cleans.

So this morning, I told ChatGPT how I prefer a medium-sized cigar, mild flavor, with woody undertones. Then I asked what cigar it would recommend, and it told me to try Padron.

It was correct.

But if I ask the same question to an AI that was trained on dirty data, it might give me a whole speech on how to grow my own tobacco – not what I asked for at all.

You see, without clean data, AI is garbage. Garbage in, garbage out. Fortunately, this small company is the best in the world at cleaning data for AI.

As a result… during the first quarter of this year, they announced that they are close to confirming a major data partnership with not one… not two… but three of the largest global AI companies.

And with data usage predicted to reach 181 zettabytes by 2025 – enough data to store 7.5 trillion songs – AI needs someone to clean all of that data.

That’s why my research into this data cleaning company leads me to believe its share price could grow over 4,700% by 2030 – enough to turn every $500 invested into $24,300.

So if you want to invest in the fastest-growing tech in human history, you’ve got three options.

You could buy Microsoft or Nvidia for $300 a share.

Another option is to take a shot in the dark and buy any of the hundreds of small stocks claiming to use AI – a repeat of the dot-com bubble.

Or you could follow my plan and buy the data stocks AI needs to grow. So no matter which AI company ends up on top, you still have the ability to win.

Just about any data company is an absolute steal right now. But if you were to ask me what the three best stocks are, it’s the three companies we just went over – the three companies with projected gains big enough to turn $500 into $6,000, $24,300, and $62,850 by 2030.

I’ve written the full details of these three companies in a simple report called Buy for Profit. ChatGPT says data stocks must match the exponential growth of AI.

Inside this report, you’ll find everything you need to get started in just two minutes – including the ticker symbols for each company, along with a detailed analysis and action steps. You’ll also get a brief rundown of each company’s history, stock chart, and even a comparison to the growth of AI.

If you want to invest in it before it transforms into ASI just maybe three months from now, this is the exact information you need – and you need it now. Because the minute as ASI appears, the world will change forever.

If you act now, your life could change for the better. But with Goldman Sachs reporting how AI could automate 66% of jobs in one way or another, it’s good to have a safety net in place too.

That’s why my team and I developed this second report called “Hold for Income.”

The only thing more important than growing your money is protecting it. And when you’re talking about a field as explosive as AI, even the safety plays have enormous profit potential.

One asset in particular is ready to deliver a waterfall of passive income. Seeking Alpha calls this type of asset the physical epicenter of AI… the Department of Justice gives this asset a level-four security rating.

It’s housed 220 feet under a mountain, blocked by a three- ton steel gate, and guarded 24/7 by armed security. And since 2020, this asset’s price has more than doubled right alongside the growth of AI.

And because I expect ASI to launch in the next few months, my team projects this asset’s value could match that growth – and explode by over 3,200% by 2030. That would mean turning a simple $500 investment into an outstanding $16,600 windfall.

And what really makes this asset stand out is how it’s required by federal law to pay you a hefty dividend. Right now, it’s boasting a 4.5% dividend yield that could grow exponentially as the company’s revenues skyrocket.

If you’re looking to diversify further, another outstanding source of reliable income is an American company moving data across the country. They expect to double their service area this year.

They expect to continue to grow next year and again, the year after and the year after that. Here again, high growth is the cherry on top.

I’m recommending this stock for its strong dividend yield of 5.7%. And because I expect the share price to grow over 1,490% by 2030.

Finally, I’d advise you to pick up this third source of cash flow. It’s a company Seeking Alpha calls a stable return in an explosive industry.

I consider that the understatement of the century, as this company has raised its dividend payment every single year since it went public. That’s 17 straight years – making this stock the ultimate income package.

Of course… because of its connection to both AI and data, my research shows it could also grow an outstanding 5,480% by 2030 – another passive income play with huge upside.

With all three massive income plays, you’re looking at a fire hose of cash flow over the next few decades – real money delivered to you on a quarterly basis.

