Bill Bonner Review

October 26, 2022

Bill Bonner is a unique stock guru to research and is very different from many you might come across. He doesn’t have an investment banking background or any experience with technicals or analytics.

He stands apart from other gurus because of his broad knowledge of the world around us and his business acumen. He is a free thinker who takes great pride in that he and his newsletters are alternative sources of information that go where mainstream media refuses to go. 

Especially as mainstream media’s credibility continues to sink to historically low levels.   

Now Mr. Bonner’s track record isn’t squeaky clean. The Agora has faced several controversies with the SEC and Better Business Bureau. But heavy is the head that wears the crown. When you go against the mainstream norm and against many influential organizations and elites, the establishment will predictably come for your head. 

When you read a stock market newsletter or find alternative investment research, Bill Bonner likely has his fingerprints over it. The Agora pioneered stock market research for retail investors long before e-brokerages and mobile apps even existed. 

While Bonner keeps a relatively low profile these days, he has amassed a nearly $1 billion fortune by disrupting not only the investment world but the entire media and publishing world. 

He just keeps a very low profile, so you presumably never understood the extent of it. 

Bonner is definitely a guy to study more for an alternative and different take on the economy. Not only is he a guru. He’s an outside-the-box thinker with business expertise in various areas. 

This is just one man who probably has some kind of ownership stake in many of the stock research websites you potentially frequent. 

That alone speaks volumes.

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