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Who is Dani Cambone?

Daniela Cambone is a seasoned journalist and a recognized name in the field of finance and investment, particularly in the commodities and metals market. With a career marked by her expertise and insightful interviews, she has become a trusted voice during turbulent economic climates. Cambone’s ability to dissect complex financial subjects and present them in a clear and accessible manner makes her work a valuable resource for investors and industry observers alike.

Her show on YouTube, The Daniela Cambone Show, grants viewers exclusive content and interviews with key figures in finance. These deep dives into global economic trends and personal finance strategies have amassed a significant following, making it a go-to platform for those seeking informed opinions on the latest market movements.

Beyond her show, Cambone’s presence is felt across various media channels, including contributions to podcasts and engagement with a community of followers on her Facebook page. Her approachable yet authoritative style has garnered her a diverse audience, from seasoned investors to those just starting to navigate the world of finance.


Daniela Cambone is a prominent figure in the field of financial journalism. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, she has carved out a significant niche for herself as an expert on investment and the commodities metals market. Her skills and comprehensive finance coverage make her a well-respected voice in economic discussions.

Early Years & Education
Cambone’s early life and grounding in journalism remain part of her private domain, with precise details yet to be publicly disclosed. However, it is known that her educational pursuits have significantly shaped her career in financial news and journalism.

Professional Journey
With over a decade of experience, Daniela Cambone has established herself as a knowledgeable financial news anchor and a veteran journalist. She has honed her expertise in reporting on financial markets and commodities, both vital in shaping the global economic landscape.

At Stansberry Research, Cambone currently excels as an editor and the company’s lead media anchor, where she delivers in-depth analysis and valuable insights into market trends. Daniela Cambone’s professional trajectory also includes serving as the host of The Daniela Cambone Show, further showcasing her breadth of knowledge and influence.

Personal Pursuits
In addition to her journalistic achievements, Cambone’s personal life is enriched by her family. She resides with her husband and twin sons, cultivating a balance between her professional endeavors and her family commitments. Each milestone in her career reflects her commitment to her family and to providing astute financial guidance through reliable journalism.


Daniela Cambone is a seasoned journalist with a particular focus on the commodities metals market and investment. Through “The Daniela Cambone Show”, she provides insightful news and interviews, which has bolstered her reputation as a trusted voice in finance and gold investment topics.

Her work has a considerable following, and she’s often sought for her expansive knowledge in finance, illustrated by her long-running tenure at Kitco News, where, as Editor-in-Chief and lead anchor, she offered in-depth analysis of the precious metals market and economic events worldwide. Notably, Cambone has engaged with numerous influential figures in the financial world, enriching her audience with various perspectives.

Personal insights into Cambone’s life and career are limited, though it’s known she celebrates her birthday on September 7. Her value in providing economic education, an area often neglected in mainstream settings, is underscored by her efforts to cover areas not typically discussed in the classroom or traditional media – a fact celebrated by her program featured on Apple Podcasts.

Beyond the screen and interviews, Cambone’s expertise in the field translates into her analysis being concise, clear, and confidently delivered, resonating well with viewers seeking neutral and knowledgeable insights into the often-complex world of finance and investment. Her ability to explain intricate topics in a clear manner has made “The Daniela Cambone Show” a valuable resource for many looking to understand the economic landscape and investment opportunities.

Daniela Cambone is a prominent figure in the world of financial journalism and offers a range of products and services geared toward investors and individuals interested in the finance sector.

Through The Daniela Cambone Show on YouTube, she provides viewers with exclusive news, interviews, and investing insights. Her services extend to podcast platforms as well, where she hosts the Daniela Cambone Show on Google Podcasts, which features interviews with top financial experts.

Here are some of the key offerings via her shows:

  • In-depth interviews: Cambone secures interviews with influential figures in finance,
  • Market analyses: She delivers detailed assessments of precious metals and cryptocurrencies,
  • Investment insights: Cambone provides her audience with strategies and perspectives on various investment opportunities.

Additionally, her expertise in the commodities and metals market is demonstrated through her content, specifically aimed at individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge in these areas—information available on The Daniela Cambone Show on YouTube.

Daniela Cambone’s services are not limited to public broadcasting. Her insights and reporting are also evidenced in written format, providing value to those who prefer reading over audio-visual content. She is known for her fact-based reporting, making her content a go-to resource for many aspiring to learn about finance and investment.


Daniela Cambone completed her education in Canada, showcasing a strong foundation in journalism that would later guide her career in financial reporting.

Primary and Secondary Education:

  • Attended local Canadian schools that provided her with a balanced academic environment.

Higher Education:

  • Pursued higher education at well-known academic institutions, reflecting her dedication to her field of study.
    • Marianopolis College: A pre-university college in Westmount, Quebec, which is known for its rigorous academic programs.
    • Concordia University: A public research university in Montreal, Quebec. Cambone graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from this institution, where she benefitted from a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes practical experience alongside theoretical learning.

During her time in college, Cambone developed a keen interest in broadcast journalism, which eventually shaped her career path. She engaged with coursework that covered a broad range of subjects within journalism, fostering a well-rounded understanding of the field. These educational experiences were instrumental in equipping her with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of financial reporting and analysis.


Daniela Cambone is an established figure in financial journalism with a career expanding over a decade. She currently serves as an editor for Stansberry Research and is the company’s lead media anchor. Her role involves covering various financial markets and providing insights and analysis.

Before her position at Stansberry Research, Cambone had amassed significant experience in journalism and print media. She is notably skilled as a moderator and speaker, which has seen her being invited to prestigious events like the Cambridge House Events in Vancouver and Mines and Money in New York City and Toronto. At these events, she shared her expertise and connected with industry professionals.

Her talent has also been reflected in her ability to secure interviews with high-profile individuals. Cambone has led interviews with notable investors, including Mark CubanKevin O’Leary, and Steve Forbes, showcasing her breadth of financial knowledge and reporting acumen.

In addition to her anchoring and editorial roles, Cambone extends her reach in media through the Daniela Cambone Show on YouTube, where she continues to discuss and analyze timely financial topics and market trends. The show adds to her portfolio and reflects her versatility within financial media and journalism.

Cambone’s adaptability and expertise in financial journalism are also evidenced by her active presence on professional platforms, providing a stream of updates and engaged dialogues with her audience, thereby further establishing her credibility in the field.







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