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Ross Givens

Who is Ross Givens?

Ross Givens is a name recognized in the world of finance and stock trading. At the age of 12, he demonstrated a precocious interest in the stock market, buying 100 shares of Microsoft. This early fascination laid the groundwork for his future career.

Givens’ academic pursuits reinforced his financial acumen, culminating in a degree in Finance. With his educational foundation, he transitioned seamlessly into the finance industry, quickly ascending through roles as a financial advisor, broker, and professional money manager.

In addition to his practical experience, Givens also serves as an instructor and analyst specializing in stock trading. He has gained a reputation for his ability to demystify complex trading concepts, guiding both novice and experienced traders.

Here is Givens’ career trajectory in brief:

  • Early Investment: Purchased shares in Microsoft at age 12.
  • Education: Earned a degree in Finance.
  • Career Progression:
    • Financial Advisor
    • Broker
    • Professional Money Manager
  • Current Role: Stock trading instructor and market analyst.

His insights into the stock market have been shared through various platforms, including his role at Traders Agency and contributions to financial newsletters and market commentary. Through these outlets, Givens has established a mentorship track, offering strategic advice and fostering a deeper understanding of stock trading dynamics among his audience.

Quick Facts

Ross Givens has established a name for himself in the financial advisory world. His educational background includes a degree in Finance, which opened doors to his career as a financial advisor, a broker, and later a professional money manager.

With a noted pedigree in the stock trading community, Ross Givens launched his career early and has been foraying into the financial markets ever since. His approach to stock trading and analysis is founded on the premise of spotting subtle signals that could lead to solid gains in the market.

  • Services Offered:
    • Live Action War Room
    • Chart of the Day Analysis
    • Stealth Trades Investment Research Service

He contributes to the financial dialogue with regular updates, including his “Chart of the Day” insights, which eases traders into understanding market dynamics. His “Stealth Trades” offering claims to help investors capture significant market opportunities.

Ross’s methods have been described as a gateway to understanding how insider trading can influence market expectations and stock performance.

Relevance in 2024: His predictions and market analysis at the beginning of the year have set a positive tone for what he anticipates as a buoyant market, hinting at a potential “January and first-quarter boom.”

For those intrigued by the concept of leveraging insider knowledge for trading success, Givens presents an interesting perspective, which is dissected and evaluated in the financial community.

Guru Review

Ross Givens, known for his role at Traders Agency, receives notable recognition for customer service, as evidenced by the high percentage of 5-star ratings on Trustpilot. Clients often highlight the quality of assistance and thoroughness in resolving issues, reflecting Givens’ commitment to supportive customer interactions.

The investment research service under Givens’ leadership, specifically Stealth Trades, garners interest for its various offerings, including stock recommendations and live trading sessions. This service falls under the Traders Agency umbrella and aims to cater to the needs of serious traders.

Further emphasizing his footprint in the trading community, the $3 AI Wonder Stock tease aligns with Givens’ trend of facilitating accessible entry points to trading services. The affordability suggests an intent to attract a broad audience and possibly upsell more advanced services later.

Lastly, anecdotal experiences on Trustpilot portray Givens as someone who stands by the efficacy of his trading recommendations, with customers invited to verify claims by themselves.

ServiceTraders Agency, Stealth Trades
User RatingsPredominantly positive
AccessLow entry cost
Customer CarePersonalized and detailed support as reported by users

It is clear that Ross Givens has established a substantial presence in the trading education sphere, with a focus on transparency, accessibility, and client support.

Products and Services

Products and Services

Ross Givens offers a suite of products to educate and empower stock market traders. His services include a blend of educational materials, trading strategies, and market analysis.

Educational Resources

  • Stock Trading Courses: Givens has developed comprehensive courses to help traders of all levels improve their skills.
  • Webinars and Live Sessions: Participants can join regular sessions to gain insights into trading mechanics and strategies.

