What is Jim Rickards Selling?

December 16, 2022

Jim Rickards is a leading authority on global economics, precious metals, and the inner workings of governments. He has four decades of experience witnessing some horrifying truths, and what he sees coming now in America will grab your attention.  

Throughout his career, Rickards has sounded the alarm on many things and was right before everyone. In his best-selling books and lectures, he’s warned about the death of the U.S. dollar, the rise of China, economic collapse, and more. He also correctly predicted the 2008 financial crisis, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and the Coronavirus Crash.

This is a man who has overseen multi-billion-dollar Wall Street bailouts and the secretive inside workings of government organizations like the Pentagon, the CIA, Congress, and the Department of Defense.

This brings us to today. 

Jim Rickards now sounds the alarm about Executive Order 14067 and Biden Bucks. He warns that our freedoms and the dominance of the U.S. dollar are at risk. As the end of the U.S. dollar approaches and a digital dollar becomes a reality, he sees “spyware currency,” mass surveillance, and more terrifying realities as America’s new normal.

He calls this era “the 3rd Great Dollar Earthquake”. He compares it to Franklin Roosevelt confiscating private gold in 1934 and Nixon abandoning the gold standard in 1971.  

So what is Jim Rickards selling, and how is he trying to prepare us for the coming chaos? 

Jim Rickards’s Strategic Intelligence Dossier 

Rickards currently has a half-price special for his “Jim Rickards’s Strategic Intelligence Dossier.” This package of exclusive info will provide an inside look at surviving these threats to your freedom while also managing to profit and grow your wealth.

All for only $49, you’ll get your hands on the following exclusive reports:

  1. The Asset Emancipation System
  2. The Perfect Physical Gold Portfolio
  3. America’s Secret Currency  
  4. How to Profit From Chaos

And as a bonus…

  1. How to Make Your Home Your Personal Fortress

How You Benefit From Each Report

It’s not every day that for less than 50 bucks, you can get exclusive insights from not only a successful investor and economist but a government insider. 

In each report with this special offer,  here’s what you will learn:

The Asset Emancipation System

  • How to outsmart “Biden Bucks.”
  • How to create an off-the-grid fortune
  • How to grow your personal wealth. 
  • How to ensure you maintain your personal wealth regardless of external conditions.

The Perfect Physical Gold Portfolio

  • If gold is safe to invest in. 
  • How much to invest in precious metals. 
  • The metals to buy and the metals to avoid. 
  • The best places to buy gold and precious metals.
  • The safest way to store gold and avoid theft and government confiscation. 

America’s Secret Currency  

  • A secret, untrackable, untraceable, and off-the-grid asset that’s seen its value soar. 

How to Profit From Chaos

  • The three companies building the digital dollar’s infrastructure.
  • How you can profit from “Biden Bucks.”

How to Make Your Home Your Personal Fortress

  • Protecting your home with the CIA’s “4 Concentric Rings of Defense.”
  • How and why to safely hide a firearm on every level of your house. 
  • How to turn your front door into an impenetrable force. 
  • What common door lock to immediately change. 
  • How to afford your own panic room. 

The Key Takeaway

Jim Rickards boasts nearly 40 years of experience working with economics and the global financial system while witnessing the inner workings of governments and global elites. 

He understands how the world works and why we’re at such a dangerous point in history from an economist’s angle and a government insider’s angle. 

So what is Jim Rickards selling? A package of exclusive reports that will train and educate you on how to survive and profit from the catastrophic threats to your money and freedom that we face today in America. 
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