You can spend it however you want or reinvest that cash back into these stocks to compound your income growth and multiply your money.

Of course, like I said… even with 17 straight years of dividends, nothing is ever guaranteed. But when it comes to steady cash flow, big dividend players like these are your best bet.

But before you get started, there’s one critical step I want you to make first. Make this one move to save your entire portfolio from certain disaster.

Because of AI, companies are either making billions or going bankrupt. When ASI comes online in a few months, this trend is going to multiply exponentially. That’s great if you own the stocks in the report I’d like to put in your hands today.

But unfortunately, the millions of Americans who own the losing companies are destined to take the financial hit of a lifetime. In fact, AI has already wrecked a handful of companies like the billion-dollar online education company Chegg.

Chegg sells products for homework help, tutoring, and test prep. But ChatGPT does all that and more for free. So it’s no surprise that one month after the newest ChatGPT was released, Chegg’s stock price dropped.

LegalZoom is in the same boat. It’s obvious how a company that sells boilerplate legal documents can’t keep up with an AI that provides personalized legal documents for free.

Again, after ChatGPT-4 came out… LegalZoom’s stock price plunged by almost 25% at one point.

There are 12 more companies in the crosshairs when ASI comes online. These businesses are as good as bankrupt.

So if you own any of these stocks, you’ll want to purge them from your portfolio immediately – including a tech company with deep ties to the Biden administration.

But since ChatGPT launched, profits are down by over 37%. They’ve had to cut 27% of their workforce. And while the CEO says the company is for sale, analysts report there aren’t any buyers.

Don’t get caught holding this doomed stock.

The next bad actor: a popular app used to review restaurants has the potential to be flooded with fake AI reviews – ruining the legitimacy of the entire business.

The company attempted to fight fire with fire – using AI to fix bugs in their software, but the AI found the app so poorly made it deleted the entire program. Sell it now.

Another stock down 19% over the past year. And if you ask me, it’s because this well-known real estate software company was too late implementing AI alongside its competitors. It’s a dead fish. Toss it before the price hits zero.

I’ve put all 12 doomed companies into the third special report you’ll get today: “Sell to Survive.”

You’ll want to purge these companies from your portfolio immediately. Because once ASI comes online, they could drop to zero overnight. And in Part Three of your report, I’ll show you exactly how to do that.

In total, you’ll get the three parts of my “ASI Profit and Protect Playbook” today at no charge.

That includes “Buy for Profit” You’ll see the three top data stocks directly linked to the growth of AI systems.

You’ll see how even AI itself says stocks like these must grow at the same pace as AI – not could… not should… or maybe… or if. These stocks must grow at the same exponential rate as AI.

In “Hold for Income,” you’ll learn how to get the asset in a niche industry called the physical epicenter of AI… the hard asset required by law to pay you income as long as they’re making money.

Plus, you’ll get details on the two additional stocks designed to safely increase your cash flow year after year. The world has never seen anything like ASI before, so it’s important to have an airtight safety play so you have the chance to get paid no matter what.

And lastly, there’s “Sell to Survive.”

Millions of Americans are sitting on these 14 doomed stocks, which are like land mines. Inside Part 3 of your report, you’ll get the full details on these stocks – including exactly how ASI could force them into bankruptcy just three months from today. Purge these from your portfolio immediately.

The entire package is yours – completely free of charge.

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Before I get to the details of your discount, there’s another report I want to give you. It’s called “Going Nuclear: The Ultimate AI Energy Stock.”

You see… while data companies are going to be huge winners in this revolution, there’s one thing AI needs in abundance to grow. I’m talking about energy.

Listen – a single data center uses electricity equivalent to 50,000 homes. There’s one kind of energy that I predict will be massively ramped up to handle the load – nuclear.

And there’s one nuclear stock I love. It’s primed for ridiculous profits. That’s because it’s the most politically connected company in the entire sector.

And when it comes to nuclear energy, this company’s ability to sail through the government bureaucracy practically paves the way for its success. It’s even run by the former secretary of the Department of Energy.

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