Altimetry Financial Research Service Reviewed

August 30, 2023

Altimetry is a financial research service that offers valuable insights and guidance for investors seeking to maximize their returns. As a boutique financial research and publishing firm, Altimetry has gained attention in the investment world for its unique methodologies and informative research services. Investors considering subscribing to their services often look for unbiased reviews to validate the legitimacy and effectiveness of Altimetry’s offerings.

The company’s primary focus is to provide actionable investment advice and in-depth analysis using proprietary tools and methods. Led by Chief Investment Strategist Joel Litman, Altimetry has developed a suite of research services, such as “Hidden Alpha” and others, to cater to the diverse needs of investors seeking to enhance their portfolio performance.

History of Altimetry Financial Research Service

Altimetry Financial Research Service is a boutique financial research and publishing firm with a focus on providing individual investors with unbiased investment recommendations and analytics. The firm has its roots in its parent company, Valens Research, and utilizes the same underlying datasets, investment philosophy, and strategies to serve its clients.

Founded with the goal of making the complex world of finance more accessible and transparent, Altimetry strives to empower investors with insightful information and innovative tools. By focusing on various aspects of finance such as market trends, investment opportunities, and risk analysis, the company aims to arm its clients with a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape.

Over the years, Altimetry has built a strong reputation for its dedication to quality research and commitment to client satisfaction. The firm’s unique approach to research has attracted the attention of various industry professionals and investors who trust Altimetry for guidance on their financial decisions.

In summary, Altimetry Financial Research Service has a rich history rooted in a passion for providing investors with valuable insights and analytics. Drawing from its parent company’s resources and expertise, Altimetry has succeeded in establishing itself as a trusted source of information within the financial industry.

Products and Services

Altimetry is a boutique financial research and publishing firm that offers a range of investment research services. One of their prominent services is Hidden Alpha. Edited by chief investment strategist Joel Litman, Hidden Alpha is a monthly newsletter that aims to identify lesser-known investment opportunities by analyzing financial statements and corporate performance using unique and proprietary metrics.

In addition to Hidden Alpha, Altimetry also offers a Daily Authority service that provides daily insights into the financial markets, covering a wide range of topics, including specific stock recommendations, market trends, and macroeconomic factors. This service is designed to keep investors informed and updated on the latest market developments.

Another noteworthy service provided by Altimetry is their High Alpha research service. This offering is targeted at more aggressive investors seeking high-growth opportunities. It focuses on identifying stocks with the potential to deliver exceptional returns over a relatively short time frame. High Alpha leverages quantitative models and extensive data analysis to generate actionable investment ideas.

In addition to these core services, Altimetry also conducts in-depth research on specific industries, sectors, and individual companies. These research reports provide valuable insights to investors, helping them navigate the volatile and complex world of investing.

Overall, Altimetry’s products and services cater to a diverse range of investors, from those seeking long-term investment strategies to those interested in short-term trading and high-growth opportunities. The firm’s focus on proprietary research and analytics sets it apart from many other financial research providers in the market.

Editorial Team

The editorial team at Altimetry consists of experienced professionals with backgrounds in finance and research. Their work is backed by the expertise of Joel Litman, President, and CEO of Valens Research, as well as Chief Investment Strategist at Altimetry Financial Research. Joel Litman specializes in strategic analysis, corporate performance, and forensics, making him a valuable resource for the Altimetry team.

Members of the editorial team work together to provide individual investors with unique, unbiased investment recommendations and analytics. Their research is derived from various financial publications, analytical tools, and expert knowledge in the field.

Key staff members include seasoned analysts, financial writers, and customer service representatives who ensure that clients receive timely and accurate research. By staying up to date with market trends, they provide actionable insights for investors looking to make informed decisions.

Altimetry’s editorial team prides itself on maintaining a neutral and clear perspective when presenting its research findings, collaborating to produce quality content that can be easily understood by readers. This approach allows Altimetry to stand out in the financial research landscape, offering valuable services to its subscribers.

The ultimate goal of the team is to empower individual investors with data-driven analytics, equipping them with the knowledge they need to navigate the ever-evolving finance landscape. By staying true to a confident and knowledgeable tone, the editorial team at Altimetry ensures their research is both reliable and accessible to subscribers.

Financial Performance

Altimetry is a boutique financial research and publishing firm that focuses on delivering insights into a company’s true financial performance by situating its reports in the context of Uniform Accounting. Understanding the real financial status of a company is crucial for making sound investment decisions, and Altimetry endeavors to provide precise metrics for investors.

The firm enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and the firm’s founder, Joel Litman, has appeared in Forbes, which showcases his expertise and offers insights into his Altimeter Investing Philosophy. Altimeter believes that traditional financial metrics like P/E ratios and discounted cash flows can be distorted and, in some cases, useless. Uniform Accounting is the method that it employs to cut through these distortions to reveal a company’s true performance.

In summary, Altimetry provides financial research services with a unique perspective on analyzing corporate performance through Uniform Accounting. The company holds a strong reputation in the industry led by its founder’s expertise and appearances in renowned business publications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is Altimetry’s financial analysis?

Altimetry is a financial research service that provides unbiased investment recommendations to individual investors. Their accuracy is a result of leveraging the underlying datasets, investment philosophy, and strategies from their parent company, Valens Research. While the accuracy of any financial analysis service cannot be guaranteed, Altimetry strives to provide thorough research and high-quality recommendations.

What services does Altimetry offer for investors?

Altimetry offers a variety of financial research and analysis services to individual investors. They provide insights into stocks, markets, securities, and various industries. Some of their services include Hidden Alpha, a newsletter led by investment analyst Joel Litman. Details about their complete range of offerings can be found on their website.

How are Altimetry’s research methodologies unique?

Altimetry’s research methodologies stand out due to their affiliation with Valens Research. They utilize the same underlying datasets, investment philosophy, and strategies as their parent company. This association allows Altimetry to provide unique investment recommendations that stem from their in-depth understanding of financials and markets.

How do clients rate Altimetry’s customer service?

Client reviews of Altimetry’s customer service are varied. Some customers have shared positive experiences, while others have faced challenges in utilizing their services. It is crucial to read customer service reviews and conduct thorough research before opting for any financial research service.

What are the costs for Altimetry subscription plans?

Altimetry’s subscription plans and costs can vary based on the services they offer. To get the most up-to-date and accurate information about their subscription packages, it is advisable to visit their official website and contact them directly with any inquiries.

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