Hidden Alpha Review: Is Hidden Alpha Legit?

April 20, 2023

What is Hidden Alpha?

Altimetry’s Hidden Alpha is a proprietary investment strategy developed by Altimetry, a financial research firm. The strategy is based on analyzing a company’s financial statements using a unique methodology that aims to uncover hidden value and growth opportunities that may not be apparent to other investors. This strategy is developed by Joel Litman, the CEO of Valens Research and a university professor in busines strategy.

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Altimetry’s Hidden Alpha approach looks beyond traditional accounting metrics such as earnings per share and focuses on metrics such as free cash flow and return on invested capital. It also takes into account non-traditional factors such as management quality and market position.

The goal of the strategy is to identify undervalued companies with strong growth prospects that have been overlooked by the broader market. Altimetry believes that by using its Hidden Alpha approach, it can uncover opportunities for investors to achieve market-beating returns.

It’s worth noting that Altimetry’s Hidden Alpha strategy is a proprietary investment approach, and the details of how it works are not widely available to the public. Altimetry offers its Hidden Alpha research and analysis to subscribers of its investment research services.

What Does Hidden Alpha Offer?

Investors get access to the company’s in-house investment research and analysis through Altimetry’s Hidden Alpha subscription service, which is based on its Hidden Alpha methodology. The service offers a variety of tools, including model portfolios, weekly research reports, and investing suggestions.

The research papers provide information about certain businesses and industries, indicating prospective investment opportunities that the general market could pass over. To assist their members in making wiser investment decisions, Altimetry’s model portfolios offer investors a selection of stocks that they believe are undervalued and have significant growth potential.

Subscribers also have access to the firm’s analysts, who may answer questions and offer more insight into certain investment opportunities, in addition to the research reports and model portfolios.This is a fantastic opportunity for investors who want to be more involved in their stock selections and fully understand the reasoning behind each recommendation.

Hidden Alpha Review: Is it Legit?

Hidden Alpha’s approach is very different from other financial newsletters on the market. One thing that stands out to users is the great depth of the insights Litman shares about stocks he’s identified as undervalued.

The Hidden Alpha newsletter typically shares the backstory of the recommended company, analyzes its financials, and discusses his thoughts on management, including the results of their “Earnings Call Forensics” analysis. The latter is supposed to be an advanced audio technology that analyzes management’s voices on earnings calls to determine if they are telling the truth. The newsletter provides in-depth analysis and charts for larger, established U.S. stocks, making it a good fit for long-term value investors. The newsletter also includes a “timetable investor” section covering the macro picture, a portfolio review, and “best buy” picks.

Overall, the Altimetry’s Hidden Alpha subscription service may be a valuable resource for investors seeking to identify unexpected companies worth investing in and achieve market-beating returns. However, it’s important to note that no investment strategy is without risk, and investors should carefully consider their own financial goals and risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.

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