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Who is Matt McCall?

Matt McCall is a recognized figure in the investment community, notable for his extensive experience in the financial sector and his role at the helm of The McCall Report. His career began in the traditional brokerage environment with Charles Schwab, where his work as a stockbroker laid the foundation for his future endeavors in the financial world. McCall’s approach to investing is anchored in identifying high-growth opportunities and significant market trends that have the potential to yield considerable returns.

The McCall Report represents his platform for sharing market insights and investment strategies. McCall’s focus on “megatrends,” or substantial shifts expected to shape the economic future, has distinguished his advice and analyses. His anticipation of a prosperous period, which he terms the “Roaring 2020s,” illustrates his outlook on market opportunities and the importance of early recognition of growth potential in various sectors.

With a history that includes the founding of Penn Financial Group, a role as chief technical analyst, and co-hosting a national radio show about investing, McCall’s multifaceted experience adds depth to the investment guidance he offers. His analyses aim to provide investors with informed perspectives on stocks and trends, leveraging his past successes and industry expertise to navigate the complexities of the stock market.

Quick Facts

  • Name: Matt McCall
  • Occupation: Investment Strategist and Analyst
  • Known For: The McCall Report, Stock Predictions, Focus on High-Growth Stocks

Matt McCall is an established figure in the world of finance, recognized for his investment insights and strategies. He started his career at Charles Schwab as a stockbroker and later contributed significantly to the success of Wall Street Radio, a startup that benefited from his expertise.

He founded The McCall Report, a research service that caters to high-growth stock market opportunities. His approach often revolves around identifying megatrends and companies poised for substantial growth in the future.

Over his career, McCall has made numerous stock predictions, recommending over 40 stocks that have soared by at least 1,000% and nearly 200 stocks that have risen by at least 100%. These recommendations demonstrate a notable track record in the domains of financial analysis and investment strategy.

Additionally, McCall has developed a reputation for his insights into digital assets, highlighting the evolving nature of his expertise. His guidance has been sought after by both seasoned and novice investors aiming to navigate the complexities of the stock market and capitalize on emergent trends.

Key ContributionsDescription
The McCall ReportA service providing research on high-growth stock opportunities.
Investment StrategyFocuses on high-growth stocks and megatrends that are forecasted to particularly thrive in the Roaring 2020s.
Digital Asset AnalysisBreaking down digital assets and their potential impact on investment strategies.
Track RecordNotable success rate in stock predictions with substantial gains.


The McCall Report, a product of Matt McCall’s investment research, focuses on identifying growth opportunities in the markets. With a monthly release schedule, it aims to provide insights and recommendations to subscribers. McCall, associated with Stansberry Research, has created a following through his approach to revolutionizing technologies and spotting potential in various sectors.

While the report has its advocates, criticism also exists. Some reviewers question the necessity of this newsletter, given the plethora of similar services. Concerns about its uniqueness and added value are notable, thus making it essential for potential subscribers to scrutinize its offerings.

McCall’s previous contributions to investment literature and his positive reputation, particularly in the technology investment space, however, add a layer of credibility. Since the McCall Report’s launch, reviews have remarked on its emphasis on long-term growth and McCall’s optimism about market trends.

The transparency and legitimacy of McCall’s work give him a significant edge. As noted, he is indeed considered a legitimate figure in the investment advisory domain. While individual performance will vary and historical success does not guarantee future results, this newsletter may cater to investors interested in growth sectors and technological innovation.

Products and Services

Matt McCall offers various investment-focused products and services, primarily aimed at investors interested in high-growth opportunities.

The McCall Report: McCall’s flagship newsletter, providing insights into the stock market with a focus on high-growth stock recommendations. This newsletter is designed for all levels of investors and provides analysis on market trends. Subscriptions start at $49 for the first year, with a standard renewal rate.

  • Entry-Level Subscription: Affordable and provides a basis for entering McCall’s investment philosophy.
  • Renewal: Typically set at a higher rate post the introductory offer.

Investment Strategies: Through his various channels, McCall shares his investment strategies, emphasizing megatrends and high-growth potential sectors. He aims to identify companies that are likely to thrive over the next decade, which he refers to as the “Roaring 2020s.”

ServiceDescriptionPrice Point
McCall ReportStock market insights and high-growth recommendations.$49 first year
Investment AdviceFocus on long-term growth trends and “megatrends.”Varies by service

McCall’s approach is tailored to investors who are comfortable with a level of risk in exchange for the potential of higher returns. His services are part of his broader suite of products at Stansberry Research, where he serves as Lead Analyst.


Matt McCall’s educational background lays a strong foundation for his career in finance and investment analysis. He graduated with a degree in finance and a minor in economics from the University of Colorado. McCall’s formal education was further enriched by obtaining an MBA with a concentration in finance from the University of Colorado at Denver.

During his MBA program, he honed his analytical skills, underpinning his insightful market evaluations. McCall’s pursuit of excellence in financial education underscores his dedication to understanding the complexities of the stock market and economic trends.

Moreover, his academic credentials are supplemented by an unquestionable thirst for continuous learning and professional development. This commitment to education is evident in the comprehensive research and expert analysis he provides through The McCall Report, reflecting a blend of academic rigor and real-world experience.


Matt McCall’s career in finance began at Charles Schwab, where he worked as a stockbroker. His early experience in a well-established firm laid the foundation for his expertise in the financial sector. He then transitioned to a burgeoning startup called Wall Street Radio, expanding his role within the industry.

At Wall Street Radio, he became the Chief Technical Analyst and also earned recognition as the co-host of the popular national radio show, Winning on Wall Street. McCall honed his skills in financial analysis and communication during his tenure, sharing market insights with a broad audience.

In 2004, Matt McCall took a pivotal step in his career by establishing Penn Financial Group, a registered investment advisory firm. This endeavor represented a significant milestone, as he moved from offering insights on the airwaves to directly managing investment portfolios and providing tailored financial advice to clients.

Through his leadership at Penn Financial Group and his role as a prolific writer and analyst, McCall became a prominent figure in the world of finance. His work includes lead analyst positions, particularly where he oversees the production of financial reports and guides investors through various market landscapes. One such example is his involvement with The McCall Report, where he continues to share his strategic approach to investing.

Matt McCall Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matt McCall’s background in finance?

Matt McCall has built a reputation as an investment strategist with an extensive background in financial markets. His experience includes identifying high-growth stocks and interpreting market megatrends.

How can I access Matt McCall’s investment reports?

Investment reports by Matt McCall, such as the McCall Report, are available through subscription services where he offers his market insights and stock predictions.

What sort of investment philosophy does Matt McCall advocate in his analyses?

He is known for his optimistic viewpoint on revolutionary technologies and pursuing growth opportunities, often focusing on transformative market trends.

Has Matt McCall written any books or articles on investment strategies?

Matt McCall has authored investment books, including ‘The Swing Trader’s Bible’ and ‘The Next Great Bull Market,’ which delve into strategies to profit from market volatility and picking winning stocks.

What are some of the most notable predictions or analyses made by Matt McCall?

He has a track record of making successful stock predictions, particularly in sectors poised for substantial growth, labeling the coming era as “the Roaring 2020s.”

How can I follow Matt McCall’s updates on financial markets?

Updates from Matt McCall can be followed through his investment reports, media appearances, and publications within the financial services industry.







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