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Bob Carlson

Who is Bob Carlson?

Bob Carlson is recognized as a seasoned expert in the realm of retirement planning, exhibiting a strong background in both accounting and law. His educational journey led him through Clemson University, where at the conclusion of his college years, he successfully passed the CPA exam. Not resting on his laurels, Carlson took his aspirations further by attending the University of Virginia School of Law with the intention of specializing as a tax attorney and adviser.

While he carved out a niche in financial matters, Carlson is also noted for his writing abilities, a rather unique skillset that complements his quantitative acumen. His dual expertise culminated in the founding of a monthly newsletter called Retirement Watch in 1990. As the editor of this publication, he offers insights into various financial aspects of retirement planning. His work is well-respected in the field, earning him opportunities to contribute as a Senior Contributor for Forbes, where he continues to share his knowledge on retirement.

Beyond his writing, Bob Carlson is acknowledged by peers for his relentless efforts to help investors navigate through complex regulatory and legislative changes affecting their retirement plans. Mentioned as a constant champion for retirees, he has earned admiration for his dedication to giving investors straightforward advice, as recognized by The Annuity Man in a podcast feature.

Bob Carlson’s multi-faceted expertise makes him a significant voice in the sphere of retirement and financial planning, guiding many towards a secure and well-managed retirement.

Quick Facts

Bob Carlson is recognized as a leading authority in the field of retirement planning. With a career that spans several decades, he has amassed extensive experience and knowledge, which he shares through various channels.

He founded the Retirement Watch newsletter, a significant resource that provides insights and advice on a broad range of retirement topics. His expertise also extends to Social Security, where he is described as potentially the best expert on the planet according to his feature on the Fun With Annuities Podcast.

In the realm of finance, he has analyzed and commented on strategies for achieving a secure retirement income. His critique of the “Guaranteed Income Blueprint” can be found in an Algo Adviser review, underlining his role as a trusted adviser in the financial sphere.

Bob Carlson’s contribution as a leader and expert in retirement planning continues to guide many individuals in their journey toward a stable and secure retirement.

Guru Review

Bob Carlson is widely recognized as an authority in retirement and estate planning. He is the editor of Retirement Watch, a newsletter that offers financial advice to retirees and those nearing retirement. His work is particularly focused on assisting individuals in navigating the complexities of Social Security, IRAs, estate planning, and tax-efficient retirement strategies.

Impact on Readers:

  • Readers gain insights into effective retirement planning.
  • They are provided with strategies to maximize their retirement savings.

Critiques of Carlson’s work often mention his ability to break down intricate financial concepts into understandable terms. For instance, his review of the government’s involvement in retirement savings has been characterized as both enlightening and concerning.

Key Highlights from Reviews:

  • Thoroughness of retirement strategies
  • Focus on tax efficiency
  • In-depth analyses and solutions

Bob Carlson also addresses less commonly discussed topics, such as the pitfalls associated with self-directed IRAs, as noted in his article on Forbes, revealing potential traps in these investment vehicles. His expertise is not left unquestioned, but many acknowledge the practicality of the advice provided.

ClarityHighly comprehensible
Practical SolutionsOften provided
ExpertiseWell-regarded in the field
Readers’ TrustEstablished through years of advisement

Nonetheless, as with all financial advice, individual circumstances may lead to different experiences and outcomes following Bob Carlson’s guidance. These reviews often encourage due diligence by readers.

Products and Services

Bob Carlson offers a suite of services focused on the critical facets of retirement planning. He has established himself as a trusted authority in this space through his informative newsletter, Retirement Watch, where he provides comprehensive financial advice for retirees and those nearing retirement age.

  • Retirement Planning: Guidance on creating a strategic plan to ensure financial stability in retirement.
  • Estate Planning: Information on how to protect one’s assets and ensure they are distributed according to one’s wishes.
  • Investment Strategies: Education on various investment options suitable for retirement savings.
  • Social Security: Insights on how to maximize Social Security benefits based on an individual’s unique situation.

He is also known for his involvement with the Fairfax County Employees’ Retirement System, where his expertise in the field is further exemplified by his role as a board member and chairman, underlining his commitment to serving the retirement planning community.

Moreover, Bob Carlson has been involved with the Salem Media Group, following the acquisition of Retirement Watch. Through this platform, he has expanded his reach, enabling his strategic insights to cater to a broader audience interested in a holistic approach to retirement.

His financial wisdom also graces the pages of Forbes, where his contributions further solidify his position as a reliable resource for those seeking informed retirement guidance.


Bob Carlson is recognized as a leading authority in the area of retirement planning, with an educational background that supports his expertise. He holds a Master’s degree in accounting, which laid a foundational understanding of financial principles crucial to managing and advising on retirement funds. Moreover, his strong legal background is underscored by a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the University of Virginia School of Law. This combination of law and accounting expertise positions Bob Carlson uniquely, allowing him to navigate the complexities of retirement planning with a dual-focused lens.

His education has undoubtedly contributed to his prominence in the field and his capacity to offer insightful guidance. The intersection between law and accounting in Carlson’s education is reflected in his comprehensive approach to retirement planning, encompassing legality and financial viability.

Here are his main educational milestones:

  • Master’s in Accounting: Exploring the management of finances and enhancing analytical skills.
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.): University of Virginia School of Law, equipping him with a robust knowledge of legal issues related to retirement planning.

With his educational background, he has provided valuable contributions to the field through detailed reviews and articles on important retirement plan changes for 2024, showing the practical application of his education in his work.


What are common critiques found in reviews of Bob Carlson’s advisory services?

Critiques of Bob Carlson’s advisory services often highlight the need for a careful assessment of investment recommendations and management strategies, emphasizing that individual investor goals and risk tolerance may not always align with the advice given.

What is ‘Retirement Watch’ and how is Bob Carlson associated with it?

‘Retirement Watch’ is a newsletter service edited by Bob Carlson, which provides subscribers with strategies on retirement planning, investment portfolios, and estate planning. Bob Carlson is known for his extensive research and guidance on retirement-related financial issues.

Can you provide an overview of Bob Carlson’s investment philosophy?

Bob Carlson’s investment philosophy centers around risk management and asset diversification. He focuses on creating investment strategies that adjust to market conditions and economic shifts, aiming to protect and grow subscribers’ assets.

How does Bob Carlson advise regarding Social Security benefits?

Bob Carlson often stresses the importance of strategic timing for claiming Social Security benefits. He provides advice on maximizing benefits based on individual retirement timelines and life expectancy.

What are Bob Carlson’s strategies for estate planning and tax reduction?

In estate planning and tax reduction, Bob Carlson offers strategies tailored to estates of various sizes, focusing on minimizing taxes and ensuring a smooth transfer of assets. He educates on the utilization of trusts, charitable contributions, and other tactics for efficient estate planning.

What experience does Bob Carlson have with managing retirement funds?

Bob Carlson has experience in managing retirement funds, having served on the Board of Trustees of the Fairfax County Employees’ Retirement System since 1992, with a tenure as chairman since 1995. His experience is reflected in the advice given through his publications and Retirement Watch.

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