Trading Services

  • Live Action War Room: A service that provides members a front-row ticket to live market trading and real-time analysis.
  • Stealth Trades: This service includes stock recommendations, live trading sessions, a watchlist, and more, aimed at helping traders make informed decisions.

Advisory Role

  • Givens is a financial advisor, leveraging his finance education to provide professional investment guidance.
  • Money Management: He offers management services for those looking to handle their investment portfolios professionally.

Each product and service is tailored to help clients navigate the stock market’s complexities and enhance their trading efficacy. Givens’ background as a broker and financial advisor underpins the practical nature of his offerings. His approach is marked by a direct, informative strategy aligning with his Traders Agency role.


Ross Givens’ educational journey laid the foundation for his career in finance and trading. He completed a degree in Finance, which equipped him with the essential theoretical knowledge required for his future endeavors in the financial markets.

During his academic years, Givens’ passion for trading was already evident. This interest led him to actively engage with the stock market. His practical experience, coupled with his formal education, played a critical role in shaping his expertise.

His professional pursuits reflect his comprehensive grasp of finance and dedication to understanding market dynamics. Givens often emphasizes the importance of a robust financial education for those aspiring to become skilled traders.

The combination of Givens’ academic background and early exposure to stock trading has contributed significantly to his competence as both a trader and an educator in the financial field. Notably, he has channeled this knowledge into creating educational resources designed for traders, further underscoring his value on education within the trading community.


Ross Givens’ journey in the finance industry started at a tender age when he showcased his acumen by purchasing 100 shares of Microsoft at the age of 12. This early interest paved the way for a career punctuated by various influential positions. He holds a degree in Finance, which was instrumental in kickstarting his professional path.

In the following years, Givens swiftly climbed the ranks in the financial world. His roles have been diverse and extensive, ranging from a financial advisor and broker to a professional money manager. His expertise expanded as he gained experience, embodying roles that showcased his growing skill set.

Professional Growth:

  • Financial Advisor: Assisting clients with investment decisions and financial planning.
  • Broker: Executing trades and providing market insights.
  • Money Manager: Supervising large investment portfolios and strategies.

Perhaps most notable is Givens’ tenure as a vice president of a major investment bank, where he honed his leadership and financial strategy skills. This position is mentioned on Traders Agency, highlighting the licenses and certifications he acquired, further evidencing his dedication to the field.

In addition to his corporate roles, Givens has made a name for himself as an instructor and analyst. He shares his trading insights and strategies, reflecting a commitment to educating others in the art of stock trading. His training methods and analysis can be witnessed through his contributions to Traders Agency.

Ross’s career is a testament to his enduring passion for trading and his continuous pursuit of knowledge and excellence in the field of finance.


What type of financial advice is Ross Givens known for providing?

He specializes in technical analysis and emphasizes using technical indicators like moving averages and trend lines to pinpoint trading opportunities. His approach often focuses on chart patterns and market trends.

How can one access Ross Givens’ stock recommendations?

Ross Givens communicates stock recommendations through various online platforms including webinars and financial websites. Interested individuals can find actionable trade ideas and market analyses accessible through his educational webinars and insider trading expertise.

What are the common themes in reviews of Ross Givens’ services?

Reviews often highlight his ability to demystify market movements and his structured trading strategies. They may also point to his knack for educating traders with clear guidance on navigating the stock market.

What is Insider Edge, and how does it relate to Ross Givens?

Insider Edge is a program associated with Ross Givens, wherein he leverages his experience to provide insights into insider trading, aiming to help individuals make informed trading decisions.

How does Ross Givens’ webinar contribute to investment strategies?

Givens’ webinars offer expert insights that are designed to help individual investors understand the complexities of stock trading and to enhance their investment strategies.

What is the ‘3 Dollar AI Wonder Stock’ associated with Ross Givens?

The ‘3 Dollar AI Wonder Stock’ refers to a specific investment opportunity promoted by Ross Givens, highlighting a stock with what he assesses as high growth potential based on its positioning within the artificial intelligence sector.

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