Larry Benedict Review

February 9, 2023

Larry Benedict is a unique type of stock guru. While many gurus like to self-promote themselves as geniuses or revolutionaries with god-given gifts of stock picking, Benedict comes with a different approach. The type of approach that not only uniquely works for both beginners and experienced traders. The type of approach that draws on transparency and learning from failures. 

In other words, Benedict began his career working in the trenches of volatile trading pits and saw hard times. However, he not only built himself into a Special Limited Partner at a trading firm, a $900 billion hedge fund owner, and now the owner of a vibrant and active trading community. 

He built himself into one of the world’s most successful traders who spent two decades without a losing year and made some of the most profitable trades during the worst markets of our generation.

Reviewing Larry Benedict’s Most Recent Moves 

We can talk about his two decades without a losing year (1990-2010) all we want, but for investors hungry for returns, following a stock guru is all about “what have you done for me lately?”

Larry Benedict’s recent predictions on his Opportunistic Trader platform might be his most impressive yet. 

First, he correctly called the coronavirus crash in February 2020 before the market tumbled 34%. A direct quote from CNBC, attributed to Benedict, said, “The second-largest economy in the world is completely shut down. People aren’t totally pricing that in.”  

Benedict made this quote after the Dow dropped 3.5% when many thought the corona-crash was overblown or temporary.

Again in January 2022, before the markets corrected, he accurately foresaw the impact of the Fed’s interest rate hikes and the resulting market downturn. He said, “2022 will be a tough year for the broad market,” projected all indices would end the year red, and called it a “repeat of the late 70s and early 80s.”

By the end of 2022, his tried-and-true strategies helped many investors see double and triple-digit gains despite the S&P 500 having its worst year since 2008 and the Nasdaq’s performance echoing the dot-com bust. 

Is Larry Benedict Legit?

Of course, it’s essential to always do your due diligence before following a stock guru’s recommendation. Yet the clear answer as to whether or not Larry Benedict is legit is an overwhelming yes.  

The question, “is Larry Benedict legit” is often asked throughout the interwebs. It’s understandable why. How can one person spend two decades without a losing year and make so many accurate market predictions?

Moreover, is his Opportunistic Trader platform legit, along with his groundbreaking One Ticker Trader trading method? 

We can run around and around asking if the claims of his gains and multiple decades without a losing year are legit. But a deeper dive into credentials speaks for itself. 

Jack D. Schwager featured him in his 2012 book “Hedge Fund Market Wizards” in the chapter right after Ray Dalio.

When he ran the hedge fund Banyan Equity Management, Barron’s ranked it as a Top 100 and top 1% hedge fund. Are you still questioning whether or not he had two decades without a losing year? Or how he managed to profit $95M during the financial crisis?

Ask the San Francisco accounting firm that legally audited his financials and confirmed he generated over $274M in profit from 2004-2012. 

Or ask what his clients think of him, including his clients that come from royalty.

Larry’s One Ticker Retirement Plan

Larry Benedict’s interactive trading forum, The Opportunistic Trader, brings many of his trading lessons to life for all traders, no matter their experience level. Small-time traders can access hedge fund-level strategies and simple, easy-to-understand trading plays that you can’t find anywhere else. Advanced traders can access many resources tailor-made for volatility. 

The foundation of The Opportunistic Trader is his trading strategy – the One Ticker Trader. 

The idea behind One Ticker Trader is straightforward- zeroing in on one ticker or sector poised to make money in any market, regardless of whether it’s a bear or bull market.  

Larry wants to make it easy to make hundreds, potentially thousands, and in some instances, millions of dollars very quickly by focusing on one ticker.

Typically, it costs $199 to subscribe to Larry Benedict’s One Ticker Trader. But for a limited time, it only costs $19 to not only receive the perks of a One Ticker Trader subscription. You will also receive a special report called “Larry’s Guide to Options” and

another special report called the “One Ticker Retirement Plan”. 

The “One Ticker Retirement Plan” might be Larry Benedict’s most important and impressive work yet. 

In the One Ticker Retirement Plan, Larry will announce his number-one pick for today’s volatile market. This one ticker is a stock that Larry sees as helping people create a dream retirement by potentially making money all year long in all types of markets.

Curious to learn more about this one ticker for your retirement? 

The Key Takeaway

While no trader is ever 100% successful, and Benedict has been more than transparent about his failures, he has the knowledge and experience to justify his predictions, forecasts, and decisions. 

He spent the first four years of his career making little money and getting fired, and he turned himself into one of the most successful traders of the last 30+ years. 

Benedict has a keen eye for the market. His strategies worked in the past and continue to work in the present. The fact that Benedict and his team conduct the same daily market analysis in The Opportunistic Trader chat rooms as they have their whole careers is a gift that keeps on giving. 

The Opportunistic Trader is a culmination of Larry Benedict’s lessons learned throughout an illustrious career. The platform’s One Ticker Trader is his crown jewel. What he’s offering potential subscribers with his One Ticker Retirement Plan may be his most valuable piece of knowledge yet. 

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